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I would like to suggest improving the security of the vikings, for example, 2FA - 2 Factor Authentification, which requiers a code when you log into your account, or something like that, i dont want my account to be vulnerable and to lose all the stuff i have.

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It is vulnerable already.

It is vulnerable already. When you click on Forgot Password and type in your email, instead of having you change your password, it just tells you your password, which means that SoD doesn't hash the passwords. Basically if a leak were to occur, passwords could potentially be in plain-text.


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As far as I know they send you a newly generated password. That's what's always happened to me. They've never just sent me the password I was using before that in an e-mail.


I don't trust this website enough not to use an unique password anyway. All the security bits seem wonky. Heck, even the forum's security is wonky. If SoD's doesn't hash passwords I'm going to make a big stink out of it.


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