The Secret Symbol - Chapter 38: It's a Trap!

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In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar...




Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.


I'll post again this week at least once more, maybe twice, but I may have enough time for only one more chapter this week.


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The Secret Symbol


Chapter 38


It's a Trap!


         Immediately, Vixxen slashed down from the right to the left when our weapons clanged together.  I blocked.  She then let out a furry of attacks: slashes, thrusts, upswings.  All of them blocked and defended, however, I had little time to even think how to counter.  We had worked around in a half circle back the other way before Vixxen made an upward thrust, while I defended up as well, she half spun, swung her right leg up, and kicked me in the chest.  This pushed me back, made me fall down, and slide a few feet.  Because I am wet, I slide further then had I been dry.

         Both Asvord and Cazi started to make a move towards Vixxen, but I quickly said, “Stay out of this… at least for now.”

         “Yes,” Vixxen mockingly bowed.  “I apologize for knocking your fellow comrade.  I will most humbly do better next time.”

         Now with a larger distance of seven or so feet between us now, Vixxen had longer to come at me.  Because she wanted to start “proper,” I get the feeling Vixxen does not like to start a fight from far away; at least a dueling fight that is.

         “What to start over?” Vixxen asked.

         “Hmm,” I thought, yet already knew my answer.  “Nah.  Come at me bro- eh… sis.”

         Finally, I have Vixxen off her stride… slightly.

         Vixxen rushes me with a thrust, I merely step aside and let her run right by.  Again, slightly flustered, she comes at me with a direct downward slash with her sword.  I easily step to the left and her sword strikes the floor.  From here, she swipes across from left to right, I duck.  As soon as I duck, she bends down to do a sweeping leg kick with her left leg.  I swiftly preform a jumping somersault forward, dodging her leg, very quickly rolling up to a squat, and swing my own left leg and knocker her feet out from under her.

         “That’s, how it is supposed to be done,” I said standing up, walking past her, and looking down on her.

         Intentionally, turning my back towards her, I expect another thrust… which she did.  I step again to the left, she misses me, but she does a better job of keeping her balance.  Vixxen swipes straight down again, but I step to the right this time.  I fake sneeze.

         “Excuse me,” I grinned.  “There was a sudden draft there.”

         I could see I am starting to really irritate Vixxen.  Now, I expect her step up her game.  In a duel, at least in the ones I have been in and some I have heard about from my father and other vikings around Berk, it is said to be an unwritten insult to the person you are dueling if they are unable to actually land a blow during a duel.  Even if you defend, block, or counter the attack, your weapons met each other.  When neither weapon meets and one is doing all the attacking while the other is doing all the dodging, to most this is an insult to the attacker and their “lack” of skill to land a hit.  To add more salt to the insult, if you are able to actually her your opponent with a punch or kick, especially when their back is turned, this is understood to have been an opportunity to where the attacker or defender could have landed a more significant blow with their weapon; but they choose not to and “allowed” their opponent to continue living.

         Vixxen started another fury of attacks, all nearly identical to the pattern she started with.  This time, on the other hand, I did not raise my bow to block her attacks, I simply stepped and dodged them all.  Dodging her attacks is like trying to hit a ball traveling at the speed of a Speed Stinger in full stride with a stick, hoping you at least hit the thing.  Since she did the same pattern, but with a few changes, I could anticipate her next attack and have the extra second to dodge.  She changed a few of the attacks because she noticed I am anticipating her next move.

         “Would you stay still so I can hit you?” Vixxen asked.  “Will you not even raise your sword to defend yourself?”

         I chuckled, “I only need to defend myself… if you actually are going to do good enough to land a hit.”

         That did it, although I expected it would which is why I said what I said.  I can see in Vixxen’s eyes and her body language, she is going to go all out now.

         The thought occurred to me, “Maybe poking that hornets’ nest was a bad idea.  However, it is only a bad idea if the hornets catch you.  Yet, if you didn’t stir the up, you wouldn’t even have to run away.”

         Vixxen ran straight at me and gave a war cry of sorts.  I retreated to the wall closest to me, which is the wall to the left when you enter.  Normally I would wait for my opponent to catch up to me, but Vixxen is coming at me fast.  So, I ran to full speed in three strides, timed my steps, and jump onto the wall with my right foot as Vixxen tried swiping from right to left.  I rapidly put my left foot down on the wall and pushed off with my right to achieve a backflip over Vixxen, swapping my sword from my right hand to my left in the process.  Stunned at what I just did, she stood there for a brief moment.

         Tapping her on the shoulder, she turned around as I declared, “This is for Annabeth.”  I gave her a right cross to the jaw that she will not likely forget for a while.  Vixxen held her head to the right as I added, “This is for everything else.”  I drew back my right arm again to just flat out punch her in the face, with all of my rage behind it.  But Vixxen put up her left hand, grabbing my right hand, and stopping all of my power I had dead in its tracks.

         Now, I am shocked at what she is doing.  I am pushing with all of my might to punch her, but my hand is not budging an inch with Vixxen’s left hand countering every ounce of power I am trying to use.

         “Alright, Jarl,” Vixxen’s tone changed completely from bantering foe to an intimidating villain.  “You want to play it that way, we’ll play it that way.”

         She slowly turned her head to look at me.  Vixxen has the evilest and menacing looking of faces on right now.  Still trying to punch her, Vixxen started to push and step back at me.  I stood my ground for only a second before I felt my feet begin to slide.  Totally caught off guard by Vixxen’s strength to hold my fist, even though it is shaking because of the counter in power she has, and to push me back all at once, I had never seen let alone experienced anything like this.

         Vixxen made my feet slide for a couple of feet.  Never once did I try to let go of my punch intended for her face.  The moment I tried regain my footing, however, Vixxen let her power go, and my momentum took me forward.  In doing so, I am off balance in addition to being caught off guard.  My right arm went forward past her left side.  She uppercut me to my stomach with her right knee, in which knocked the wind out of me.  Then using her left hand slapped me across the face.  Lastly in a matter of mere seconds, she raised her right leg, set her right foot on my stomach, and pushed me back, knocking me to the ground, and rolled several times.  I lost   For obvious reasons, I am slow to get up.

         Asvord declared while I still l lied facing the ground, trying to get up, “Jarl, look out!”

         Quickly, I whip my head up to look at a charging Vixxen.

         “Jarl.  Sword,” Asvord briefly said and threw her own sword at me in such a way so I could catch it.

         While Asvord threw her sword, Vixxen ran and jumped up to strike me down.  Desperately reaching out to catch my sister’s sword, I grab it just in time to go to one knee, my left, and bring the sword back and stop Vixxen.  Now with both hands using everything I could muster to keep Vixxen’s sword from striking me down, Vixxen and I are in a standstill; even when I am technically kneeling.

         Knowing I cannot last too much longer, I jarringly let my guard down, while protecting my head in the process, fall back down to the ground, lift both my legs and feet to Vixxen’s chest, and propel her backwards over my head.  I continued my reverse tumble back to my feet, turned around, and swung the sword at Vixxen.  The roles are reversed.

         “Give it up, Vixxen!” I professed.

         “Oh,” Vixxen said grunting under the pressure.  “To the con- contrary.”

         “What are you talking about?” I asked.

         Vixxen replied, “I’m talking about… About dear old sister.”

         “Who’s sister?” I questioned.

         Blowing a strand of hair out of the way, that fell down in her face, Vixxen then said, “Annabeth’s dear old sister, Heather.”

         “What does she have to do with anything?” I continued.

         “If… If you want to see her alive again,” Vixxen responded.  “You’ll… You will let me go if you want to see her alive again.”

         I made a mistake.  I release some pressure off of Vixxen and that was all she needed to shove her left shoulder into me, knocking me back down.

         A bit flustered, Vixxen took a breath and shrugged her shoulders, as if to be glad I no longer had her pinned instead of me, “Heather.  Now that Annabeth is no longer with you and I got the Dragon Eye, I cannot use Annabeth the way I wanted.”

         I was about to remark at what Vixxen just insinuated about using Annabeth, but Vixxen continued, “I had to think of something else.  So, I found the mole in my chain to be that of Heather, brother to Dagur the Deranged.  Sure, I know Heather is a double agent -For more than just Heather to Dagur and the Dragon Hunters.  I could care less what Ryker or even Viggo would do if they ever found out.  In fact, I would rather it stay a secret to egg Viggo on- so, I wanted to use Heather as a bargaining chip.”

         “Bargaining chip?” echoed Cazi.  “What do you have that we want?”

         “For starters, Annabeth’s body,” Vixxen off handedly said.  “But I needed something more that would interest you back.  Finding out what Heather’s true intentions were, especially when Annabeth was in on the whole thing, I needed to make Heather as an example of anyone who dares to cross me on anything I do.”

         “What are we supposed to give you?” I asked, struggling a bit to stand up.

         “You can give me this,” Vixxen said tossing the Dragon Eye back at me.

         Dawn wondered, “Why give it back to us?”

         “Well,” Vixxen answered.  “You need a practical reason to come to my island, besides the obvious caring one.  Having friends is a bad idea.”

         “Who said we are on good terms with Heather?” Asvord countered, folding her arms.

         “Oh,” Vixxen said surprised.  “I did not know that.  I’m sorry.  Well, if I know you, you’ll come anyway.  Don’t get any bright ideas of not showing up, I think it goes without saying.  Annabeth’s body and her sister Heather for the Dragon Eye.  Be at my island in no more than three days, unless you want to have the body or see Heather ever again.”

         Vixxen sheathed her sword and started walking up the stairs.

         “Why should we not stop you right now?” Lilah demanded.

         Vixxen stopped halfway up the stairs, “Come now, Lil.  I didn’t know you were that nearsighted.”  As if irritated to say something so obvious, she added, “If I don’t return to my ships in a timely manner… I’m probably late now anyway… Koll has orders to carry out… well… I’ll let you guess the rest.”

         Being filled with rage again, I wanted to rush Vixxen so bad.  But I knew, I knew that now is not the time.  As much as Vixxen looked to want to defeat me, this was all just a ploy to get me and the rest to come to her home island.

         “Well,” Cazi demanded as Vixxen walked out the door upstairs and the door started to close.  “How are we supposed to get out of here?”

         Vixxen chuckled, “Oh, I’m sure something will come to mind.  It may strike you at any moment.  Tah-tah.”  Last thing we could see was her waving her right hand as she walked away.

         “Strike us at any moment,” Cazi repeated and spat on the ground.  “What?  Is the ceiling going to crack and fall in on us while the ground crumbles beneath us?”

         Suddenly, what Cazi just said happened exactly like that.

         “Okay,” Cazi said as we started to dodge the falling rocks and cracks in the floor.  “Sometimes it is difficult being right all the time.”

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I'm still reading this and I

I'm still reading this and I find it just as enjoyable as before. (I've been busy, and will be busy, with a makerfaire for the rest of the month)


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Thank you.


I'm getting ready for my Sophomore Fall Semester, so I will also be getting busy.  I also have other college clubs/societies I am a part of to keep me busy.


I am shooting for getting this story done by the start of the semester, so probably expect more than one chapter a week.  I will be doing no more than 7 more chapters.  The last chapter could possibly be a 2-Parter, depending on how the end of the story goes along with the numbers of chapters it takes to get there.  I'll never rush the story to end it at 45 chapters, but I am winding down the story anyway and there is not much left to write.  Still, I have enough that will most likely fill 7 more chapters.


With each chapter I write, especially when it gets to the thick and meat of the plotline, I try my best to make it descriptive, technical as possible (when fighting, running, flying, etc.) without being difficult to understand, and able to paint a picture in your mind to see what exactly is going on.  To do this, practically every chapter I write will be longer than other people's stories because I am taking the time to be detailed.  But this is how I enjoy reading a story and thus how I enjoy writing/typing a story.


I had been a little rushed to post the chapters this past week, so I didn't get all the pm's out to you and Winged Garden to notify of the new chapter, but I will eventually get you the link to the ones you missed even if you have already read them.