Secret of the Leviathan Overview

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If you enjoyed the Leviathan expansion pack, you will like this story of my character's journey through the labyrinths. It has been over a year since I completed this expansion, and I wanted to put this together before I got deep into the following one. Just to clarify something many of you may not know, the word "cenote" is pronounced suh-'no-tee! Enjoy this screenshot story.




Welcome to the New Berk


Gorge II

Critical thinker; artistic; patient; obsessive over things he loves; absent-minded


Expansions completed:

      Battle quest    Rtdi icon    Tsol icon 2      




Female titan wing

Found on Dragon Island July 18, 2013

Cheerful; ferocious in battle; easily distracted; excitable; reckless flyer




Rescued from hunters July 23, 2016

Caring & comforting; rescues other dragons; brave; stealthy; nimble


Globstract                                  Flingshot  

Female                                             Male   

Adopted Nov 11, 2016                 Bonded Feb 12, 2017 

      Reclusive; disobedient;                     Sociable; co-operative; curious;

showy; artistic; cheeky                            lively; protective of me




Persistent & focused; mature; outgoing; confident; short-tempered




Hatched Jan 1, 2015

Friendly; stubborn & determined; moody; relies on brute strength; heroic



Female baby

Level 28

Adopted June 11, 2017

Adventurous; likeable; observant; has quick reflexes; poisonous




Level 39

Adopted Oct 10, 2018

Dignified; benevolent; tenacious; wise; majestic



Battle High Scores:

1. Globstract    -  1134

2. Streamglide -  1088

 3. Sparkflare    -  1052!

4. Bulkshield    -    859

5. Flingshot      -    779

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Day 1: Dangerous Labyrinth

Early one morning, Gorge was sent to Hiccup to check on a newly discovered Tidal Class dragon. It had recently hatched from the egg they had retrieved from Dragon Island.



Eager to see if any info could be found about this species in the Bork Papers, he joined Fishlegs in the Great Hall. When he held one of the papers close to the candles it revealed some secret notes about a dragon called the Luminous Krayfin. They read that it could only become a leviathan if it fed on a Dragon Bloom.



The twins scared off the baby dragon, so Gorge used Hiccup’s invention the Storm Ear to guide him south toward the Krayfin’s distress call, all the way to a new island. Skulder and Phlegma accompanied him with their dragons.



Phlegma tried to ride her dragon Snappy into the gaping cenote, but he was spooked by the wretched smell of rotting corpses, which she hardly noticed. The Krayfin had flown down and gotten himself locked in a tower. Skulder identified the structures on the island as belonging to the Defenders of the Wing, so Gorge went to talk with her about this strange place. After convincing her that he was ready to delve into the labyrinth of her ancestors, she followed them there to teach the boy how to unlock the gates and the puzzles inside.



The baby potential leviathan was sitting there eagerly waiting for them. They all descended a spiral pathway, Gorge leading the way until he found the lost relics of Mala’s ancestors, including the Winged Spear that she held up exuberantly.



While she was preparing to have the goods carried back to her ships, the rest of the team brought the Krayfin along to a large chamber filled with water.



After they had unlocked puzzles to drain the water and jumped down an iris-shaped hole at the bottom, Skulder pulled a lever that dumped them into a Flame Whipper nest!



They got out of the way as quickly as possible and bushwhacked through a jungle maze to reach a bridge. Gorge got a ride across on the Krayfin’s back.



Skulder got himself trapped in a cage (for the third time!) while attempting to unlock the gate at the other end. Meanwhile the baby of the nest had wandered off to where the group was. Phlegma noticed it in the ferns, and before long the pack returned to defend the baby. Streamglide swooped down despite his fear of the putrid stench, spread his wide wings and let out a roar long enough for Gorge and Phlegma to hop on, and he carried them to safety.



They flew back to Berk, where Gorge was told that the key to the gate had sunk with Hamish II’s ship many years ago. The map to Hiccup’s ancestor’s shipwreck pointed Gorge north of the Dragon Jaws in the Ship Graveyard.



He dove into the shallows, with Streamglide breathing into his nose when he ran out of air, and he swam around inside the wreckage until he spotted the form of an encrusted cog.


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Day 2: Race for Glory

Having retrieved the key, Gorge returned to Impossible Island wearing Hiccup’s prototype flight suit that Phlegma had given him to glide down into the cenote. There he lit a fire in the giant Eruptodon statue’s mouth, scaring away the Flame Whippers. Skulder was freed from his cage and stayed behind to make sure the fire did not go out. This was Gorge’s time to press on with only the Krayfin for company.



* * *


Meanwhile, another young Viking was riding a Rumblehorn toward Impossible Island. Gargle had seen his older brother fly in that direction and wanted to get in on the action, to find whatever it was that his sibling was after. He was still bitter about not having seen the Green Death. Bulkshield sniffed the air as they cautiously approached the stench of decay, but as he flew over the island he realized that something else was producing this scent. He pinpointed where it wafted out of some holes in the ground and landed there.


“Whew, I can smell that too, Bulky. You stay here while I get my ropes and climb down.”



Contrary to the stench, the cave below flourished with life, and in the centre he saw something surprisingly gargantuan.


* * *


After jumping on countless platforms and crossing a bridge that the Krayfin unlocked for him, Gorge stopped at an underwater part of the labyrinth. He gathered a glass lantern lying on the ground, a long tube and a bellows, and fitted them together.


“There, if this works I’ll be able to breathe underwater.”



He took off his new flight suit, tied it to the Krayfin’s back, and demonstrated to the young sea dragon to jump on the bellows for him.



The tube was not long enough to reach all the way across, so he tugged the bellows out from under the dragon and continued swimming with the remaining air in his diving helmet. When they emerged at the other end, they were met with the spectacular sight of an enormous flower.


“This must be the Dragon Bloom we're looking for,” Gorge marvelled.



The Krayfin panted and squeaked excitedly as he rushed to gobble up the fruit of the potent plant.



“Wait, what’s this note doing here?” Gorge wondered. He picked it up off the ground and read: “You’re not going to be the only one making big discoveries. Hope those obstacles were tough, cause I just climbed in from the ceiling.” He recognized his brother’s handwriting. “Well at least he didn’t put himself in too much danger,” he said sarcastically.


Gargle had found a little Flame Whipper buddy after escaping a giant rolling ball, and the baby dragon had guided him along with her keen reflexes. When they returned to the surface where Bulkshield was waiting, Gargle tried to shoo away the Flame Whipper, but she hopped onto Bulkshield’s back just as they were taking off.



A while later, Gorge finally made it out of the labyrinth alive.


“Oh no, I think I can still see Bulkshield on the horizon,” he complained to Streamglide. “Why did they have to ruin it for us?”



* * *


Back at the school, Fishlegs was observing the Flame Whipper to find out more about the little-known species when Snotlout decided to pick her up by the tail.



She dropped her tail by the fracture planes between her vertebrae, and the poison paralyzed Snotlout. Gargle had to fly to the wilderness and track down a Sweet Death for its saliva, in order to neutralize the acidic poison.



He had always wanted Bulkshield to be his only dragon, but the little Flame Whipper had not yet gained its sight, was far from home, and had grown closer to him.


“You were a great help in that crazy obstacle course, little girl. Quite clever and quick on your feet too. I’m going to name you... Brightslime, ’cause ya got slimy skin.



Gorge found his younger brother playing with the adorable froglike dragon.


“Look who’s training the cool unknown dragon now,” Gargle said smugly. “This guy. Oh, and did you like the note I left you?”


“Yeah, about that: I had a rare Luminous Krayfin with me, and that giant plant you saw is going to help him grow into a leviathan, because I helped him find it.” Feeling sorry for having disregarded his brother, he offered him the flight suit, which Gargle accepted gratefully. “You know what?” Gorge added. “When we go back to Impossible Island, I’ll let you see first how enormous that Krayfin becomes.”

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Aftermath of Impossible Island

The dragons that Gorge and Gargle had gone on adventures with on Impossible Island were both developing. Within a few months, Brightslime got her sight, which helped to hone her reflexes for things like playfighting with Terrible Terrors and firing at eels that dared to jump out of the water. She crossed her eyes to look at the eels!



Around that time, Gargle glided down into the cenote with his flight suit, while Gorge rode his brother's dragon Bulkshield after them. The Krayfin raised its massive head out of the water and Gargle was the first to spot him. From the bridge they both flew down with the Rumblehorn, who knew the source of the scent, to hop onto the leviathan's back.



(In-game for me, the Krayfin only started swimming down here this month! Before he always stayed on the bridge, and I hadn't heard of this happening to others.)