Secret of the leviathan issue.

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I started the new expantion last night and got to the point when your right under the big euruptadin statue but I had to go eat dinner and wasn't able to go back on till this morning. I went on only to find I was in the middle of the big brige leading to the statue and the brige pices were no longer alined with one another. I jumed off hopeing to respawn were you origanly started but I only ended up back where I jumped off. Does any body know how to fix/get around this?  


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No I don't but...

Later in the expansion you have to get there with jumping off your dragon with the flight suit on. So if you should have that, that might be an idea.


Thinking of it this is proabably not going to work, because I think at this point you might not even be able to get there on your dragon?


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There are so many problems

There are so many problems with the new expansion, and honestly im mad at the ppl who made this for releasing it when it doesnt even work. i paid 10 dollars and my game wont even work


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Don't be mad

You joined in 2014 like I. By now you should know that you basically have two alternatives:


- Be one of the first doing this exciting new update, face a lot of glitches the admins are frantically working on solving as soon as they pop up. or

- Wait a few weeks until everything is running smoothly.


It seems to be impossible to be aware of everything that will become a problem when a big update like this is at once played on many different platforms from many different computer and even more different player. I am sure it was all working fine in their little test world but if you send it out unexpected things start happening. It's just what it is. I am stuck in a glitch as well but further in. They will fix it sooner or later. 


It's great to have the forum :) That always helps me.





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Thank you

Hello and I appreciate your advice as I too have been stuck and unable to play the Leviathan.  I too was able to in the beginning and when I came back all was gone.  So I suppose, as with other quests, it will be a matter of time. Patience.  Thank you.