A Second Hunt (a 5 spot Ready Player One RP)

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plot, tracker, and rules in following posts



Looking forward to the holiday times :)


Hello to all who wish to read my Signature

My name is mechfighter, but you already know that

I go by that or you can call me Rukath

enjoy what you find below, some of which is mine and others are made by others from around the forum, Enjoy.


How my past few years have felt

(all poetry/what-ever-you-might-call-it below is made by me)


you watch the couples with a light eye

happy that they are happy and like a ghost you move on

your the good friend that all can trust with their emotions

but rarely ever express your own

stay strong for others and always be there for them

but the lonlyness always sits there in your heart

like a sleeping dragon

you want to wake it to learn and experiance

but you let it sleep for you don't know how to, or can't, wake it

you also fear retaliation or rejection for waking the sleeping dragon

family helps but it can't wake the dragon fully

so it just falls back into its deep sleep

the dragon requires a special person to wake it

and not some helpless damsle

the girl who will wake my heart will come one day

but till then my heart will allways have a dragon of lonelyness sitting on it


respect is due when respect is earned

and respest is earned though action, knowledge, and deed

not position, word, and greed


everyone who lives under these gray skies

learns to love the rain's soft lullabies

it pitter patters upon the roof

like the constant drumming of a thousand fingers

it dribbles down the window

in constant snake like patterns

slithering down the window

it can be harsh

ruining every ones plans for the once sunny day

but then it can be creative

sculpting a mountain with it's thousands of fingers

and the patience of a million years

let it's colorful nature never stop falling from its grey origins


one might ask "what is the most dangerous thing on the planet?"

and the simple answer is "man"

we are a cruel and evil species

we attack each other for petty reasons

we ruin the place where we live

and then we wipe out other creatures with our constant demands for our petty lives

but we are not all bad

we can change and evolve

we can fix some of the wrongs we have done to this world

we can control ourselves

we can make this planet better

but first

before we can do any of that

we must change ourselves


life is a constant circle

where one ends another begins

it is also the most unpredictable thing on this planet

but we love it for that

for life's curve balls keeps away the repetition

you could take it both hands an lead it by the nose in you preferred direction

or you could let it take its course and see what happens

life is also cruel and unforgiving at times

but we must take the good with the bad

to give up on it is not an option

for it is up to you to change your life and make it better

but in truth life is a gray fog

but all it takes is a little sun and everything becomes visible


Fire, Fire, where's your light?

Have thy embers turned to ash?

Has the air gone to thin for you to breath?

Will you light again brighter than before?

To warm the souls of others

To chase away the cold that creeps into bones

Fire, Fire burn so bright

Signle to others to gather around your warmth

And that you are reborn


Είμαι μέσα σε κάθε πλάσμα και το φυτό, είμαι πολύ περίπλοκη, αλλά μπορώ να κάνω απλά πράγματα, είμαι όλοι γύρω από σας, αλλά υπάρχουν μερικές θέσεις όπου δεν υπάρχουν. Τι είμαι εγώ;


To say that you are normal is a lie, there is no such thing

To say you are better is a lie, we are all the same

To say that you are worse is a lie, no one's perfect

We are just different

We are all perfect in our own way

And no one can change that

These are the lessons of life

And we must learn them




My Viking

Name: Rukath

Main dragon: Dubstep (Death Song)

Star level: Single Solid Platinum (400k)

Clan: Star Weyr (status:Leader)

Clan Status: Open, 50 spots

Trophy Count: 12000+

Friend Code: PM me if you want it

Dragon Count: 55 dragons, 12 eggs

6/9 sharp

7/11 mystery

7/11 bolder

8/9 stoker

3/3 tracker

3/3 strike

6/7 tidal


Reader of the

Dragonriders of Pern series

Pernese OC

Rider: Fa'lan

Dragon: Bronze Rukath

Weyr: Fort Weyr, Star Weyr

(found these on the internet, not mine)



Misfit made by Livy SoD ^

Rukath (the bronze Pern dragon) in his many forms

made by me 

made by themasterplan47

Soular the Skyvern

made by -Pyrelyth-

link to his backstory http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/re-introducing-skyvern-revamp-0

Rommer the Timberjack by themaserplan

skies edge my Mained Stratofier (Made by me)

Sun Spot the Noelani dragon (by hootowllighbulb))

Gaoth the Rocky Mountian Davus (by MegaBoltPhoenix)

Kailo the Male Vesupas by Bavelly


My Viking OC

Name: Rukath Soular

age: 17

Back story:

Seven years previous Rukath was found in the woods by Hiccup and the gang while they were out on patrol; he lay in a clearing, the ground was soaked with his blood, close to death, breath shallow. He was cut and bruised all over; his cloths were torn to complete shreds, his face had a massive slash across his right eye, and patch of scalp was bloodied at the back of his head where some one had tried to bludgeon his head in. A few bloodied weapons lay strewn about the clearing as if some one left in great haste, which suggested that Hiccup and company had scared off the attackers just in time. With Rukath being carried by Toothless, the gang flew off back to Berk where they took Rukath straight to Gothi who said that Rukath had a very slim chance of living, but none the less she started the healing process. 

After a few days had passed Rukath woke up, he was scared of all he did not know. Gothi had Hiccup and Stoick fly up to her hut so that they could talk to Rukath; they asked where he had come from and who had attacked him, but all Rukath could say was that he did not know, the only reason he had a name was because that was what was carved into a stone pendant that hung around his neck, it was the only thing that was not destroyed or ruined in any way, unlike his cloths, after getting nowhere with Rukath, who seemed to have no memory, Gothi pulled Stoick and Hiccup outside and told them what she thought and knew of Rukath, she said that he seemed to be about the age of ten and had no memory due to his close encounter with death, she then told Stoick what was on the boy's left shoulder, a black Skrill tattoo, all knew that that was the symbol of the Berserker tribe; this confused Stoick and Hiccup who decided to keep that part about the boy secret from the tribe.

Time passed slowly for Rukath, he was treated as a bit of an outsider, but there were a few that he had befriended. Rukath spent a lot of time reading up on dragons and studying them as well as creating several things that showed a resemblance to things that Hiccup built but with a different flare, this was a way to not interact with others. Many people treated Ruakth with little interest for the first year Rukath had been on the island, some still remembering what happened when they last brought an unknown person into their midst, this mostly changed when Rukath got into the Dragon training academy.

While at the Academy Rukath tried many different dragons, all of which didn't work for him for one reason or more, the main of which was that the dragons did not "connect" with him. He spent two years in the Academy, dragonless, this did not help the ridicule that he sometimes got. On the day that Hiccup announced that Dragon's Edge was open to the other trainers Rukath managed to hitch a ride on one of his friends dragons to the magnificent place. Once there Rukath found that there was not much to do when you did not have a dragon to ride. On a clear night with a strong wind, Rukath "borrowed" a small, one man, sailing ship, loaded it up with some supplies, and took off into the night to see what he could see, and maybe, just maybe, find the right dragon for himself. He spent several hours out at sea but it was not long before Rukath found himself in a massive storm which blew him way off course, though he did not have much of one to begin with.

Once the storm had passed Rukath found himself in the vicinity of an island that he did not recognize with mast that was shattered in half. Rukath managed to paddle the dilapidated craft to the shore of the island and beach it so that he could do repairs on the thing, he found out quickly that there was no way of fixing the craft's mast with out some metal sheets and some nails, with that on his mind, Rukath decided to explore the island that he had landed, it did not take long before he heard a sort of draconic mewling. Following the sound, it was not long before Rukath found a baby dragon trapped in a metal dragon hunters net, thinking quickly he cut the rope holding the net in the tree and lowered the baby dragon to the ground, removing the heavy and rusted net, Rukath found that he could not identify the small creature, he reveled at the dragonet whereupon it mewled again and Rukath realized that the creature was half starved, with a deft movement he brought out a piece of fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby dragon who snapped it up quickly, Rukath produced another fish from his satchel and gave it to the baby who once again snapped it up again and after the second fish the baby seemed sated and happy, he patted the dragonet and gave it a loving scratch, which caused the dragonet to hum a in a manner that was very pleasing to the ears, and stood up and began to walk back to his boat and the dragonet began to follow him; he was about to tell it to go find its mother but he thought that if the poor creature had been here this long with out help from its parentals that he figured it was parentless.

Sighing Rukath waited for the dragonet to catch up and he continued back towards the boat, when Rukath reached it he sighed and began to continue work on it, trying to fix it so that he could get back to the Edge. After a probable hour he gave up with the mast balanced precariously where it should go, he sat down and put his head in his hands, the dragonet looked at Rukath and then the mast and then the little dragon stood up and shot a small blob of amber onto the spot where the mast was broken and with that the mast was fixed, or at least repaired to usefulness. Rukath looked at the mast then the dragon, he now knew the golden colored baby dragon was a Death Song, and then stood up, took the Death Song in his arms and spun him around in elation that the Death Song and saved them both; after a few minutes of that Rukath put the suitably smug Death Song on the bench of the boat and again thanked the little creature, Rukath thought that the dragon needed a name, he named the little creature Dubstep and with that they set sail back towards the Edge.

Rukath was thoroughly scolded by Hiccup and the others when he got back but he did not care for he had a dragon that no one else had. Once back on Berk Rukath and Dubstep were given a house to live in for none had fostered him and none wanted to share a house with a dragon that every dragon feared. The old house sat on the side of the mountain that was topped by Gothi's hut. He took the rickety old house with gratitude and after time fixed it up with the help of Dubstep's amber and made the house there own.



In colaberation with Kcrockett, Rukath and Anikay are husband and wife in a PM RP that we have been doing

pic.c of the couple

(done by the talented Pixel, we thank you greatly for taking your time to do this)

(done by Krockett herself)

This is Dubstep my golden goofball

By Wuntend Bonfire (thanks a million Wuntend)

(done by Brownie14)^

(base by Megaboltphoenix, colored by me)^

(by Tosilohi for harvest haunt)^

(by my talented secret Santa, MajaPercuilum)^

(Dubstep dragon symbol done by Okamisusi)

made by FireNightStar

another pic by the lovely Arrowalker

by ScarfyWings

Rukath and Dubstep


(this amazing of picture if Rukath and Dyubstep was done by Witcherforever)^

(done by me "Night Comes")

(done by the ever skilled DatOneTumpet)

these are the many different pictures that I have drawn of My OC Viking

this is the first iteration

this is the second iteration

this is number three

Number four

Art of Rukath Soular

(Done by the new but incredibly talented Arrowalker)

this is his weapon (I call it a Swax)

his other weapon is the duel crossbow shown above

his shield is on his left arm and shown above

(it is a combo weapon, it is both a sword, an axe, and a hook)

Dragon in many different languages

Greek: Δράκος

Arabic: التنين

Russian: Дракон


Hebrew: דרקון

Korean: 용

give me suggestions for other languages

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as it has been a while since I made a RP so here goes

this is based off of the book Ready Player One



it has been 10 years since Wade Watts "Parzival" won the Haliday easter egg hunt and gained ownership of the OASIS and to honor the aniversary he annouced a second hunt. Just like the first hunt there would be three keys that would unlock three gates in the OASIS each key and gate holding a riddle clue to the next key or gate. One the line is several very powerful Atifacts. You are one of the players that decides to take on the challenge to win the hunt with a few of your close or internet friends.



year 2056

the OASIS is essentually a MMO VR game that pretty much everyone in the world is a part of. in the OASIS your avatar can be anything you want (ie: cyborg elf) and be clad in a number of armor and weapons from various games, movies, books, comics, etc. (ie: your cyborg elf can weild a lightsaber and a phaser while wearing medeival armor with magical effects and rocket boots).

The OASIS is made up of 27 sectors, some allow just magic, others allow just tech, and some allow both tech and magic. Each sector is 10 light hours x 10 light hours x 10 light hours which means if you have a space ship that can travel at the speed of light (this is the max speed limit for the most expensive and hard to het ships) it will take ten hours to cross a sector. Each sector is filled with hundreds of planets, each is a referance to a certain book, movie, tv show, comic, game, etc. each if these planets can have quests that will give out rewards of xp, gear, and even credits. Some planets are designated as comercial some are schools. Some planets allow PVP others do not (this means you can be attacked and killed in PVP zones so be wary)

Since the OASIS is virtual it does not have to obey laws of science. there is an economy in the OASIS so you have to buy a lot of stuff. the fastest way to travel in the OASIS is through teleportation by teleportation booths, however teleportation cost credits and like a taxi, cost is based on distance. in the OASIS you can have a job that will earn you some credits

the real world outside the OASIS is pretty much ruined. population is stageringly high and the environment is in critical condition. Oil reserves have been used up so electricity from renewable sources is the only option. Vehicles are electric only and very few people have them. Real world Economy is in the toilet.


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1. have fun

2. you do not have to read the book but I might make a few referances nothing that spoils the book to bad.

3 try not to have some cookie cutter character, try to have stuff from a lot of different places

4 please not mary/gary sues. I hold the right to say that your kit/character is to op for your level but I am open to debate for your kit and what it can/can not do

3 I will reserve spots for only 3 days (this means you have to have something on your form tou keep your spot)

6 avatar restrictions:

-avatars should be huminoid (up to the size of Hagrid)

~I would consider a centar huminoid

- if your avatar can turn into something non humnoid (say a monster from a movie)

~nothing massive (stay around toothless/stormfly size)

~avatar can not be in that form for longer 15 minutes and ability must have a decent cooldown time

~if we enter a magic only zone and you have a robotic arm it will not function until you reach a tech usable zone, so be wary

~be creative

~depending on what it is I might allow stuf from other RPs (PM if you want stuf like this)

7 put the number I skip plus the number I said twice as your subject

8 Referance item limit 10

~Referance items can be just about everything from media

~ie lightsaber or diamond armor form minecraft

~certain items however, might no be attainable by your level of avatar

~referance items can also be companions like pixies and terrible terrors, however, if it can't fit on your avatar's shoulder it is not allowed

~if it is like a end game or movie item it is not allowed (ie DOOM's BFG)

~vehicles (IE delorean TM, some SW ships, ect) /mounts (dragons, horses, etc) belong in this section

~PM me if you are unsure


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~OASIS Avatar~



age(16-23) (note ages 16-18 will have school in the OASIS or real life):

player leve (20-35):

personality(will be the roughly the same as RL character):

Referance Items (up to ten)(see rules for limits)(please add stats):




Abilities(up to 5):

Avatar appearance:


~RL charcter~



general apperance:

place of living (stacks, city, urban):



status: OPEN



1 chameshida






my form

~OASIS Avatar~

name: Salastar

gender: male

age(16-23): 21

player leve (20-35): 33

personality(will be the roughly the same as RL character): wip

Referance Items (up to ten):

1- Dead ringer, TF2

2- see helmet in link, resistance to energy weapons,

3- ship that those without crafts will ride along in, in game craft would be smaller and could hold 5 people max. max speed: 50% light speed

4- rail pistol, armor pircing, 5 rounds, can be changed into rail rifle with a stock and rail add ons (Salastar carries these as well

5- glass sword, skyrim, magic perks unbreaking

6 MCRN armor- helmet, the Expanse, space capable, full resitance to light arms fire vunerable to energy weapons and higher caleber rounds

7- non-descript hiking back pack and latches onto armor

Abilities(up to 5):

1-locate and target, HUD in helmet highlights up to four other avatar's and labels them enemy or friend, short cooldown, highlights targets for five minutes or they leave a 75 m radius (can not spot enemies through walls outside 2 meter radius), 15 sec cool down

2-play death plays death animation of falling apart into pixels, avatar is invisable for 5 sec. Will not fool averge lvl 22+ avatars for nothing is dropped and avatar is not invulnerable, 5 min cooldown

3-energy wave, throws a 2 meter wide magic arc with poison effect, travels 50 m or until it hits avatar

4-Charge shot: charges rail pistol and will pierc most armor, takes 5 min to recharge gun to fire normal rounds

Avatar appearance: WIP

extra: ship was found in a virtual wrecking yard and after all in group pitched in some credits fixed it up for flight once again

~RL charcter~

name: Faolan Quill


personality: similar to salastar

general apperance: wip

place of living (stacks, city, urban): urban home that has been in family for generations


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you may now post

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5? there're 2 3s

Tracking, to post form later.


~OASIS Avatar~

Name: P.D.

Gender: Male

Age(16-23): 23

Player level (20-35): 21

Personality: Optimistic but also semi-realistic mostly in the face of battle, in which he would still brave it but also doesn't afraid to show that he's scared and running around preserving his life or admitting that the situation is dire. Most of the time though he's light heart and friendly. Like to joking around almost in the childish way. He's easily to disregard as someone who never take anything serious. Have relatively high/decent moral world view. But not a pacifist and still like to braving battles and thrills. Loyal to friends and value their friendship deeply. Like to encourage people but it's arguable whether he's good at it or not. But you gotta admit he got good charisma.

Referance Items :

1- Journey's Cape(From the game Journey): No + stats but offer passive manuebility that can be used even outside of battle. Not exactly a flight ability but closely similar. It make you jump higher(about 3 metres) and fall slower much like gliding/floating. The scarf length act like a power bar where each jump used up the power. It got longer as the player level up. The current length offer 4 jumps. You can used it all at once to reach a high place/essentially flying or save each jump for later. The downside to this being that it cannot regenerate itself and once the jump/power's used up. You're ground for good, at least unless you have a member of your team that can restore power or find the certain area in magic zone(which is still rare because this item is rare). The plus side, is that you're now immune to fall damage even with no jump power.

(The slow fall might be a weak spot during the battle though since he can't make it fall faster to dodge an attack)

2- Golden Dagger(An original item I came up with up in this rp we can pretend it's from some make up video games): +Atk, +Def, +MP grants various fighting abilites(listed below)

Abilities(up to 5):

1. Golden slash: 8 sec Cooldown, unleash the projectile slash from the dagger. Deal decent damage but even more damage at close range. While it has short cooldown it takes out quite a few MP. so he can't use it carelessly.
 2. Multiple daggers: 5 Minute Cooldown, Summon multipe flying dagger that follow the real dagger around, make normal attack deal multiple(5 times) damages. Last 30 second. Uses quite a few MP
3. Vortex shield: 5 Minute Cooldown, summon 5 flying dagger and make it circle around the user, Parry any attack for 5 times(one per dagger). Can last for 30 second if not all the dagger has been used first. Uses quite a few MP.
4. Fist of doom: Ultimate moves, 30 minutes cool down, Turn the dagger into spiritual power that form around his arm and lunge into one destruction punch. Deal imerse damage(but probably can't one shot someonewith much higher level due to the user's low stat). Uses lot of MP.
5. Chirp: 15 sec cooldown, Cape ability, Generate a sonic power that knock enemies away within short radius (very weak damage) or restore power of allies within that short radius(not much but a restore nonetheless)

Avatar appearance: Short blond haired, blue eyes. Light stubbers. He wore black Jacket over the regular red T-shirt and jeans. But covered those casual wear all with the Journey cloak. Scarf wrap around his neck and hooded down most of the time, no mask. 

Extra: PD is rather new to this and defnitely still learning in terms of fighting skill. He got lucky and aquire two rare and high level items which boost his stats greatly. Of course his based stat and skill are still pretty low So it got the free pass in first serveral quest, missions and enemies but he kinda suffering right now now that the level is climing up. Not to mentioned that both items are Magic based and have no power/item that's technology base at all. He got by mostly by being a charismatic entertainer or do none intense quest and made credits out of those.

~RL charcter~

Name: Benjamin 'Benji' Finnigan

Gender: Male

Personality: Similar to his avatar

General apperance: Similar to his avatar saved for the gear(Cape)

Place of living : ฺSubburb? not too out there but definitely not in city. Lived in a rundown apartment.


 Chameishida's Book of Fan dragons Thread  

(click the icons bellow for the customizable)



(grey means closed)

Tahno and Her Dragons, The Drake-seven


 Tahno: The seemingly mute viking who prefer isolation and dragons over human social, She marked a territory in a cave in a forest and live with her dragons. After her traumatic past, she and Manta the thunderdrum then started exploring, away from civilization and get to know more dragons. She's currently an alpha of a pack of dragons known as the drake six, an ellite dragon that with Tahno's lead would protect the area from all viking and human's harm!


      Manta:  Tahno's bestfriend and her main ways of traveling, the Thunderdrum is always seen by her side. Despite being a thunderdrum, Manta does not share the stuborness of his kind and tend to have more of a soft-hearted, loyal and obedience nature but shall protect his rider and willing to do anything for her




      Drain: A Skrill that Tahno saved. As oppose to Manta, Drain tend to be more wild, agreesive and unfriendly towards other, however, he is as loyal and as protective to Tahno as the thunderdrum for their history. The Skrill makes up for Manta lack of hostility and act as their strong arm, willing to do the nasty job for them. The skrill and a thunderdrum also share an unlikely bond and act like they're brothers which make it less worrying for Tahno that they will fight if she chooses to ride one more than the other


     Springfill: Springfill is a wild Scauldron who, consequently, lives near where Tahno and her friends hang out. After sometime The rider and the dragons somehow earn his trust and liking, enough for him to, from coming to play with them himself, to protect them from harms and even let Tahno riding him sometimes.

He has been seen following or stay with Tahno more often but for now he's still the only one in the drake-six who has his place in the ocean and not her place and still part of the ellite


     Snapjaw: Snapjaw, like Springfill, is an older wild dragon. She attacks Tahno one day in the forest but later Tahno gained her trust and like the scauldron and the skrill, they begin to develope trust. However, unlike Springfill, Snapjaw decided to keep her company around the group as she feel guilty about their first meeting. She is hot-headed and get angry easily but also caring.


    Bellblue: Like Root and Manta, Bellblue was found and hatched by Tahno, makes him the second youngest member of the crew. And like most of other Stormcutters, Bellblue tend to be very confident and proudstuck, high on ego, love to taking control but loyal to tahno with no end. Still pretty young, Bellblue is noticable very small compared to fully grown stormcutters.


    Bluejay: Sometime Navyjay or just Jay as Tahno likes to call. They first met during the inccident, where Tahno got seperate form her dragons in the wood. There she met a friendly snafflefang and end up spent a lot of quality time together, by then Bluejay wouldn't leave her side! They share a somewhat besty-like friendship. Personality wise, Bluejay is very similar to Manta, soft-heart, and chill and when it comes to lighten the mood in the group up, he is very good at it!
    Eggplant: The latest addition the the pack, Eggplant's everyone's baby girl. being rescued by Tahno as a baby. Much like Root in her early years, Eggplant's enthusiastic in proving herself and she's done a great job so far. Because of her age however, she mostly being keep out of any serious missions. She's already swift and brave for her age now however.


     Northernlight: The old flightmare that mysteriously appears one day and protects Tahno and the gangs from the territorial changwings. Since then she acts as their guardian and follow Tahno everywhere. Her backstories and whereabout is unknow but it might related to the lost of her child or rider, or that she was a netural alpha and have protective instinct or that she's just kind. She is the oldest and undoubtly the most mature. At the present time her ages weakening her that she's no longer suit to be the alpha or in their ellite, but she still gain respect as always and currently spend the rest of her life resting and happy in Tahno's place

     Root: Root's origin is quite similar to Manta's. Tahno found and hatched her, make her the youngest members to this crew, "baby girl" as what Tahno called her time to time. However, despite her love of dragons, Tahno held somewhat grudge against the whispering death species due to her past and even though she tries to be open-minded, she still unintentionally give Root a hard time. Unfortunately, this result in Root distancing herself from the group. And result in her ruthless nature, however, she still love Tahno dearly even when she's no longer in her pack

    The Queen: previously known as Flamebringer, She's not exactly part of the group but she shared a strong bond with Tahno and her dragons. Like Torch, She was found as a hatchling in a hand of the trappers, Tahno resqued her but mistaked as a normal male fireworm due to the size. After sometime together, Tahno decided it is better to return the fireworm to her nest. They later met again when she became the queen of the nest. At first Tahno didn't recognize her but the queen did and she shown her affectionate as gratitute. Unfortunatly being the queen stopped her from spend times with the viking. However, Tahno still come to visit her every so often and if it's really need, the dragon is willingly to come and help.

  Rivercry: Tahno may like and understand dragons, but this poor sandwraith is the example of her miscommunication. The sandwraith happened to be near where she lived and in every trouble she brought, the sandwraith ended up caught in it most of the time. A lot of her action unintentionally made this sandwraith suffering. He likes to complain and never in a good relationship with the group. Ironically, spending his time these troublemaker kinda made them grow to him a bit, or maybe he got used to them, still he won't admit it easily!


    Crowl: Somehow this Eruptodron were able to survive faraway from the volcano and still have enough strength to scar away Tahno and her friend upon encounter, Tahno however was so amused by this new dragon that she keep wanting to get close, so much she later discovered that no matter how much this young energetic male hide it, he's dying. With some afford, she able to guide the eruptodron to the nearest volcano and thus all the grudge and hatred was dropped. Crowl's greatful enough to let this girl continue to get too excited when she see him and sometime even let her ride on his back.