Second Chance

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Second Chance

A HTTYD Fanfiction by The Dragoness









Did I write this nonstop for three days? Yes. Should I be working on my other, unfinished fanfictions instead? Absolutely. Do I regret it? Not at all. Introducing a fanfiction set in the HTTYD book series by Cressida Cowell, starring the one, the only, Ze Great Camicazi!


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Author is prone to excessive fangirling and fits of giddiness. You have been warned.

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Second Chance

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Ordered by preference, of course

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HTTYD books/movies

(obviously, but I HAD to put that in there, it really is my favorite)



         The books were SO GOOD. No swearing, no (extreme) violence (does getting eaten by a lava dragon that dives into a volcano count? Or Grimbeard the Ghastly killing his own son?) Okay, scratch the violence, but it really is pretty awesome. The characters are SO well put together, each with his or her own little quirks that make them unique, and they’re all (mostly) lovable in their own way (Alvin and Exellinor are irredeemable). The little lessons Cressida Cowell teach by inserting them into the plot are truly inspired. Can’t wait for her to write more!!! (Also, I love the quirky way she capitalizes random words to make them a little bit more important. It’s just funny to me.)

I'll leave off mentioning all the characters of the movies, because you guys know them all aready! But you may not know the Heroes who came first...

First (of course), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.

Rather a longish name for a smallish Viking. Hiccup is a member of the Hairy Hooligan tribe. He has bright red hair and about a million freckles. the series starts when he's ten-and-a-half, and progresses until he is fifteen and King of the Wilderwest. His best (and, for a few books, ONLY friend) is Fishlegs.

Fishlegs is scrawny, allergic to reptiles, pretty much scared of everything, and the only sane one of the group (well, the only sane one when Hiccup is making a Plan). But he's fiercely loyal to Hiccup, and a good deal stronger and braver than he thinks. 

Next is Camicazi, who's a little too brave and fierce.

She's a Bog-Burglar, a member of an all-girls tribe of people who, well, burgle things. She is a very accomplished thief and a master escape artist.




Second in the fandom world is--you guessed it--Narnia. I have loved this world since before even HTTYD, I think. Though I'm not quite ready to meet Alsan, I would love to slip through the wardrobe for a few days--or years.



The False Prince



So the story is set in a medieval world in the land of Carthya. It's about an orphan named Sage. The storyline is great, the main character (Sage) is very well-rounded, believeable, and goes through some great character growth (not to mention he's snarky and smart and super funny). I LOVED it, and it's seriously amazing. If you read it, you will NOT be disappointed! (P.S. If you're one of those people who likes to read the end first, don't. Trust me, it's worth it to wait)


Artemis Fowl

OH MAI GAWSH I LOVE THIS SERIES. Artemis' gradual arc and his heists and jokes (on the rare occasion he demonstrates a sense of humor) are just the best thing EBER. ALSO! Holly Shory is the best LEPrecon to ever wear a set of wings. (Also if you wanna see an incredibly imaginative and accurate crossover fanfic about the Avengers meeting Artemis Fowl, this is where it's AT!) But don't watch the movie, ooohhh no. Disney still needs to apologize for giving a perfectly written anti-hero morals. The audacity!




The Magic Thief/The Lost Books/Sarah Prineas in general



I LOVE this series, it ended far too quickly for me (maybe cause I read it all in one day, hmmmmm). Connwaer and the magic and all of it are just so HILARIOUS and EXHILIRATING and FRUSTRATING to read about and STOP BLOWING THINGS UP, CONNWAER!!! 


The Lost Books: MORE! MORE! I NEED MORE! (Seriously, when does the next book come out?)

Anyway, it’s about Alex, a librarian, and Kenneret, a queen, and her brother Charlie. Oh, and the books are alive (that’s enough to make any bookworm hyperventilate with happiness, isn’t it? ;D )



Attention to all the dragon-touched: This is a must-read. Go. Read it.




The Silver Eye

This is an INCREDIBLE webcomic by one Laura Hollingsworth (also the only webcomic/comic I have ever read, BUT STILL). The world is beautiful, the characters are funny and awesome (Apen and Joe are my favorites), and the art is incredible! It uploads a page EVERY FRIDAY and the story is so good!



Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."--Keefe


Yup, couldn’t have said it better myself. Team Foster-Keefe all the way! I have read Legacy and it was...what I expected (-_-) BUT UNLOCKED (Keeper book #8.5) looks so exciting! Can't wait!! 8D






...and birds. And wicked-looking staffs. And cute little blondies called Beastie.

Wasn't a fan of her outfit for like 90% of Maleficent 2 but the rest of it was great! Better than a certain movie I could mention *cough*TheHiddenWorld*cough*.



Wizards of Once

*anxiously jittering about the Unknown Narrator*
*casually stressing about Xar's Witchblood stain*
*hopelessly shipping Xar and Wish when Bodkin is probably going to get the girl*



Dwight in Shining Armor

I get a kick out of this every time I hear Dwight's shriek in the intro. BYUTv is the best! making things funny, clean, and SUPER awkward. But it's still great.


Story Thieves

My favorites are actually Kiel and Owen. No girls this time around, which is really unusual for me. But these two are special. Hope they have all the adventures they can imagine...and maybe a few safer ones.


The Ever Afters (EAS)

This series is pretty good. Aurora--excuse me, RORY Landon is so gutsy and flawed and lovable and I love her.



Brave (Merida)

Just gotta say, I LOVE this girl. Best Disney princess ever. Also--this isn't really related to the movie but it IS technically part of the franchise so imma say it anyway--her accent is gold. I friggin LOVE Scotland and the accent and the culture and lore and landscape and language and--okay, gushing aside, the point of this mini-rant is that I loved Merida in Wreck-it-Ralph 2. It was also the only thing I loved in Wreck-it-Ralph 2.



Pete's Dragon

Best song ever



The Map to Everywhere

One word: Unrealities.

Three more words: Future Dragoness fanfiction.



If you reached the end of this fandom section, and you haven't read some of the books, you might have noticed some spoilers. I am an avid lover of spoilers and all insider knowledge, so....sorry for ruining it, I guess? But at the same time....NOT! XD please don't hurt me...








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"Is it true?"

Camicazi paused from swinging the Invincible at her practice dummy and peered up at the other Bog-Burglar girls. They had approached her without her really caring to stop them, and now half-circled her. Their expressions were half-wary, half-amused.

"Is it true? You're really friends with the Hooligan runt?"

Camicazi's anger flared. She knew what they were talking about now.

So what if she'd gone off on a Quest to steal the potato with Hiccup? Or to the volcano to stop it from exploding? Or to the library to steal that book so Toothless wouldn’t be banished? So what if she was friends with Hiccup? It was, after all, Hiccup.
“I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” Camicazi said airily, and went back to stabbing her dummy, perhaps with a bit more vigor than before.
“But why?” Harriettahorse persisted. “He’s a boy, and a runt, and a Hooligan.”
AND,” continued Beefburger triumphantly, “You know he speaks Dragonese, which is banned by order of the Thing. He’s weak and scrawny and--and--useless. Why would you be friends with that weirdo?”
Camicazi felt frustration well up in her gut, as well as an entirely new emotion--shame. She tried to ignore the older girl’s taunting words, but...what if they were right? What if she was wrong to be friends with Hiccup?
No. This was Hiccup they were talking about, her best friend, the one who stuck up for her and let her come on Quests and had even saved her life once or twice. Not to mention he was pretty darn good with a sword--for a boy, of course.
The questions kept swarming around her, snaking into her ears, feeding her new doubts. Well, Camicazi did not want to pay attention to them any longer. With a huff and one final slice, she whirled away from the laughing gaggle and stalked towards her mother’s hut.




Big-Boobied Bertha watched her daughter pace worriedly. Camicazi had come in almost an hour ago, fuming, and instead of saying hello to her dear mother, had promptly started swinging her sword around in an agitated fashion, muttering under her breath. Whatever it was that had her daughter so upset, it didn’t sound good.
I should do something, Bertha thought. Give her a piece of advice, or...or comfort her, or something. How she would comfort Camicazi without knowing what was going on, she didn’t exactly know. But Bertha was determined to try.
Bertha opened her mouth and inhaled to say something, but Camicazi whirled and when she caught a glimpse of the ferocious expression on her face and the sheen in her bright blue eyes--
Bertha closed her mouth with a clop. Best not to risk it.




All week long, the older girls continued to tease her. Made fun of Hiccup, and Fishlegs, and reminded her how much of a failure they were to their tribe. “Remember this? Remember that? Ooooh, remember--?”
Camicazi thrashed them during Swordfighting classes, and stole all their coins and shoes during Pickpocketing and Burglary. Yet still, they continued.
“I know what the problem is,” Harrietahorse proclaimed at last. “The runt and his weedy friend are soft.”
Camicazi gritted her teeth and ignored her.
Harrietahorse wasn’t finished. “And they’ve made you go soft.”
That was the last straw. “I AM NOT SOFT!!!” she yelled furiously.
The girls laughed, and Harrietahorse leaned in victoriously. “Oh yeah? Then prove it.”
Camicazi balled her hands into fists, ready to pound this irritating, overgrown flea into the ground. But then, she had a brilliant idea. A Hiccup-y idea, even. Camicazi forced her hands to relax and grinned at the older Bog-Burglar.
“I will prove it,” she promised easily, “At the Junior Swordfighting Competition next Saturday.”
The older girls blinked. This was not how they were expecting it to go.

“But...but…” Beefburger spluttered. “You’re supposed to be on a Bog-Burglar team, remember? Each tribe divides into different teams, and they take on the other tribes!”
“Oh, yes, that’s true,” Camicazi agreed cheerfully. “But there’s no rule on it, is there? As long as there’s at least three people on a team, they can compete. And my team will crush everybody in my path.”
Harriettahorse snorted, once again in control. “Right. You, the runt, and the weed. Total dream team, right there.”
Camicazi felt a stab of what could have been worry when Harriettahorse mentioned Fishlegs. It was true, Fishlegs wasn’t the best swordfighter to ever drop a blade. But he did help, in his own way. Otherwise they never would have survived the Exterminators, or even (she hated to admit this) the Hairy Scary Librarian. No, Camicazi would trust her friends, because they would never let her down.





The next Saturday dawned bright and cold. Camicazi had tossed and turned all night, desperate for sleep. She wasn’t worried, of course, just...excited! Yes, she was completely confident that she and her friends would dominate. She didn’t think at all that they even had a chance of losing.

It is very difficult to lie effectively to yourself.

The Bog-Burglars piled into their boats and sailed towards Berk, where the Swordfighting Competition would take place. It would consist of the junior members of the Meathead, Bog-Burglar, and Hooligan tribes. It only happened once every five years or so, and it was an honor to compete--and an even greater honor to win.
Camicazi was determined to win.

The boats had barely landed, and the three chieftains bumped bellies, when Camicazi shimmied down the side of the boat and took off to see her friends.

She found them quickly, sparring under a tree--or trying to spar. Fishlegs’ sword, Mr. Pointy the Second, kept wobbling. The blade looked like it would fall off at any moment.

“Hello!” Camicazi said cheerily.

The boys paused, Fishlegs clearly grateful for the reprieve. His docile hunting dragon, Horrorcow, sat calmly by and watched the proceedings with mild interest.

“Camicazi!” Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III greeted. Toothless poked his head out of Hiccup’s shirt, and Hiccup smirked knowingly. “Ah, yes. Is Stormfly here?”

“Nah,” Camicazi balanced her sword on her finger with practiced ease. “Went out for a spot of hunting yesterday. She’ll probably be waiting for me on Bog-Burglar Island when we get back.”

Toothless’ horns drooped in disappointment, and Hiccup scratched his head comfortingly. “Are you excited for the Competition?” he asked her politely.
Fishlegs moaned and flopped onto his back. “I’m not,” he said glumly. “These sorts of things always end up the same. Stoick bets on the Hooligans winning because Old Wrinkly saw something in the fire, the Hooligans fight, the Bog-Burglars absolutely crush us, Snotlout tries to kill Hiccup and make it look like an accident, or undermine him in some other way, and everyone goes home disappointed--except for the Bog-Burglars, of course.”

Hiccup grimaced but didn’t deny it.

“Say,” Fishlegs said suddenly, squinting at her suspiciously. “This is usually when you jump in and go on and on about how much better girls are than boys, and that’s why we’re so bad…”

“Well, girls are,” Camicazi said matter-of-factly. “But anyway, that’s actually what I wanted to talk about.”

“That girls and boys are equal and prejudices based on gender are completely unfounded?” Fishlegs said hopefully.

“As if,” Camicazi snorted. “No, I was thinking we should be on our own team!” she said brightly.

Hiccup and Fishlegs exchanged wary glances, then stared at her with far less enthusiasm than she would have liked.

“Come on,” she wheedled. “You are the ones complaining about how annoying it is that we Bog-Burglars are always winning, and about your annoying teammates.”

“I would classify ‘attempted murder’ as a little more than annoying,” Fishlegs murmured.

“Then this is the perfect solution!” Camicazi spread her arms out wide. “They don’t stab you in the back--”

“Just the front,” Fishlegs interjected.

“--you aren’t on the losing team, and I get a challenge for once!” she beamed.

Hiccup still seemed uneasy. “Well, it’s not exactly against the rules…”

Please tell me you’re not considering this,” Fishlegs begged. “I hate it when I have to be the lone voice of reason!”

“But it might not be a very good idea Camicazi,” Hiccup said apologetically. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love to crush Snotlout and his friends. But if it’s just us against the Hooligans, Meatheads, and Bog-Burglars? It’s not going to turn out well.”

“Why not?” Camicazi said. “I am one of the best swordfighters the Barbaric Archipelago has ever seen, and you’re not half-bad yourself--for a boy, of course--”

Fishlegs raised a hand. “Do not even try to convince me that I can swordfight,” he said firmly. “I am absolutely rubbish with the sword, and you know it.”

“But you’re helpful in other ways,” she tried. “Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Hiccup gave her a curious, piercing look. “Why are you doing this, Camicazi?” he asked.

She widened her eyes innocently. “I just want a challenge, is all.”

Hiccup searched her face, then gave a long, weary sigh. “Well, it’s not like this can end any worse than it usually does.”

Fishlegs moaned. “And there he goes, and I am the only sane person left. What will your father say when you team up with a Bog-Burglar? Or you, Camicazi, what about your mother?”

Camicazi tightened her hold on her sword. It’s not my mother I’m worried about, she thought darkly. “Oh, she won’t care,” she said vaguely. “I think she’s given up on controlling me, at this point…”

Hiccup snorted. “You and me both.”

PAAAAAAAAARRRRP! came the sound of the horn.

“Ten minutes until the Competition starts,” Hiccup said. “Alright, Camicazi, you’ve got your team.”

“Yes!” Camicazi shouted, beaming maniacally. “We will crush them all and make them lick our shoes!”

Hiccup looked at her with a fair amount of alarm. “Uh, or we could just have fun instead? Honestly, I don’t think we’ve much chance of winning this, so we might not want to make boasts we can’t keep…”

Camicazi rolled her eyes. As if losing was actually a chance. “C’mon, ze Great Camicazi is bored and wants to go start bashing heads!” she bounded gleefully to the roped-off area that would serve as the arena.

The basic premise of the Junior Swordfighting Competition was simple: send in the teams of Bog-Burglar, Hooligan, and Meathead youths, and watch them battle it out in an epic king-of-the-hill brawl until only the members of one team were left standing. Serious injuries were frowned upon, but cuts and bruises were to be expected.

Camicazi vibrated with pent-up energy as her team tied colorful kerchiefs to their arms and took their positions beside the other three. The other young Vikings looked at them in surprise; no one had ever entered a mixed Tribe team before. However, the Hooligans pretty much expected weird things from Hiccup and Fishlegs at this point, and the Bog-Burglars already knew something was going on between Camicazi and the others. The Meatheads didn’t care; they were just here to win.

“STAND AT THE READY, YOU MISERABLE MAGGOTS!” shouted Gobber the Belch, one of the few Hooligans Camicazi recognized. She snickered. Hiccup and Fishlegs complained about him constantly.


Hiccup gulped audibly as Gobber stared directly at him.

Camicazi frowned. She hadn’t known about that bit. Oh, well, they were still going to win this.


There were several audible squeaks. Somehow the idea of a cranky Gobber was a bit more intimidating than the idea of a sudden and violent death.


The Vikings surged into the arena with whoops and shrieks, and the assembled crowd roared in delight as the sounds of sword-on-shield echoed up from the arena.

For a moment, Camicazi was disoriented. It felt uncomfortably like that time in the Roman Fortress when she, Hiccup, and Fishlegs had been part of a gladiator show for Saturn’s Day Saturday...but she quickly shook off the apprehension and threw herself into the fray joyfully.

This was her element, the rough-and-tumble of a melee battle. She cheerfully ducked blades and flailing shields, quickly and skillfully cutting through the tangle with practiced ease.

Whoops!” she laughed as her sword, the Invincible, cut neatly through Harriettahorse’s paltry defense and sliced through her blue kerchief. “Silly me, my sword must have slipped…”

She then bonked Harriettahorse on the head with the hilt of her sword. She made a very satisfying sound as she crumbled.

Fishlegs was out almost immediately. He sat gloomily, watching the insane young Vikings launch themselves at each other as he half-heartedly tried to attach Mr. Pointy’s blade back to the hilt. Camicazi was just surprised he didn’t seem to be mortally injured. While it was supposed to be a Friendly Competition, he and Hiccup had to have the worst luck in the entire Archipelago. 

One by one, the contestants began to bleed from the arena. Some were dragged out by the designated ‘referees’ to where Hiccup’s grandfather, Old Wrinkly, sat, waiting to ply them with disgusting medicines. Others gave up and left of their own accord. One of the Hooligan youths just wandered away, talking about sheep. 

Camicazi was fighting a particularly thrilling duel with an excitable Meathead (ooooh you’re not bad at this, for a boy...might want to work on your defense, it’s too easy to just slip, your face is so red! What kind of paint did you use? I’ve been dying to find the right color for ages…) when someone darted in and bowled her over with his shield.

“Hey!” Camicazi shouted indignantly, but the cheater ignored her in favor of running straight towards Hiccup.

Camicazi tried to raise her sword arm, but a painful twinge in her shoulder told her that she was done. Sadly, she trudged out of the arena and collapsed next to Fishlegs.

“Tough luck,” Fishlegs said sympathetically.

There were only about ten contestants yet. Camicazi leaned forward in excitement. Hiccup could take them, easy-peasy! His sword flickered in and out, systematically cutting down his opponents’ defenses and thoroughly exhausting them. Currently, he was crossing blades with the irritating boy who’d knocked her over and hurt her arm. He was tall and muscular, with skeleton tattoos and a permanent sneer. And his nose! Oh, Camicazi wished she could have fought him, the comments she could have made would have been amazing...

And then--there it was! The perfect opening! The elephant-nostrilled boy had left his sword arm wide open to an attack. All that was left for Hiccup to do was a quick jab and…

The boy knocked Hiccup back and dug his sword under his chin.

Camicazi’s stomach dropped, and slowly began to roil. Hiccup...Hiccup had lost? No, that wasn’t right. She had seen the opening, and she knew Hiccup had, too. Which meant…

He’d thrown the fight. He hesitated. Why? It was just a little blood!

Typhoon’s voice hissed in her ear. Weak...soft…

“Looks like your team is out of the running, Useless,” crowed the big-nosed bully. Hiccup bowed his head and sheathed his sword in defeat. The other boy sneered and raised his sword triumphantly, before attacking one of the few Vikings left.

Camicazi and Fishlegs followed Hiccup back to the stands, where she was sure her mother was looking on in disappointment. There was a sick, nauseous feeling in her belly. Hiccup had failed, and she had been so sure he would win. Why? There was no good reason, except for squeamishness--which was no reason at all. Camicazi’s anger began to build.

“Sorry, guys,” Hiccup apologized, once they were out of the arena.

That was the last straw. Camicazi was beyond fury. “What is wrong with you?” she hissed venomously.

Hiccup started at the anger in her voice. “What do you mean?”

She threw her hands up in the air. The sick feeling in her gut grew. They were right. They were always right. “What do I mean? What do I mean? You had an opening and you missed it! On purpose! You just let him go!”

Hiccup shook his head determinedly. “Camicazi, listen--”
No!” she screamed. “You threw the fight! You let me down! What’s the point of practicing so much if you’re never going to use what you’ve learned? The one thing you’re good at, and you don’t even do it well! By the great hairy beard of Thor himself, why do you have to be so USELESS?”

Hiccup’s mouth fell open with shock, and his already pale face went as white as snow.
Camicazi realized, panting, that everyone in the vicinity had fallen silent, watching the drama that was unfolding in front of them. Watching as Camicazi publicly shamed the best friend she’d ever had.

Hiccup’s eyes had gone carefully blank, a far cry from the usual mischievous light that normally danced in their depths. He nodded once, then strode away without a word.




Camicazi had found a nice, small tree, minding its own business and growing peacefully. Naturally, she turned it into her personal practice dummy.
She was so distracted, so hurt and angry and ashamed, she didn’t notice the boy approaching her until his sword knocked hers to the ground.
“Hey,” he said in a low, angry voice.

Camicazi studied the stranger that had the audacity to interrupt her. He was tall and muscular, with piggy eyes and a tiny wannabe mustache. A typical Viking youth, then. He didn’t look familiar, so he couldn’t be a Hooligan, and he certainly wasn’t a Bog-Burglar, so that left…

“My name is Thuggory,” he growled, and suddenly Camicazi knew who he was. Thuggory the Meathead, heir to Mogadon Meathead. Hiccup had mentioned him a couple times, something about a failed initiation and almost being exiled together. He seemed to respect the boy, and it appeared that the feeling was mutual.

She gulped.

“I heard what you said to Hiccup,” he said angrily. “How could you do that to him? Especially in front of everyone like that! Everyone knows you’re friends.”


Thuggory folded his arms and stared at her judgmentally. Suddenly his piggy eyes seemed a lot less ugly and a lot more intimidating. “Y’know, Hiccup is a good kid. Might be a little odd, but he’s tough stuff. When I met him, we’d just failed Initiation to our tribes and were about to be exiled forever. Then he single-handedly led an Operation to kill not one, but two Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus dragons, because it was the only way to be let back into our tribes. He almost died, but it worked.”

Camicazi gaped. She’d known Hiccup’s initiation had been...well, unconventional (as well as everything else he seemed to do), but she hadn’t known that.

“And he was only eleven.”

And she had been nine when she escaped from a Roman Fortress, which were supposed to be inescapable...but then, Hiccup had really been the one to get them out of that sticky situation, too.

“He’s strong, he’s smart, and he knows what to do and when to do it,” Thuggory continued, as if he hadn’t just shaken up everything Camicazi thought she knew about her friend.

“Then why did he lose?” she asked before she could stop herself. The sick rage and guilt rose like bile in her throat. “He’s the best swordfighter I’ve ever met--well, for a boy--and he lost on purpose.” 

Thuggory examined her critically. “You didn’t let him explain, did you?”

Camicazi looked down at her fallen sword. The gleaming metal winked at her accusingly.

The Meathead heir stepped back. “Maybe listen to what he says. If I know anything about the kid, it’s that Hiccup always has a reason.”

And she knew that, didn’t she? She’d never forgotten it before. Now the rage had left her, and all she felt was shame.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly, and it killed something in her to say something so soft and weak. But Hiccup was worth apologizing for.

Thuggory merely snorted in disgust. “It’s not me you have to apologize to.”

And Camicazi knew he was right.  She stooped and sheathed her sword, and nodded to Thuggory as she darted past him. He had been the friend to Hiccup that she hadn’t, even though she was supposed to be his best friend (and everyone knew it).





Fishlegs adjusted his glasses and turned to see Camicazi’s tiny frame and tangled hair running towards him.

“What do you want?” Fishlegs asked shortly.

Camicazi blinked in surprise as she slowed and stopped. Fishlegs was normally quite gentle. His sarcasm could be cutting, of course, but he was always nice to her.

Then again, he was also Hiccup’s best friend, and she had just yelled at him in front of not one, but three of the Viking Tribes.

“Where’s Hiccup?” she asked.

“Why?” Fishlegs challenged. “So you can yell at him about how useless he is? He gets enough of that from Snotlout’s crowd, he doesn’t need it from you.”

Camicazi couldn’t stop her flinch at the edge in his voice. “I…”

“Unless, of course, you want to apologize--”

“Yes!” Camicazi jumped in with relief. “I’m sorry, so sorry, and I--”

“Save it for Hiccup,” Fishlegs cut in. “I don’t need to hear it; he does.”

Camicazi nodded vigorously.

He studied her for a long moment, then sighed. “I didn’t like you at first, you know,” he said quietly. “You never stopped moving or talking, and I thought you were annoying. But then you proved to be a decent sort of friend, and loyal. Goodness knows Hiccup needs more friends.”

Camicazi swallowed down the guilt. Save it for Hiccup, she told herself.

Fishlegs narrowed his squinty eyes even more. “Don’t do it again.”

Camicazi nodded, throat too clogged for her to speak.

Fishlegs pointed towards the bracken, and Camicazi took off.




Camicazi pushed her way through the mud and bracken. Leaves and twigs tore heedlessly through her hair. Thumbnails of Thor, Berk was even bleaker than Bog-Burglar Island!

Presently, she heard the strange chirrups and growls and squawks that she knew to be Hiccup speaking Dragonese. Answering rumbles and squeaks echoed back.

Her stomach dropped right down to her frozen toes. Hiccup was talking to his dragons. This wasn’t unusual in and of itself, but combined with the fact that he’d completely disappeared from the village, even leaving Fishlegs, for more reptilian company, meant he was very upset indeed.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Camicazi crept out of the greenery, hand on the hilt of her sword.

Hiccup paced back and forth, ranting in Dragonese. Toothless perched on his shoulders, scurrying up and down his back and head. The Windwalker sprawled nearby. His head and ears pricked towards his Master in obvious concern. Hiccup’s brow was furrowed, and his right hand gripped his sword hilt so tightly the knuckles turned white.

Toothless caught sight of her and hissed, green eyes venomous. Hiccup whipped around. For a moment, his normally bright blue eyes flashed briefly with hurt.

Camicazi felt sick. She swallowed hard and lifted a hand in a weak hello.

Hiccup pursed his lips, but his expression softened. He walked over to an old, mossy log and sat. Camicazi took it as an invitation. She perched hesitantly next to him, not daring to look him in the eye.

“I’m sorry,” she said at last, so quietly he almost didn’t hear it.

He lifted a shoulder and dropped it half-heartedly. “S’okay.”

Toothless glowered at her, and the Windwalker did not look pleased. It was most certainly not okay. They knew it, and she knew it.

“Why, though?” she burst out restlessly. “Why didn’t you win?”

He looked at her curiously. “That’s why you’re mad?”

She winced. “Yes! Well, no…” There had been so much more, so much hope and hurt riding on this silly Competition. “The other Bog-Burglars thought you were weak, and I told them you aren’t, and they said to prove it, and I said at the Swordfighting Competition…”

Hiccup’s eyes widened with understanding. “Oh.”

Camicazi glared down at her shoes. “And now they think I’m soft and you’re weak, and I’m so sick of their teasing all the time!”

“They’ve been teasing you?” Hiccup said, concerned. “Have they never done that before?”

She peered at him suspiciously. Not condescending, of course he wasn’t. He genuinely wanted to know.

“No,” she admitted. “They never had a reason to.”

Hiccup winced, and Toothless spat some vengeful-sounding words in Dragonese. Camicazi rather wished Stormfly was here to whisper in her ear what the other dragons were saying.

“Sorry,” she said again. “That came out wrong.”

Hiccup shrugged again. “Wouldn’t be the first time. It’s just the way it is, I suppose.”

It really was, Camicazi realized suddenly. Hiccup had fought terrifying dragons, escaped inescapable situations, out-tricked the trickiest foes, and yet--he was still underestimated and jeered at. It wasn’t fair.

Hiccup stood and gestured for her to draw her sword as he pulled the Endeavor from its sheath. “C’mon. You wanted to know why I hesitated?”

Camicazi turned a little pink and stammered. She already felt bad for doubting him, she didn’t want to force him to prove anything, just because she had decided to be a bad friend.

“Nonsense,” Hiccup said firmly. “It’s a fair question, and I don’t think I could ever be mad at someone for asking why. It’s not a bad question to ask.”

Camicazi reluctantly drew her sword and stood in front of her friend.

“So Snotlout was standing like this--” he adjusted her stance so that her sword arm was extended slightly, “--and he was lunging like this--” he gently tugged her sword forward. Now her arm was fully exposed. “I dodged--” Hiccup batted her sword aside gently, “--and if I stabbed, it would have been here.” He poked the inside of her bicep.

Camicazi withdrew hastily. It didn’t feel good, having something poke her there, of course--the inside of the arm was a bit of a sensitive spot, everyone knew that--but why was it such a bad thing?

Hiccup saw the question in her eyes and sighed. “You know the difference between an artery wound and a vein wound, right?”

Camicazi nodded. A vein wound just seeped blood. Painful and messy, yes, but treatable. Hardly something to fuss too much about. Just slap a bandage on it and you were good to go. An artery wound, however, sprayed blood everywhere, and it didn’t stop. It was very, very hard to stem the bleeding on a large artery wound, and many a fine warrior had bled out because they didn’t get treated in time.

“Camicazi,” Hiccup said patiently. “There’s a very large artery on the inside of the upper arm. If I had stabbed him there, he would have died.”

Camicazi felt the blood drain from her face. Maiming was all very well and good in a Swordfighting Competition, but a death would have been a very horrifying tragedy indeed. Hiccup hadn’t missed an opening; he’d prevented a kill.

Oh,” she said in a small voice.

Toothless flapped his wings and crowed haughtily. Hiccup frowned and bopped him on the nose. “None of that,” he chided. “Snotlout is my cousin, after all.”

Camicazi suddenly registered the importance of that statement. “Wait, Snotlout?” She blurted. “Isn’t he the guy Fishlegs is always complaining about? The two-faced, wriggling worm that keeps trying to accidentally-on-purpose kill you?”

Hiccup winced. “The one and the same,” he said glumly.

Camicazi’s eyebrows furrowed. “But then...wouldn’t it be a good thing if he died? After all, it would have been an accident…” at the horrified look on Hiccup’s face, her confidence in the idea shrunk a little, but it was true. With Snotlout out of the way, in a tragic accident, Hiccup would be able to breathe easier, maybe even make more friends among the Hooligan youths.

“It wouldn’t have been an accident,” Hiccup said quietly, “Because I knew exactly what would happen if I hurt him. It would have been a cold-blooded murder.”

“We’ve killed before in battle,” Camicazi argued. “It’s sort of the same thing.”

Hiccup shook his head firmly. “No. Snotlout may not like me--”

“Understatement,” Camicazi muttered.

“--but he is still a valuable warrior and member of the tribe,” Hiccup finished. “Losing him would hurt the Hooligans. It’s one thing to kill in battle, when the enemy won’t stop until you’re dead. It’s another to attack your own men, and I refuse to be that kind of person.”

Camicazi bowed her head. “Okay,” she said. “I understand.” And she did. This was what Thuggory meant by Hiccup always having a reason, this was why Hiccup could command such respect in the older boy--and in her.

Hiccup eyed her hopefully. “Friends again?”

Camicazi stepped forward and hugged him fiercely. “Always.” She didn’t even wince when Toothless ‘accidentally’ stabbed her shoulder with his claws.

Camicazi suddenly realized what she was doing. She drew back quickly and slugged Hiccup on the shoulder to restore her dignity. Hiccup rubbed the offending spot, but grinned all the same. Camicazi beamed back.

Shouts and faint thumps echoed from the direction of the village. The Windwalker swiveled its head and keened softly.

“Fishlegs is in trouble,” Hiccup translated, standing up straighter. “With Snotlout, probably.”

Camicazi drew her sword and grinned maniacally. “Should we go get him out?”

Hiccup’s hand fell to his sword hilt, but he did not draw it, and as she knew now, he wouldn’t until he truly needed it. “Absolutely.”

As Camicazi bounded after the young Dragon Whisperer, she made a silent promise. She had doubted her friend, and had figuratively turned her back on him. But the next time somebody tried to attack her friend? She would stand by him, no matter what.




Harriettahorse and her entourage stayed surprisingly quiet on the way back to their Island. But when they had all unloaded and started drifting off to their homes, she cornered Camicazi.

“So, the ickle Hooligan baby and his widdle fishy friend didn’t do as well as you promised, did they, Camicazi?”

Camicazi’s patience snapped. “Oh, really.

A saner man (or woman) would have fled at the venom in her voice, but the Viking girls just laughed.

Camicazi drew her sword. “Let me give you a little demonstration. You!” she pointed at a random girl and felt a surge of vindictive satisfaction when she blanched. “One-on-one. You. Me. Now.”

The girl, Sporta, quickly recovered and stepped forward confidently. Sure, everyone knew Camicazi was good. But she was small, and clearly not as tough as she claimed to be. How hard could this be?

Thirty seconds later, Sporta stumbled away with a myriad of soon-to-be bruises on her arms and knuckles, and blood streaming from her nose.

“Next!” Camicazi said cheerily. The girls drew back. Oh, this was going to be fun.

One by one, Camicazi tore through each and every one of her tormentors--and, more importantly, Hiccup’s naysayers. Fifteen minutes later, the group sat or lay on the ground, moaning softly in pain.

Camicazi stood over them, blood on her knuckles and grime tainting her blade. Yet she still grinned, fierce and proud. Herself again, as proud and untouchable as ever.

“You see, I’m one of the best swordfighters in the Bog-Burglar tribe--the Barbaric Archipelago, even.” She leaned in, and her smile turned terrifyingly feral. “Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third. Know him? Tall, lanky guy, red hair, tiny hunting dragon? We can spar for hours, and he always. Wins.”

Every eye grew round with surprise.

“That’s right! Every time. In under ten minutes. I think last time it took him eight. Of course, what else would you expect of the guy that has faced down not one but two Seadragons, Skullions, Outcasts, Romans, Sharkworms, Driller Dragons, the Hairy Scary Librarian, Exterminators, and a volcano, and lived to tell the tale? I mean, compared to that, what’s one little Competition?”

With each word the disbelieving faces grew more and more frightened--possibly of this terrifying swordsman, but equally possibly of Camicazi’s disarming cheer.

“So that ‘ickle Hooligan baby’? Better than you. All of you.”

Camicazi strolled away from the shell-shocked Viking teens, a very satisfied expression on her face. It wasn’t much, compared to what Hiccup had done for her. But it was a start.




Drip. Drip.

The quiet tears streamed down Camicazi’s cheeks and landed softly on the burned and trampled leaves below. She had failed. She had failed, and there was no one to blame but her.

It had been almost a year now, since the dragons rebelled. One year since the swordfighting competition to become King. One year since it had been revealed that Hiccup had the Slavemark.
Camicazi remembered the horror on his face when his helmet had been knocked off, matched only by the horror in her soul. The Slavemark! How could he have the Slavemark?

But he did. And there was only one thing left for the Vikings to do.

One by one, the crowd had turned their backs on the weakling, the slave that had dared try to become King.

Camicazi, shocked, hurt, ashamed, and betrayed beyond measure, had turned her back as well, even as the tears stung her eyes.

And now she regretted it. Oh, how she regretted it.

It hadn’t taken her long to realize her mistake. Once the dragons had dispersed to their dark caves and haunts, once the Bog-Burglars had retreated to the relative safety of their home island, once Camicazi had joyfully found that her Stormfly had not turned like the rest of Them, once Camicazi was safe and almost happy

She remembered the hurt, the betrayal, the shame, and the whole fiasco at the Junior Swordfighting Competition came rushing back--as did her promise.

The time had finally arrived for her to pay back all the loyalty Hiccup had shown her throughout the years, and what had she done? She had turned her back, just like the rest of them. It had been Fishlegs, once again, who had spoken the truth amid the scorn.

And she, like the last time, had been too hurt and ashamed to listen.

Big-Boobied Bertha snored loudly, and Camicazi hastily wiped her tears away, lest her mother would wake up and see them.
Each time a flame-singed, rumpled traveler stopped by Bog-Burglar Island, Camicazi would press them eagerly for news. The Viking youths loved to gossip--it was the only thing that brought them hope. They would whisper about the latest exploits of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Dragon Whisperer, Flashmaster, and Fugitive. Some of the stories were wildly outlandish, of course, but each one held a grain of truth, Camicazi knew, and she was desperate to know that he was alright. After all, that was her friend out there! Or at least, she hoped he was still her friend.
It was hard to feel optimistic when you saw the devastation the Dragon Rebellion had caused, and the absolute misery the war-torn humans lived in. Sometimes, for all its beauty, the world can be a very, very dark place.

She had heard, nearly three weeks ago, that Fishlegs was in the Prison Darkheart, in the Amber Slavelands. Of course she felt horrible that her friend was suffering in such a dark, miserable place, but she also felt a ray of hope. Camicazi knew that she was the best burglar and pickpocket in the Barbaric Archipelago. If anyone could smuggle one skinny, eczema-covered slave from that Prison, it was Camicazi. 

So, naturally, she convinced the other Bog-Burglar teens--namely Sporta, Harriettahorse, Typhoon, and Beefburger--to accompany her on a Rescue Expedition. The girls agreed eagerly. They were quite relieved to get away from the village, if they were being perfectly honest. Something about hearing the hate-filled shrieking of the nightly dragon attacks really got a body down.

But when they got to Darkheart, snuck in through the drainage tunnels, and followed Stormfly’s nose to the very room that Fishlegs slept in--

He wasn’t there.

And according to Stormfly, he hadn’t been for three days.

It was a severe blow, and Camicazi almost let her tears show. But one look at the rough-and-tumble older girls that had willingly followed her into the witch’s nest quashed that feeling. She couldn’t afford to look weak. Not anymore.

“Well,” Sporta ventured. “Since we’re already here, why don’t we just rescue somebody else?”

The other girls murmured their agreement. It was a good idea; one person rescued meant one less slave for the witch to abuse.

Every few days, the girls would sail from Bog-Burglar Island and censored one more poor soul from the Amber Slavelands. Tonight was another such operation, and Camicazi would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy them. Of course, Camicazi very rarely lied about enjoying danger.

The merry team of Escape Artists crept through the drainage pipe, past the sentries, and down the halls into their designated Rescue-Bedroom. Sporta and Beefburger bundled up the prisoner before they could scream and hurried them down the hall. This one seemed very lively, kicking and thrashing. It was all they could do not to drop them.

Finally, they got to a place clear of the guards where they could put them down and explain what was going on. Camicazi soothed the prisoner as best she could. It seemed to work; the kicking and thrashing slowed and stopped. She pulled off the blanket to reveal a pale, freckled, smelly boy with an eye patch and a rather loose-looking wart. He stared at her in shock.

“Camicazi?” the ex-prisoner gasped.

Camicazi wasn’t sure just what was going on. How did this person know her name? She was quite sure she’d never met him in her life. And yet, there was something familiar in the way he held himself, and the way he said her name. And his eye…

Camicazi reached out and pulled off the eyepatch to reveal a perfectly normal, working eye. Could it be…? She plucked off the wobbly wart on his nose and realized--

Hiccup!” she cried joyfully. It was Hiccup! 

Joy and relief warred for dominance in Camicazi’s mind, and she floundered just a bit. How do you say hello to a friend you haven’t seen in a year, feared was wounded or dead, and suddenly just happen to run into them during a covert Rescue Operation? Camicazi turned bright red and punched him three times, then hugged him fiercely. He was alive! Then she remembered where she was and punched him again, a bit harder this time.

Where. Have. You. Been?” she hissed, blinking back happy tears. The other Bog-Burglar girls looked on in bemusement. “No, no, I haven’t been worried, because we Bog-Burglars never worry, we’re too cool,” she added for their benefit, then went right back to punching Hiccup again, “but”

“Ow!” grinned Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III happily, rubbing his bruised shoulder, much the same as he had all those years ago. His face was slightly longer, thinner, and the shadows under his eyes told of many sleepless, restless nights, but the same joyful spark still gleamed in the bright blue of his eyes. “You’re the first person who’s actually recognized me. Not that I actually want people to recognize me in the place, but still, it’s nice to know that I haven’t changed completely in just twelve months.”

It was Hiccup, of course he wouldn’t change. Sure, his voice had gotten deeper, and cracked every so often. He was much, much taller than her now (Camicazi wished she would get a growth spurt like that, too), and lean from swordfighting and very little to eat. He seemed...gaunt, a bit beaten down and weary. But he was still Hiccup, and surprisingly resilient--for a boy, of course. Nothing could truly change him.

Camicazi scowled fiercely to try and hide her thoughts. “Why didn’t you come and find me?” And then the guilt rushed back as she remembered the last time she’d seen him. She found a convenient hiding spot in her elbow. Somehow she couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes. “Was it because I Turned My Back with everybody else when the witch got us to at the school?”

Camicazi could almost feel the sudden stiffness in Hiccup’s stance. The sick feeling twisted painfully. “Because I’m sorry about that, Hiccup, and I’ve been wishing and wishing that I had stood up for you, like Fishlegs did, ever since…” She didn’t even care if she looked weak in front of her Bog-Burglar friends, Hiccup deserved her apologies.

Harriettahorse’s eyes widened. The whole conversation had been a bit puzzling, but she was beginning to piece together what was going on. Had Camicazi really felt so guilty all this time? She’d never mentioned it.

“It was just a bit of a shock about the Slavemark and everything…” Camicazi trailed off weakly. That was no excuse. Fishlegs had had the same shock, and he hadn’t Turned His Back.

“No, no,” came Hiccup’s hasty voice. “It wasn’t that, I knew all along that you didn’t really mean to Turn Your Back.” His voice caught on the words, just a little.

The sick feeling loosened, and Camicazi felt a spark of hope. “You’re sure?”

“Absolutely sure,” Hiccup said firmly, though it sounded a little forced. “Besides,” he went on, “I was watching you the whole time and it wasn’t really a full turn, it was just a sort of twist...A kind of sideways-on, Half-Turn if you like, and only for a moment…”

The hope leaped and spread. “A Half-Turn?”

“The only reason I didn’t come and find you was that everybody’s after me at the moment, and I didn’t want to put you in danger as well.”

And that was all Camicazi needed to hear. Hiccup wasn’t mad at her. He hadn’t left her because she left him; he’d only been trying to protect her. It wasn’t her fault. The sick guilt entirely evaporated, and Camicazi felt lighter than she had in months.

“Well that wasn’t very kind of you, was it?” she grinned in sheer relief. “You know I love danger! Danger is my favorite thing!” Sure, she was rambling, but he didn’t hate her.

Hiccup shifted uncomfortably. “Yes, well. Speaking of danger, what on earth are you doing here, Camicazi?”

Camicazi preened a little. “We’re the Escape Artists,” she beamed. “This is my Team: Sporta, Typhoon, Harriettahorse, Beefburger…” she pointed to each one.

Hiccup studied them curiously. Camicazi realized she’d never really introduced her to any other members of her Tribe before.

Her Escape Team had finally figured out just who this odd person was that had Camicazi so worked up. They blushed and stammered as they shook his hand vigorously. Hiccup looked bemused.

“This isn’t...the Outcast, is it?” blurted Typhoon in awe.

Hiccup looked surprised, even a little confused, when Camicazi proudly confirmed Typhoon’s question. The surprise and pleasure grew as they continued to praise him. She supposed there wasn’t much in the way of positive reinforcement in Exile. Well, she’d just have to be twice as supportive to make up for it.

They chatted some more, Camicazi eagerly explaining what her Escape Team was doing, and Hiccup eagerly asking about Fishlegs. It was a blow, having to break the news to her friend, watching the hopeful spark in his eyes dim. After all, Fishlegs had been a better friend than she ever was. Hiccup needed Fishlegs.

“Never mind,” Hiccup said stubbornly. “I’m not escaping...I’m still looking for Fishlegs, whatever you might say.”

Camicazi sighed. Of course he was, he was Hiccup, he never stopped protecting his friends. “Okay then,” she said agreeably. “In which case I am staying here with you. You are only a boy, after all. You really need a girl to help protect you on this quest.” Actually, Hiccup was probably the most competent boy she’d ever met, he really didn’t need her help--but there was no way she was ever going to tell him that.

Hiccup’s eyes widened in alarm. “You are not staying here,” he hissed fervently. “What would your mother say?”

Ha. As if Camicazi ever listened to that. “Oh, she wouldn’t mind,” she waved him off. “She’s got her hands full with the Dragon Rebellion. They’re attacking the Bog-Burglar Islands every single night now, a bit like here…”

Hiccup argued some more, with some very valid points, but he wasn’t convincing Camicazi at all, and he knew it. So he switched tactics, the cheat.

“There’s this kid called Eggingarde who sleeps opposite me,” he tried, “and I think she really needs to escape, the whole Darkheart experience is getting her down.”

Camicazi thought quickly. Alright. She could help with that. After all, no one deserved to stay here. And the poor kid… “All right, then! Bog-Burglars, let’s put into action Operation Eggingarde!”

The Bog-Burglars cheered and followed Hiccup back to the bedroom. Camicazi watched as Hiccup gently woke the little girl and softly explained the situation.

Hiccup isn’t soft OR weak, she thought fiercely as she watched him do up the buttons on Eggingarde’s bearsuit, because it takes a special kind of strength to stay the same after everything that’s happened…

“Camicazi?” Hiccup whispered innocently. “I think maybe you should deliver Eggingarde back to her Tribe, the Northern Wanderers. You’ll find them up north somewhere, wandering about. Now that,” he added craftily, “is going to be a really dangerous mission, because you have to go through Dragon Rebellion Territory to get up there…”

Camicazi wanted to put her hands on her hips. She knew exactly what he was doing. However…”Okay,” she agreed easily.

Hiccup looked rightly suspicious, but Camicazi just gave him her best innocent look. She wasn’t entirely sure if she pulled it off, seeing as ‘innocent’ was one thing Camicazi never was, but he seemed relieved.

“Bye then, Camicazi.”

“Bye.” For now.

Eggingarde, the Escape Artists, Stormfly, and Camicazi tiptoed out of the room, past the bored, sleepy sentries, and down into the drainage tunnel.

Camicazi crouched down in front of Eggingarde. “You’ve been very brave,” Camicazi whispered. “But you’re going to have to be super brave, now. Can you do that?”

Eggingarde nodded vigorously, her big, dark, solemn eyes staring up at Camicazi.

“This is my Escape Team,” Camicazi gestured at the Bog-Burglar girls, “And they’re going to take you all the way back to your Tribe.”

The Bog-Burglar girls started in surprise. “You’re not coming?” Harriettahorse whispered.

“You’ll be perfectly safe,” Camicazi continued, “Because I know these girls, and they’re the best Escape Artists in the Archipelago.”

Her Team straightened with pride. This was high praise indeed, and from Camicazi, no less.

“So I want you to go with them, and do whatever they tell you to, and they’ll get you home to your mother. Okay?”

Eggingarde smiled her gap-toothed smile. “Okay,” she said softly.

Camicazi rose gracefully from her crouch and nodded at her Escape Team, a bright, hard glint in her eye. “If Hiccup really thinks I’m going to let him find Fishlegs by himself, he’s got another think coming,” she snorted.

Her Team nodded knowingly, though they still didn’t quite understand why Camicazi wanted to stay so badly. It was, after all, a slave prison. And the Outcast could look after himself. But once Camicazi got an idea in her head, pretty much no one could talk her out of it.

Beefburger, Sporta, Typhoon, and Harriettahorse said quick, friendly goodbyes, before ushering a brightening Eggingarde down the tunnel, towards freedom.

Camicazi watched them go. A part of her did want to go with them--Hiccup had been right in saying that it would be a dangerous mission, and she did love danger. But her loyalty to Hiccup was stronger than any risk-seeking thrill.

Camicazi turned and ran silently back towards the prison, footfalls catlike in their silence. The gods had given her this second chance to make things right; they wouldn’t give her a third. This time, Camicazi would not fail.

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The Grimogrunt, Grapplemora, Grimogrounder, Slicerwing and Changewing by Chame! TY!


Quispe! By Andy!


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Thank you, everyone, who has made art for me!  I have it saved and it is BRILLIANT.


Windfall, by Chame! Ty!


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*excited squealing*







It's all my favorite characters in one story (even Thuggory!) and you wrote them so well and it made me feel so many things and— <Solveig.exe has stopped working>



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I am Solveig the Fair! You can also call me by the names of my Vikings, if you prefer.

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I am a Christian. I spend most of my time writing stories, drawing, listening to music, and singing. Some of my favorite artists/bands are Skillet, TobyMac, LEDGER, Hollyn, For KING & COUNTRY, and Carman, and I also listen to movie soundtracks. The franchises I am most familiar with (and write the most fanfictions for XD) are the Avengers, Ninjago (both the movie and the TV series), and HTTYD (both movies and books). I love to read, and I also watch a lot of Disney movies.


My sweet Windwalker, Zephyr, brought to life by Sohki!

Quicksilver, drawn wonderfully by Flitt!

Former arena fighter, Sweet Dreams, and playful, innocent Stargaze, my Night Lights by AndreaEaston!

Phoenyx the Immortal, drawn amazingly by TosiLohi!

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A lovely Secret Santa: Spring Edition gift from SilverAceWing!

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*squeals as well*

sorryittooksolongformetorespondIkindaforgotitwashere *GASP*

Thank you! Personally I have always loved Thuggory, and I loved writing him defend Hiccup like the awesome, loyal Viking he is!

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You're welcome! I love how Thuggory defended Hiccup in the books; it was so refreshing to have a strong, top-of-the-class Viking who could admit when he needed help. You definitely did him justice!

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Yus a story for Camicazi! I needed this. I loved her in the books but it's been so long since I read them. So good to get a refresher course!


Halfway through so far and I've got to say, you mimic Cressida's work so incredibly well! I can just hear all the characters voices and they sound exactly like they did in the books. You really have a talant Ness, I hope someday there will be books in Barns and Noble and other places with your name on them.




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Monster Kitty Ebony

By Ecliptic Eight Thx she is so cute!

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I've been reading through the books recently, which is why I thought of this. And thank you for those compliments! They really made my day!

So what's funny is whenever I read a book, my writing style shifts to mimic the voice of that book. Which is slightly problematic sometimes when I'm writing my OWN books and not a fanfic :/ However, it's really cool to be able to sort out the different voices to channel (my favorites are Cressida Cowell, Sarah Prineas, Eoin Colfer, and C.S. Lewis) and figure out which elements are best for the style I want to write.

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I'll read the full thing later when I'm not making a discord

THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAS! A FANFIC WITH CAMACAZI! YAS! THIS IS SO AWESO- [Ninja.exe has stopped functioning do to a temporary malfunction]



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[Rebooting] [Rebooted]  I

[Rebooting] [Rebooted] 

I just finished reading it, and it is so awesome! You really should become an athour someday.

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Thank you! And I am working on it x) currently I'm trying to take commissions to pay for college tuition, until I can finish and publish my book

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WHAT!?!?!? You go to college?

WHAT!?!?!? You go to college?

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The Dragoness
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Soon, yes.

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Good you. Smart you. 

Good you. Smart you. 

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Welcome to the college world!