Seasonal weapons from dragon tactics not possible on new vikings

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I noticed something interesting about dragon tactics. I may be wrong, but I believe that if you never logged in with a viking during a seasonal event or partly participated in a past event that you can not collect certain weapons from DT that in the past were seasonal as tier 1.


I have tried for a very long time to get a skrill legendary sword on an account that never logged in during the event when it was seasonal, and have never once had the skrill legendary sword as a drop.


I just tried to get it recently on an account that had participated in the event long ago. I never completed the event nor got the skrill sword from the prizes, yet this viking can get both legendary light fury swords and legendary sword of skrills on the runestone levels.


I have played countless times on newer vikings linked to my account and newer vikings not linked to my account and the skrill sword or light fury sword(legendary) never drops.


Is it coincidence or luck that my other account gets sometimes 2 or three skrill or light fury swords in 100 rounds, and my accounts that never loggged in during the halloween event only seem to get chieftain axes and volatile defender maces?


I highly doubt it



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My Deathsong ate my subject again..... >:(

That's cuz they are limited edition. You can get the dreadfall axes by fusing items with a blueprint to get tier 2 legendary items






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Blueprints are different

The blueprints are the same for everyone, but I believe some seasonal weapons can only be gotten as drops in specific dt levels only if that account was there and participate at one point when they existed.


It may also apply to some past weapons that were in store too, I don't know.


I only bring up the skrill sword and light fury sword because I'm 100 percent sure these accounts or vikings never logged in during the halloween events.



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I didn't start playing until half-way through Thawfest. I got the legendary skill sword a couple of days ago.

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ugh really?

Ok, then maybe this viking is just cursed then.


The only weapons I'm getting are chieftain axes, devestating ridgenipper maces, raging galseslash swords, pristine death song axes, slitherwing arc blades, and volatile defender maces.


I also started thinking that maybe they changed some drops around after the update, and possibly put some other weapons in the more later levels, so I tried out the final level just after and got two skrill swords back to back.(on the viking that had participated in a halloween event)


Now I'm thinking maybe it is still possible, but before the update they were dropping on the earlier level "escape the cave", which is a lot easier and isn't bugged like the boat graveyard level that has the impossible collect 4th chest in 9 turns(do it in less than 9 and never counts)


Also, I thought I got a legendary light fury sword in these levels and a flashing flame whipper sword too, but I've yet to see those either, so maybe I found those in the summarhildr or arena levels when the chests in tier 3 levels were not bugged before.


I really should have documented this..


come to think of it, maybe the light fury sword was from the summarhildr levels, but I'm still unsure about the flashing flame whipper sword.



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Optional collect boat piece in 9 turns technically not bugged

So, here I was thinking the collect 4th boat piece in 9 turns was bugged, so I started doing some insane methods, such as collecting the boat piece in exactly 9 turns, collecting the boat piece on turn 8, and collecting the boat piece after turn 9 cause why not.


What I failed to realise is there are actually 5 boat pieces and the optional goal was a miscalculation on their part.


After you collect the 4th boat piece, another boat piece appears on top of that one, which means you can not kill all the hunters or dragons, because if you collect the boat piece and kill all the dragons beforehand it doesn't count.


That means you need to defend for a turn or two while waiting for the 5th boat piece.


It's a bit broken, and the only reason I'm doing this level is because I saw a viking get the skrill sword on it, and after doing over maybe 1k rounds on the escape the cave level I'm thinking they may indeed have switched some drops around, after that major cave crasher maintenance update.


or this viking is cursed..


or you can only get the skrill sword if you particiated in either the 2019 halloween event or the later 2020 one(yeah, I might be stretching it a bit there haha)


This viking hasn't participated in either halloween events:P