Season 6 Race to the Edge Teasers

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A post for all teasers of season 6!



I am a lover of coffee, life, adventures, and the deep bond between human and beast.


Stories like How To Train Your Dragon and The Last Guardian fascinate me and captivate me. An animal, perfectly capable of fending for itself, will choose to live alongside a being that is different that it's own.


In the Httyd world, 'my Toothless' is a Hobblegrunt named Halfeye.




In the world of Harry Potter I am a proud Hufflepuff.

We are just and loyal, great finders, defenders, and amazing friends.

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Small - very small - clip

Small - very small - clip


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Viggo as a friend? I WANT HIM TO RIDE THE SKRILL


Hello everyone welcome to my signature

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he wont!

well,the owners choose,but in my opinion skrill is a free dragon,from when dob appeared i never wanted skrill to be rided,it is a free and spirited dragon.i cant be under an owner.i cant wait httyd 3,they say dragons will be released and no longer viking slaves.


hi.dragons mean all for me,and i practice this awesome game for them.i hope we're friends.i'll always answer if you have something to tell me,hope you do so.thx

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Excuse why can't he be tamed? He wouldn't obviously go with Hiccup and the others: they hunted him and froze him. Yes, they helped him, but this doesn't mean he likes them. There is peace but not love. Also think about this: Hiccup and Viggo are rivals, night fury and skrill are rivals, but the second one in both cases is more cunning and ferocious

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i mean other thing.dragons

i mean other thing.dragons can be tamed,and riden and can figh together with wickings,dragons are not on a side or another,dragons leave their lifes with np between them,excepting dragon riot,what makes dragons fight,they r ok with eachoders.i never said dragons should not be tamed,no,i meant this.remember in httyd 2 when hiccup said two times''''''''''''''''''once u show a dragon u r the same as him(practic impossible)he will dedicate all his life,and do anythyng for u'''''''''''''''?well i dont agree not understand wrong,im not agreeing walka,btw shes wrong as the others.i just wanna say dragons r not pets,i dont agree walka to be a wild women who lives hidden in some dragon nest and be as she is,no i meant other opinion.

i mean if someone meets a dragon,they can tame itt,can be agreed to ride if dragon wants(it wants)and can be friends,toothless gone too far.dragons shall never be like that,they should remain dragons,not dogs.once a dragons porpose is to dedicate all its life to a person,well thats not a ''dragon''when hicc first created the saddle for tooth,and tooth flew away,with hicc on his tail,it was like,yes he is tamed,friend to hiccup,like him,and respect him,but not as a dog as a dragon.if hicc would not break his tail,he shall fly away,live his life,come to visit berck and hicc,and be together and fly or whatever all day.i agreed all these,even when they risc their lifes for echoder,and fight against red deat to save the world,i liked all these,but in httyd 1,in 2014,when httyd 2 apeared,they gone too far.honestly i didnt like httyd 2:/

now,a dragon can be like toothless or hoockfang or stormfly or any other,but dont get so close to ppl,as a dog.dragons r not only reptiles like others,they are so is too hard to understand...and i never been good at explaining,but dragons are more than httyd expect,of course httyd is a movie/tv series that present dragons nearly full,but theres  bit more to know bout dragons...its not so simple....when u'll grow,once in ur life if you learn to look the othe way,you will find the missing piece im not able to explaim,ik im not able to explain,but ik it,cuz its within me,and you,and all who can understand..........................


look here

;)=>some ppl see only some punctuation,others see a face...what do u see?

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Main Viking Name: HaileyTheHowler

Birthday: 10/30

Clan: Wulf Pack (Elder)

Friend Code: E41KF4

Main Dragons: Hunter & Skogvarg

Current Dragon Count: 30

Player since: 5/5/2017


   Hunter and Skogvarg by me


"What I saw was proof of everything I believed.

This wasn't a vicious beast, but an intelligent, gentle creature,

whose soul reflected my own."



Main in-game Dragon "Team"

(Not all of my in-game dragons)

1. Hunter - Male Timberjack (Main Dragon)

2. Skogvarg - Male Night Terror (2nd Main Dragon)

3. Willow - Female Woolly Howl (3rd Main Dragon & Racing Dragon)

4. Firetooth - Male Monstrous Nightmare (3rd Main Battle Dragon, Starter Dragon)

5. Stardust - Male Flightmare (2nd Main Racing Dragon, Starter Dragon)

6. Comet - Female Moldruffle

7. Dewdrop - Female (Tinytooth) Mudraker

8. Northwind - Female Snow Wraith (Main Racing Dragon)

9. Saltwater - Male (Tinytooth) Sand Wraith 

10. Earthtwister - Female Whispering Death (2nd Main Battle Dragon)

11. Hviskevind - Female (Shortwing) Stormcutter

12. Sprucetwig - Female Prickleboggle (Main Battle Dragon, Seedling Prickleboggle stand-in)

13. Spellbound "Scraps"  - Male Boneknapper  (Main Dreadfall Dragon)







My sona, Tone by me


Note: I make horrible first impressions



Dragon Trainer|Trash for science|Needs coffee|Draws stuff sometimes


PM whenever you want! ^^




Chandler Bing from F·R·I·E·N·D·is my spirit animal    




 If one might have a question!


ART By Others






Hailey the Howler

Garth the Great

Saga the Stonehard









The Foreverwing






Other Vikings


Hunter of the Wilderness

 (Hunter's backstory)

 (Re-written by my awesome friend, Oda)


 Other OCs 

 (Coming Soon)



happy halloween dudes


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Made by TheSmokeydragon
                                                                                                                   It´s under construction (permanently)
 Something about me:
Well, in the real life I have lots of friends and I talk (like a LOT) but when it comes to sites or forums I am usually very quiet (maybe because my English is not that good ... not yet).
As you may realised now my native language is not english actually it is slovak (takže áno môžete so mnou rozprávať aj po slovensky ^-^).So I am sorry if there are too many mystakes in here or in any of my posts. :d
My favourite colours are blue,red and black.
I love dragons (its the main reason why I started playing SoD).
And I like drawing thought I am not skilled anought to do art requests.
This is my dragon list:             
Bolder class: 
Lava Rock - The Eruptodon
Shadow Burst - My fearsome Titan Screaming Death   
Solar Flare - My beloved Shovelhelm
Shadow Seeker - My Titan Whispering Death
Star light - The Grapple Grounder
Boulder - The Titan gronckle
Typhon - The Snafflefang
Damys - The Quaken
IceBreaker - The Groncicle
Emperor - My newest dragon Elder Sentinel
Stoker class:
Viserion - The Singetail
Silver Storm - The Silver Phantom
Reignstorm - The Titan Terrible Terror
Flashfright - The Fireworm Queen
Wildfire - The Typhoomerang
Nightmare - The NightTerror
Fire Flare - The Titan Monstrous Nightmare
Shadow - The Flame Whipper
Echo - The Moldruffle
Tidal class:
Moonlightblizzard - The amazing Windwalker
Dark Bolt - The Shockjaw
Theseus - The Titan Thunderdrum
Stardacer - My battle dragon Scauldron
Leviathan - The Tide Glider
ShadowGold - One of my favourite dragons The Titan Sand Wraith
Mystery class:
Focus Armor - The Armorwing 
Armor - Another Armorwing (idk how I just got two of them from expansion)
ShadowStrike - Another favourite dragon of mine The Titan Death Song
Para - And ofcourse I got two of them from expansion...oh well
Mystic Frost - Another of my fav. dragons The Titan Flightmare
Reaper - The Titan Boneknapper
Cliffhanger - The Changewing
Spark and Gas - The Titan Hideous Zippleback
Big Buff (I coudnt help myself xD) - The Titan Buffalord
Myst - The Smothering Smokebreath
Merciless - The Snaptrapper
Treat - The Sweet Death
Strike class:
Thunder Storm - And again this is my favourite dragon The Titan Skrill
Snow Storm - This is my racing dragon The Titan Snow Wraith 
TinyBlizzard - This is my main dragon The Titan Woolly Howl
Windstrike - My favourite dragon (I swear it is the last one xD) The Tripple Stryke
Tracker class:
ShadowDust - The Rumblehorn
Focus - another Rumblehorn (glitch I guess)
Gold - ANOTHER Rumblehorn (you dont know how shocked I was when I realised I have three Rumblehorns) its not like I dont like them ... but having THREE of them is ...well...weard
Unwanted - I know I know horrible name...but you guessed it, another Rumlehorn (this is getting out of control) :/ 
ShadowLight (please dont ask) - The Titan Deadly Nadder
Sonic Wave - The Mudraker
Sharp class: 
Armor Star - The Titan Razorwhip
Amethyst - The Titan Scuttleclaw
Paralysis - The Speed Stinger
Healer - The Pickleboggle
Cloudbreaker - The Titan Stormcutter
Silver Moon - The Shivertooth
Balerion - The Timberjack
Wow that was longer than I thought it will be O.O
I am gonna put this pieces in categories so it would be easier to orientate here.
By me
By Feenix the Fire 
By LilyStark 
Thunder Storm:
By me
By HoneyCloud 
Shadow Strike:
By dogloven 
By ImDerpySheylaYT 
By Zikta 
Another art:
By『Madoka Miyazono』
By SilverNight 
Blackest Night - adopted from Zeezur