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Hey guys,


I'm in desperate need of someone cool screenshot ideas for my dragon's pictures! I'll be doing photoshoots with my dragons, but I need ideas as to where I should do them. I am more intrigued about doing these photos in the dragon's kind of natural environment, I guess. Like the Death Song on Death Song Island, Whispering Death in the caves, and etc. My dragons are listed below and if you guys have any ideas for any of them or all of them, then just comment below!


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I'd love to throw my hat into the ring!


  • For your Deadly Nadder and Sand Wraith, I think a picture at the School or Berk would be a good idea. They're the two areas most new dragon riders can be seen in and they are starter dragons afterall! It seems very fitting for them. The Deadly Nadder can have their pictures taken around buildings or trees while the Sand Wraith can have plenty of pictures on the beaches!
  • For the Eruptodon, Eruptodon Island is. . .okay. I'm personally not a big fan on the lighting there but that is their domain! Another interesting area would be in the Hatchery. I can see the Eruptodon being drawn to the bubbling magma and maybe even enjoy the company of the baby dragons!
  • For the Razorwhip, the Wilderness or Dragon's Edge would be viable options. The Wilderness is the only forest-like area that [loosely] resembles the area we saw female Razorwhips resting in during Race to the Edge. The Dragon's Edge is just because of Windshear, who spent a lot of time at the Edge.

I didn't do the Whispering Death and the Death Song because they already have "natural terrains" they could have their pictures taken in (though the Whispering Death Caves are dark so getting a good picture can be a bit tedious) so I'll leave those be. Good luck on the dragon photoshoot!


. . .this is never gonna get done. Enjoy!


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Svanyi and Lylane are Stirring up Trouble

Okay, so for the Razorwhip, that is definitely an interesting catch! What I have so far (obviously) would be:


Airyen/Whispering Death - The Caves

Zyeki/Eruptodon - Eruptodon Island (Once I get the expansion pack. :P)

Svanyi/Deathsong - Melody Island

Ivenya/Groncicle (Soon to join the gang) - Icestorm Island


Hm. What about the Dark Deep as a place?

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I completely forgot about Dark Deep! That's a nice place too. Plus, there's a Prickleboggle there that could join in the photoshoot too! :D