Science-based theory on Night Fury Teeth Retraction

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I’ve been around this side of the internet for quite a while and I have never seen a theory on how Night Furies retract their teeth. I’ve had my own for a while now but have never seen another person with the same/similar theory yet, and its so simple.


Basically the teeth aren’t set in the jaw like normal, but instead are sort of elevated above them. The teeth are supported by rings of muscle that either push the tooth up or down to hide it and the nerve of the tooth is elastic as to allow the tooth to rise and fall. The muscle bands, when tensed to hide the tooth, would make the gummed appearance and the cavity between the tooth and the jaw when raised would be filled with either a liquid or spongy flesh.


When in trouble, sometimes a dog might pull their ears back to appear more like a puppy. Night Furies have been shown to be extremely emotionally developed and therefore are likely to be a very social species. Retracting their teeth might be a similar device- appear more childish and inexperienced to an attacker so they might be sympathetic to it and go easy on them. It also could be a way of tricking smarter prey into thinking they have come across a baby and might underestimate the dragon, giving them the element of surprise.


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Wow, good explanation! I've

Wow, good explanation! I've always wondered about that, but I don't know enough to make a theory of my own. That makes a lot of sense!



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After some deliberation on my part and urging on Pheobe's we took him with us and nursed him back to health. His leg healed really well and he was running around and playing like any normal dragon his age. While taking care of him, I'd often return to the forest where I found him and search for any signs of a family, but never found any. He'd probably been abandoned because of his size. I decided that I was going to keep and train him, and I decided to name him Ogmundr because he lived and grew despite the odds working against him.


Ogmundr has become really good friends with Phoebe and I often find them curled up with each other after a long day. I've even woken up to find him trying to sleep on top of me! He has a tendency to steal my things to use as toys, but he makes sure to return them after, though it doesn't make much difference because they've been destroyed by his rough playing. I've faced Dragon Hunters a few times with Ogmundr, and he's one of the fiercest fighters I know. We've become really great friends, and I'm glad I was able to save him.

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Dragons are actually 80% of the reason I'm taking biology at school

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hey just cause did you know that modifiying the embreo of a chicken could hatch a dino, it could work the same way with dragons, i want a dragon so bad




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If and when I'm rich I'll be

If and when I'm rich I'll be investing all of my fortune into genetically engineering the closest thing to a dragon I can get. Even if it's just a crocodile with horns

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(I am not replying)

With all the aggression in this post, I've decided to let you in on this info.


Science was a chosen topic for School of Dragons because the developers are finding science in our dragons. Don't tell me you haven't played any quest involving the science with dragons. Even in Icestorm Island, you'll learn some of their biology, and in Battle For The Edge, you learn even more about other dragons. Especially in the other quests, you'll see this game incorporate dragons with science.




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Aggression? ...Also, Chem Lab

I'm not really sure what you're talking about. There really hasn't been any aggression on this post, just an over-reaction and then a misinterpretation of the intention of it, which turned into an admittedly circular back-and-forth. The majority of the discussion here has been on-topic, and no one has been against that topic.


But yes, I agree, science is a huge part of this game. Kids' level science, but it'd definitely there in most of the quests we do. I mean, we have a chemistry lab. *nodnod*


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Hi! :)

That's good you found logic in one of the HTTYD. Some of them make aboslutely no sense like our friend the Thunderpede.

Sceintifically this guy shouldn't be able to fly






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NO!!! ABORT!!!

*dramatic sigh*


I am really, really sick of seeing this. Like, you have no idea. Nothing personal on you because you aren't the only one doing it, but really.




None of them have a body that would work with the things to make this a feasible possibility in the real universe. Even ones with the right aerodynamics could not contain the muscular structure necessary. Why people choose to pick on this particular dragon is just...I don't get you people.

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M8, calm down

I get where you're coming from


But this seems a tad aggressive.

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Not aggressive. Just exasperated. This seems like the thousandth time I've gone over this on this forum.


Also, the more friendly I am with someone on the forum, the more likely I am to express emotions freely. I know Snowflake, so I figured she's going to know it's nothing personal.

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Okay, yep. I'm the same to my

Okay, yep. I'm the same to my friends.

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-insert subject here-

For the love of all the seven seas, stop this, please.


No, dragons are not real. No, most of them -according to our science- shouldnt be able to fly.


But who cares?

We are in httyd universe, where according to their world and science it is possible. What such threads are trying to do is find out the httyd science behind it, not the real world one.


So please dont go snapping at people like this. I wonder how you can bear playing the game with all the real-world scientific innaccuracies. Learn to let go and go with the flow. Have fun with theories.


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...I Think You Missed the Point

I think you missed my point. I'm the one advocating going with the flow. That's why the whole Thunderpede thing doesn't bother me. I don't mind that they wouldn't be able to fly in the real world, because none of the dragons do, so what's the big deal? It's called suspension of disbelief. My point is that all the dragons can't fly according to science, so why do people choose to pick on the Thunderpede when it's true for all of them?

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-insert subject here-

Because in httyd universe, it is not true for any of them.


That is the point of this thread and that is why you snapping at people is unnecessary in such threads. We dont care how the real world works here. We care about how httyd universe works.

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You Keep Restating the Point I Made

You're just repeating my point, yet again. The HTTYD universe doesn't go by the same rules as the real world, which is why pointing out that the Thunderpede shouldn't fly, out of all the dragons, doesn't make any sense. In HTTYD it can, just like all the others (except the Bewilderbeast and Speed Stinger). In the real world, it couldn't...again, just like all the others. Hence suspension of disbelief. It's fine if you want to put forward reasons why the dragons can fly, but the Thunderpede does not need this justification any more or less than any other dragon in this franchise. People have used this as a point to say that this particular dragon is ridiculous, when logically it is no less ridiculous than all the other dragons. I'll be happy to read theories on why dragons fly, but all the dragons need that theory, not just the Thunderpede.

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-insert subject here-

Nope. What you are doing is actually exactly the opposite of what I am talking about according to your posts.


You snap at people when they try to think of why this and that dragon can do something, because 'scientifically none of the dragons should do that anyway so why even ask'.  Basically telling them that they shouldnt even think about it because scientifically it doesnt make sense anyway.


You are trying to tell them that they are wasting their time.


What people are trying to do is put logic and some science in this instead of just 'accepting it as franchise wanting it that way'. Yet, you want them to stop thinking about it. Hence the "I am really, really sick of seeing this." or the "NO. DRAGON. IN. THIS. FREAKING. FRANCHISE. SHOULD. SCIENTIFICALLY. FLY! NONE OF THEM!" comment of yours.


It is a nice discussion. Let it flow. If people want a logic behind why Thunderpede can fly, then there is no reason why they cannot do that. It is httyd science that dragons with a streamlined body are fast fliers, whereas bulky dragons are slow, dragons with wide wings are able to fly long distances, short winged ones have good maneuverability. This means that the community accepts and thinks it is 'httyd universe' scientifically accurate for certain dragon bodytypes to enable flying. But this doesnt mean that even in this universe people arent questioning why some types of dragons can fly, even if their body looks nothing like the other dragons. Like the Thunderpede.


This wasnt the first time you did this either. Just stop the snapping and accept that people want logic in everything. And just because something is fantasy, doesnt make questions about its science background any less sense.

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No, not at all. I am one of those people who likes a set logic in everything. The type of logic varies of course; it could be scientific or it could be "the rules of this fictional universe." Either works. But I like to see the logic applied equally to the same elements. It does not make logical sense to apply one form of logic to the Thunderpede but not to other dragons. If you're going to say the Thunderpede should not be able to fly, the same should be said for every dragon, and then the discussion on the logic of why they can becomes unanimous for all. But if you're going to say the Thunderpede can because in this universe it is so, the same applies to all the dragons. Either way, the Thunderpede is not special in this regard.


I have defended individual dragon species in many threads on this topic, pointing out that the logic for putting down one doesn't actually make sense in comparison to others, but there has only ever been one thread where I said that I no longer find these theories very rewarding and prefer to simply go with the franchise. Not that it's a waste of time but that I find it a waste of time for me. I used to enjoy it, and as my responses below show, I'm not against it, but part of the reason I've lost sight of the fun is because I often don't see people applying logical elements homologously but instead use logic for one element to justify their emotions while not applying the same logic to other elements. When that happens, it's no longer about interesting scientific thought; it's about, "I think this dragon is ridiculous, let me use science to justify why," when the same science could have been used against any other dragon...or whatever fictional element we happen to be discussing. But the other dragons are less ridiculous because...people like them more...? That's...hardly fair. Or logical.


Logic, to me, is fun when it's used equally across the board. It's a bit disconcerting to see people pick and choose where to apply it. Nags at my own overly-logical mind.


Again, you see my response above. That is a response to specifically pulling out the Thunderpede among the other dragons, not about wanting to apply logic to dragons to general. Questioning why the Thunderpede can fly is no more or less logical than applying the same question to any other dragon.

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-insert subject here-

If you're going to say the Thunderpede should not be able to fly, the same should be said for every dragon


You are missing the point again. The point is that your above statement is false.


Why? Because we are not in the real world universe.


According to httyd universe, there is a scientific law on how and why dragons fly. They require a specific body type, which the community is familiar with. But Thunderpede looks pretty different and the same logic cannot truly be added to it according to what we know.


I said that I no longer find these theories very rewarding and prefer to simply go with the franchise. Not that it's a waste of time but that I find it a waste of time for me.

Good for you. But please do not go snapping at people when they do enjoy delving into such theories and they find it rewarding. If you dont enjoy them, then keep yourself away from threads like these and let the people discuss. It is like when you are on a diet and demand that others dont eat cake either.


But the other dragons are less ridiculous because...people like them more...? That's...hardly fair. Or logical.

It has nothing to do with how ridiculous a dragon is. There is no ridiculous dragon, actually. All are awesome. Look at it this way: There is a specific logic that applies to most dragons that enables them to fly better or to fly at all in the httyd universe.. And this logic cannot be applied to the Thunderpede because it does not look like a generic dragon in the franchise. Hence why people ask how it can fly. Not because it looks ridiculous. It is simply different.


Logic, to me, is fun when it's used equally across the board.

Even logic cannot be used universally. It cannot be applied equally either. It not only bends across franchises but also within our own world. And that is okay.

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All the dragons in HTTYD are extremely diverse. I fail to see how the Thunderpede is not subject to the same rules as every dragon in that universe.


Please stop accusing me of telling people not to think scientifically about dragons. I didn't. I expressed an exasperation with pulling the Thunderpede out specifically for the reason I stated above. If I had a problem with scientific thought, you would think I would have "snapped" about the actual thread topic. If you have a problem with how I expressed my exasperation, fine, but it is not addressing what you keep saying it is addressing. I'm not telling people not to eat cake; I'm expressing exasperation at people acting like cake isn't a form of fattening sugar just like cookies and candy. Whether or not you want to fatten or thin is up to you.

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-insert subject here-

Okay, let's see:

  1. Relative to its body, it has a small wing size, hence why people ask how it can fly. Other dragons that have a small wing size compensate with extremely fast flapping. Thunderpede does not. And Thunderpede -due to its unique body structure- has an even smaller wing compared to its body size than any other dragon that flies in the franchise.
  2. Its spine curves in a way other dragons' do not. It seems like it has trouble maintaining a proper position for flight and has a far greater air resistance than any other dragon due to this.

Just a few examples why the Thunderpede is discussed here. It is completely different from all the dragons so far by body structure with a strange spine. So no, same rules might not apply to it. Not because it is ridiculous or funny looking. I actually have one and I love him.


I expressed an exasperation with pulling the Thunderpede out specifically for the reason I stated above.

And I was trying to tell you that your exasperation is unnecessary for reasons stated in my previous posts. By expressing that you have enough of people who discuss specific dragons because of their different body structures and traits, you actually do seem like you want them to stop discussing it. After all, the Thunderpede's different body structure is the reason of the discussion.


Just dont overreact next time, is all. Let people discuss whatever dragon they want, however they want. If you dont like the topic, then move on.

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Icee Glacier
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Regarding Mr. Thunderpede...

((Mostly just replying because I like our little friend Mr. Thunderpede..))

Your first observation is incorrect, though. The thunderpede does flap its wings very fast. And even then, there are dragons with relatively small wing sizes that don't flap their wings as fast as, say, the thunderpede does. Such as the WDs and SDs, or catastrophic quakens. Sure, its wings are indeed small, but so are the gronckle's.

Also, the orignal comment wasn't asking how the thunderpede is able to fly. They just stated "Scientifically this guy shouldn't be able to fly." and then Whisper pointed out that none of the dragons in the series should scientifcally be able to fly. I'm pretty certain she pointed this out as only this dragon seems to be pointed out on how it 'scientifically shouldn't be able to fly' when in fact it is not very different from the other dragons on that regard, and by mentioning that they use it as a reason to rag on it. The original post wasn't asking discussion, it was stating that "scientifically, these dragons shouldn't be able to fly." to which Whisper pointed out was wrong. I think.

Just thought I'd give my two cents as I particularly love this dragon, and this doubles as a tracking post, heh. ._.


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Hi! :)

He was just an example. He seemed the most obvious to me. I definitely don't disagree that the the basic flight physics doesn't apply to any of these dragons in terms of flying.

“Dragons might ‘float’ like balloons,” theorizes Gee, “free from the constraints on shape imposed by aerodynamics.”


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Winterwind: Cookies?

Ragkt did bring up a good point, though. It was your comment I responded to and pretty blatantly. I figured you'd probably figure it was just Whisper again and even laugh at my ridiculous, but if I ever come on too strong to you, don't be afraid to tell me. If I hurt you in anyway, I am truly sorry.


Winterwind: *licks lips at cookies*

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Can we get even smaller?

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Hi! :)

I did find your ridiculousness quite amusing. I just didn't want things to turn in the wrong direction. :)


You also can take the entire batch. Just make sure WInterwind doesn't get a tummy ache. ;)

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Icee Glacier
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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

It's fine, no harsh feelings at all. I just sort of got Whisper's exasperation considering this guy is ragged on alot for his tiny wing size. But I know you never really had that intention in the first place ^^

Oh my.

Those look glorious.

I might just get halfway through and then pass-out from the chocolate overload -noms one-

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-insert subject here-

Not exactly as fast as gronckle or goncicle, which do have very small wings compared to their bodysize. WDs and SDs are an exception because of their body structure and their relative wing size is not as small as the Thunderpede's compared to its bodysize.


One cannot deny that Thunderpedes do have a completely different body structure than any other dragon. This is the only reason why it was brought up in the discussion. Because even in the httyd universe, this dragon might not be able to fly without special additional adaptations. See what the person meant? When they said 'scientifically should not be able to fly', they meant scientifically, as in 'httyd universe' scientifically and not real world scientifically.


This makes the 'none of these dragons should scientifically fly' statement false because we are looking at it from a different universe with a different science where dragons can fly.


Anyway, I stop now. I just wanted to stop people from calling others out for discussing a completely harmless topic.

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Icee Glacier
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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

It's fine, I just wanted to discuss Mr. Thunderpede. I do agree that it has probably the oddest bone structure of all the httyd dragons, which does make it seem lik an odd candidate for flight. Personally, it looks like it could've been fine if it were a wingless dragon. However it is, and it flies in the httyd universe, so I guess we just have to theorize how.

I like the flight-bladder theory mentioned below, and the Thunderpede is a pretty good candidate to test this theory on. And it is a perfectly plausible thing to exsist (as fish in our universe have a similar air bladder) and, considering WDs have rotating razor-blade teeth I'd say anything is plausible for these guys. It could explain why they look so poofy in SoD xP

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It is interesting that you mention fish have a similar air bladder. Perhaps Tidal Class dragons use this flight-bladder both for flight and for buoyancy in water?

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Icee Glacier
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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

That would make sense! It could also solve the question whether sea-shockers can fly or not (Well, you'd be stretching it there. At least most dragons have fairly flight-worhty appenages, these guys have those blubbery manta-wings which would probably be a hinderance in flight)

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-insert subject here-

The fins seem to be too thick for flight. Perhaps they do carry enough strength to jump out of the water and maybe glide for short periods of time (like the flying fish but those guys have a thin modified fin).


Edit: So, according to the wiki, they are able to fly but are weak fliers. Although, I am not sure how they would be able to pull this off with their fins. Those dont seem to be thin enough for flight but I can see them being able to glide when trapping air beneath them.

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-insert subject here-

There are lots of things that dont seem to make sense even in our world. Like how in the name of the seven seas could dinosaurs like Apatosaurus even exist with them being so huge.

Yet we always find the answers.


The answer is:

  1. Hollowed bones. They make the dragon lighter and enable him to fly, even if he seems to be too heavy. The structure inside still makes the bone stable and strong, so it does not crush under the weight of its owner.
  2. Skeleton structure. Some animals look fat and heavy but in truth, they are lighter than they seem because of their structure.

All in all, that dragon looks heavy but it might possess a number of traits (hollowed bone, special skeleton structure, air sacks, etc.) that might aid its flying. Perhaps the gravity itself isnt as strong in httyd universe.

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Flight Bladder, Maybe?

Interesting ideas. The hallows bones certainly makes sense.


In Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real, a fake-documentary, it stated that dragons might use something they called a "flight bladder," a large organ that stored hydrogen gas to give the dragon more lift (since hydrogen guess). Maybe the HTTYD dragons have something similar?

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-insert subject here-

That could be a possibility as well. I imagine they could produce hydrogen anyway because that might be one way for them to breath fire, so why not use hydrogen in sacks inside the hollow bones to make them lighter?


When I watched a documentary about gigantic dinosaurs, they said that they found evidence that dinosaurs had air sacks in their bones as well.  his made them considerably lighter already, enabling dinosaurs, like Apatosaurus, to walk on land. So according to this, even if it isnt hydrogen, simple air could make them a lot lighter as well.

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I Like!

Very interesting. I especially like the "how," as I always found that a little hard to grasp.


The "why" actually has been answered by the franchise, though. Apparently Night Furies have the ability to retract teeth so that they can protect them from their heated, explosive plasma blast. Applying animal behavioral rules and evolutionary thought, perhaps they developed this trait for that reason and then started using their teeth for social communications after developing the trait, with retracted teeth being a friendly sign and exposed teeth being a threatening sign. Sometimes traits evolve in lineages before the animal exhibited a behavior that trait is used for, so the use of the retracting teeth in social communication may have come later after it had evolved as an adaptation to plasma blasting.

Wutend Bonfire
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I didn't know about the whole

I didn't know about the whole 'protect from plasma' bit, but it makes sense. However, I don't think we've ever seen his retract his teeth while firing.

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Well, that's what DreamWorks

Well, that's what DreamWorks themselves claim. Take it up with them.

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Hi! :)

I'd see why Bonfire would find that interesting.

<---He's about to fire in this photo (Maybe he retracts them in the split second before? I don't really know just a theory.)

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I Know

No, I get it. I find it interesting, too. In fact, instances like this is why I assumed there might be some social communicaiton usage. I'm just not the person to ask about the explanation. DreamWorks is. If they answer, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

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-insert subject here-

Actually, this theory could be true. (If Dreamworks admits that they forgot about this thorough the movies)


Dreamworks have put this into httyd, like this gif shows (although his teeth are retracted before he fires):




There are scenes where one questions if that is what is happening.

Like this shot:

When Toothless fires, it is a blur, he does it so fast that one barely can catch the exact moment he 'might' retract his teeth. But after further observations, one can tell he actually does not...

Look at this frame:


His teeth are clearly not retracted.


Or this scene:


A good frame to show you:


Or the more famous scene with the Alpha where his plasma blast is far stronger than it was before:


His movement and shot was fast again but here is a good frame:

No retraction in the exact moment when the plasma leaves his mouth.


This makes me think that the only instances where Toothless shot with retracted teeth was when he already had them retracted. In any other scenes, he shoot with his teeth out.


All in all, I am convinced that Dreamworks quickly gave a reason for retractable teeth on a hurry without even looking at the movie. Or they forgot to put that little detail into it altogether.


Then again, these scenes make their own claims false.


On the other hand, it could have developed as a protection of their more fragile teeth at first in the past, which then slowly became useful in communication. Through evolution, their teeth became more robust and immune to the heat of the plasma blasts, but remained because it was necessary for communication? This way natural selection made sure this trait remained because night furies who could retract their teeth had an easier time seeming more friendly towards their kin and could find mates/create flocks.

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Teeth aside, what about their

Teeth aside, what about their gums and tongue?? They would be far more friable than the teeth to a plasma blast ... 


And of course - SCIENCE RULES!!


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-insert subject here-

Something tells me the secret is their saliva -which might have developed to be heat/cold/electricity resistant- or a protective layer of special mucous membrane in their mouth and throat.


I'd tip on the membrane because apparently dragon saliva is flammable. But different dragons might have a different way to deal with it.

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That's a pretty logical and

That's a pretty logical and scientific theory. I LOVE SCIENCE! 

I never actually thought about it though. 


I think that another use would be to appear friendlier to other dragons, and to nurture their young more tenderly. 



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But you know what I've found

But you know what I've found weird (and kinda funny)? 

The fact that toothless has "plasma blast", but fire itself IS plasma. 

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-insert subject here-

Yes, fire is plasma but not a strong one.

I can imagine plasma blast is far hotter and does more damage than a fire blast.

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Yep, I bet it does do more

Yep, I bet it does do more damage! x3 Cause its when the gas particles become electrically charged! Which is the fourth dtage of matter! I know you probably knew this already but I just find it so freaking awesome! XD


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History: Vamp was glad that fall had finally came around, and she started to adventure in a forest that she had never been in before, and heard growling and purring coming from what sounded like a dragon. She grew curious and got closer to the sound, and found out that it was indeed a dragon rolling around in the leaves. "Aweee." Vamp said and laughed a little admiring how much fun this dragon was having. The dragons eyes then popped open, looking over to Vamp wondering if it should consider her a threat. The dragon jumped up and Vamp took a deep breath, calming herself and standing her ground. Vamp has never been afraid of dragons, and she looked at every detail that covered the dragon as it got closer to her. The dragon then stopped for a second and tilted its head wondering why the viking before it wasn't afraid, since it had never had that type of reaction from a viking before. It then continued to get closer and still, the viking stuck her ground. Vamp then held her hand up to see if the dragon trusts her enough, and showed her trust in it as she did that. Ever since then they have been helping the dragon riders take down the dragon hunters, making sure that there will be no trace of them in the future.

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Typical of me to miss a comment xD

I find it awesome too!
To those of you who don't know, plasma makes up 99% of the universe!
I'm sure it would. I mean, if it's called plasma blast, it's probably much more charged than a regular flame.

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Right. That makes sense.

Right. That makes sense.

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Nice theory!


Still, I'm a bit confused as to how strong his jaws/bite are. Definitely not as strong as dragons' with normal teeth. Still, it's just a trivial thing, and I don't ever think it was intended to make sense anyway :þ


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-insert subject here-

It is pretty confusing.


I can imagine sharp teeth would be used for  gripping and slicing flesh in their prey. Usually, the jaw strength isnt all that big here, since the point is to slice. It does not need such power.


Dull teeth in dragons could be developed as bone-crushing tools. They cannot slice or cut into flesh but they do seem to be robust, so instead of cutting flesh, they might kill their prey by crushing them in their jaws. This indicates towards a very strong bite. However... The problem with a night fury is that the teeth can be retracted, so some muscles must be involved in the process. I wonder if these muscles would be strong enough to endure a strong bite or not.


Unless.... Instead of individual teeth.... the bones that house the teeth themselves are moved up and down. That would give more support and make the bite more stable.