School of Dragons Verion 2.0.0

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I'm going to give ideas on how to upgrade the overall gameplay. If done and applied to the game, this new gameplay will revolutionise the way we play school of dragons.

-1- Active useable signature abilities and moves. The new gameplay will have a special button/special key, where the player can select the ability they want to use, and press a button to activate it.

This button could add some really cool features if applied to the game. Features could include:

a) The player could have the option to use some actions such as:

   Lying down

  Crawling on the floor


  Throwing a monstrous nightmare gel sword or an axe, or the gronckle iron crossbow at a fire to light it or a sheep target in flight club

b) The player having the option to hide behind or underneath their changewing, and the changewing turning invisible/camouflage, hiding the player behind it.

This could also temporarily slow down the rate at which enemy ships fire at this player as they are harder to see


c)Skrills having the option to summon lightning when there is a storm to recharge their shots or give them extra damage.


d) Tidal Class dragons having the ability to swim faster than normal dragons or the ability to swim underwater with their rider. There could even be a small chance of the aquatic dragon swimming around the player, with a rare chance to catch fish as a little cherry to top that


e)Night Furies have the option to select and choose what kind of plasma blast they want to use:

Single shot will have the normal single fire and recharge mode as used per normal

Mulitiple blast will fire 6 weaker shots quickly at the target

Charged Shot will have to be held to charge the plasma blasts, the blast does more damage if held longer max damage being 30 but takes longer to recharge


f)Some strong dragons will have the option to attack the target by charging or tackling them, temporarily disarming the target.

   Rumblehorns will be able to charge at the target by holding the button after selecting 'charge' from the abilities selection


g) Speed Stingers will have the option to 'charge and sting' individual enemies on board the attacking ships, temporarily disarming them. Titan speed stingers will have the ability to run on water but only works when they are moving fast enough


h) Players will have the option to choose what kind of shot they fire. Other attackers could include the dragon hunters, whose boats have a rare chance of being made of dragon-proof metal. Then the only way to destroy it are to fire at the individual hunters on the ships, but only with non-lethal shots, e.g: Skrills and flightmare's shots can temporarily disable the enemies


i) Stoker class dragons will have the option to breathe fire in jets of flame, applying damage over time. Shots decrease slowly, by does slightly less damage per shot. This would be cool to see with a Typhoomerang as they breathe a huge hurricane of fire at the ship and would just generally look awesome. The size of the hurricane is dependant on the dragon's level



2) In the enemy ship events there can be a rare chance for a larger dragon hunter ship to invade trying to kidnap a dragon. A mystery box is given for the people who do the most damage to the dragon proof cage and try to break it open and free the dragon


3)Slight improvements could be made to make managing clans easier. The Clan Leader will have the option to check the player's profile and see when they were last active. This will make it easier and more convenient for players to see who is active or inactive












​Leader of Asgardians of Alpha

We carry on the Legacy of The

Alpha Falcon Riders. But here, we

take it even further. We strive, we

commit, we dedicate to be the best.

Competition and team spirit is

everything here.




​- Leader of the Alpha Falcon Riders


​and the Alpha Falcon Clan Tree :


​Loyalty. Freedom. Family.


​O​ur Clans are for the boldest and most loyal of the men and women in the archipelago and beyond.

​We don't need your trophies (but obviously it's good to know you're active). We need your spirit, we need your loyalty, we need what makes you unique.


Nightstrike the Titan Nightmare

​Nightstrike was my First Dragon on School of Dragons


​Born: 30th March 2013


Since he's the oldest he has a tendancy to consider

himself the boss of the lot. He's the bravest and

most courageous Monsterous Nightmare, and

reached his Titan stage at the age of 5 (25 in dragon


He stands as Leading Ambassador for the

Alpha Falcon Titans. He is surprisingly intelligent for

his... fire-first-ask-questions-later species of

Nightmare, and can communicate well with any

other dragons.


Posiedon the Thunderdrum

Poseidon's #1 passion is for ruling the sea,

whether in the air to the depths of the ocean. A

boisterous giant, he makes it clear that this is his

territory, and does not tolerate a single Dragon

Hunter ship unaccounted for.


Gemshard the Whispering Death

Gemshard was rescued from the cave incident

set up by Alvin the Treacherous, and raised in

good care. Interestingly, unlike his spiny hostile

brothers, gemshard's spines consisted of a hard,

crystillic substance, hence his name, which leads us to believe

that one of his ancestors may have been a

Crystal Sand Wraith, which puts a whole new

perspective on dragon heratage


Apophis the Whispering Death


​Apophis, surprisingly seemed to be the literal

personification of what a wild Whispering Death

was... and more! Apophis grew up to be

incredibly sneeky, and took pride and pleasure in

causing havok, (I'm honestly not surprised he got

along with the twins- that is, until he destroyed

their Monstrous Nightmare Gel Bombs), and hard

at hearing to anyone except for me. He does get

along with Barf and Belch though. His name

came tohim when I noticed he took a keen

interest in Hyroglyphic paintings in the Egyptian

primordail snake of Chaos, and somehow seemed

to enjoy learning bedtime stories about him...


Spark and Ember the Zippleback

​Spark and Ember... those strange two. Spark and Ember seem to posess different genders of personality... Which is strange considering both heads protrude from the same body... Anyhow, their favourite hobbies include testing who can make the biggest Zippleback explosion. They also try to be the fastest they can, even though Stormflash can easily beat them without breaking a sweat


Stormflash the Champion Racing



​Stormflash is the most competetive Skrill I've

ever met. He is incredibly smart, showing an

ability to understand event the most

sophisticated vocabulary (hey, I read tales of the

Norse Gods, and he understood it just fine). On

those days where we all get a little tired he

even outsmarts me. One time for Loki Day he hid

behind a bush while I looked for him, and he sat

there throwing chickens at me. It was awesome.

Feathers Galore!

When he was a newborn baby I showed him to

Hiccup, and during a long and nerdy conversation

he snuck into Hiccup's Room and tried on one of

Toothless's tails... Obviously it was way too big

for him and he didn't need it anyway, but if I've

learnt anything from my Champion Skrill, it's

that anyone, even a dragon, can dream big!



Discovery is constantly curious about what

happens to the world outside her nest. Although

she's just a baby, she has already flown solo to

the Edge and back- obviously not the Twins' fault

*Ahem; and unintentionally stolen a

boneknapper egg so she could study it. (Had fun

putting that one back I might say)

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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

I LOVE EM ALL (ESPECIALLY THE TIDAL CLASS ONE OML) great job coming up with the ideas! I have to

admit this is a long list and if the producers choose to put some of these in the game, it'll take time

but it'll be worth the wait. I hope they use some of these.



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