School of Dragons review video?

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 I stopped playing a while back because I found the game too boring. Has anyone else watched this video yet? Do you agree or disagree with what his criticisms? I'm just curious as to why current players still get on this game at all.


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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

I couldn't even watch the video all the way.


I disagree with what he's saying. I think that the controls are reactive, the flying is smooth, and yes, the flight controls may of originally be meant for mobile, but he was playing the Steam version, which didn't get as much love from the devs as the one you can get from the SoD website.


Yes, the devs have made some 'questionable' choices, but I'm not going to let that one nitpick stand in my way of loving SoD. He can have his own opinions, and so can I, so I respect him with his thoughts on the game, but I'm not going to let it change my thoughts on SoD.


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Hello there! :3

That was a very well thought out reply. Like what you like. :)

I disagree with you on the flying being smoothed as some animations from other dragons with older models still tends to be choppy or glitchy.

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I honestly don't watch youtube videos about SoD, because I don't really care about people's opinions about it.

Updates? I can go check it myself.

New dragons or features? I'd rather check the forums. Much more fun to see the drama that comes along xD

A dragon I've been planning to own? Maybe a quick peek to help me decide, but that's about it.



So the first part, he complains about the controls. I kinda find it weird, because mine works pretty well.  Not laggy at all. Maybe it's more of a problem on his end?


Okay so I just kinda skipped around.

I'm not willing to watch 37 minutes of someone who just started playing the game, talk about a game I've been playing for a year. I'm sure many people would agree with their criticisms, but I disagree with their "Worst MMO ever" for their thumbnail icon title. Not the best game that I've played, but not deserving the "worst" either.



I like dragons, I like flying around, and I have simple pleasures in life.

I enjoy working for my dragons, the grind seems reasonable (once you've gain know-hows thanks to the people here), and this game seems easy enough to understand.


Why do I still get on this game? Because I haven't collected all the dragons yet XD

And it gets my mind off real life problems. It's a nice casual game for someone who wants to do something when they're bored.


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Hello there! :3

I can understand how it's not the worst since I played for two years before finally deciding to move on. But yes this game does seem to work as a past time. Collecting all the dragons is hard work and money so good for you on that. :)

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I mean, has he not made friends on here? XDDD. And has he not done TRR? I get DT from a gamers perspective, the dodge is just bad. Everything else works well. Also, watch some racers do races and boost and go freakin insane on their opponents, and then tell me that the controls are trash. I get on for my friends and TRR mostly. Once you do the quests and 30% of battles are glitched and from half of them if you win, you get gold, the game stops being as fun. Also, with lots of homework, all I can really do is a couple races or something.


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Hello there! :3


I mean it's hard to make friends with the chat being really restricted these days and sometimes the game is glitchy overall. Maybe if he did TRR he'd have a better review? Or maybe he'd get bored of doing the same loops over and over again? (game developers really need to add more to races and make quests harder) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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John Strafe Hayes... I know

John Strafe Hayes... I know the guy. I used to have him on my subscriptions up until a few months back (due to a sub cleanup). As far as I remember, he plays a ton of MMORPGs and quite a few of them that he likes have more in-depth mechanics and whatnot, so I do understand why his feedback wasn't so... pleasant. Having remembered that his channel exists, I watched the SoD review for as long as my patience allowed me to (to see if the game changed at all from 2013-2014 as well).


Well, I both agree and disagree with the video, for a lack of better word.

I'm slightly put off by some of his nitpicks, like the cursor speed/sensitivity. I'm not sure most children would care?

This game does have some issues design-wise (the aforementioned "accessibility" options, for instance). Besides that, it's also certain bugs or models obscuring some visible assets (like no quest arrow, which happened to me very often and in most quests). From a more technical standpoint, though, I understand since the game runs on Unity, which is a pain in the censored to work with. I've tried games on the same engine and all of them share some of the same problems, such as camera steering in one direction seamlessly but not the other. (at least fwiw)

I'll say one thing, though. I do understand his gripe with the controls, seeing as other MMOs (to my knowledge and his) have usually different keybinds assigned to certain functions. But if you take into consideration the number of things you can do whilst controlling a character or opening tabs -in a simpler game such as this one- I think you can make do with them just fine. What more he expected out of them is beyond me.

There's one tiny thing I have been pleading for so long. Add an option to change the blasted keybinds! What if someone's keyboard has one key loose to the point it's useless? They may not be able to use it anymore. That's a problem.


Now, the paywalls.

I sure didn't feel welcome as a free player anymore when I realized that the game is now teeming with gem buttons everywhere. I quit around 2015, mind you, so maybe these were gradual changes. They need to make their money, that goes without saying, but some pricings in the store are ridiculous, and so are the discounts, sometimes. 20% off for X expansion pack, seriously? You still have to pay the same amount of money to get it. At least, that's what I've seen once or twice. That's subject to change.

Provided that there are ways to earn the gems for free with a bit of work, though, I think it's okay. I hope there are clean methods, at least.


Sound design and some of the animations and even clipping is atrocious at times for sure, and it'd be nice if there were some kind of overhaul in the near future. (That is, if they began listening to feedback for once...)


Well, that's all I can say about what I just watched. I'm a very old player, and I might give the game another shot sometime later, but I have to say that despite all the flaws I've seen, I wouldn't say SoD is a bad game in a certain retrospect.


Sorry for the long post (and the bad english). Don't bully me, please? ^^;






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Hello there! :3

Hello fellow old player! :D

Good for you on your patience with this long video. I only put it up to see if anyone knew about these types of criticisms the game gets. I had the same feelings too although not everyone will agree with me. But I really like seeing both sides of the argument. Feedback is something I hope will be a thing for this game in the future (then maybe I'll consider coming back).



(You are good. I would never bully anyone for issues with learning a language especially when it is written very well. :)

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Hello! :)Dear Thor, this

Hello! :)

Oh Thor almighty, this video was pretty long indeed, and I just managed to watch the last 5 minutes of it. Frankly, it's not the first time I've heard of such nitpicks here, but the uploader was probably a bit too harsh on this one. Needless to say, it was... tiring and biased? I mean, okay, you don't like X and Y, but why would you call it a "ripoff movie out of 10"? Why do you suddenly loathe the fact that an universal flaw exists on SoD too, among other "good" (in his words) MMORPGs. I think he tried too h.ard on this review.

I may have grudges with how the game is managed, sure, but even I admit that it remains faithful to HTTYD for a whopping 7 years. And I'm glad that others find it fun, really. Personal enjoyment is key.

I hope so too, but taking JS and the small team focused on SoD into account, perhaps they'll struggle to even prove that they're listening to the community. In fact, they could be listening even just a bit, but some of the playerbase may be disfiguring their words and inconsciously invite others into a bandwagon. That's just how I see it thus far, though.


(Thank you, that means a lot to me! ^-^)


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  I refuse to watch the video. I've been a player since 2016, that was when I made my account (I probably played earlier than that but I was on guest vikings and my progress didn't save). The game is still amazing in my opinion. I take screenshots and I fly on my dragons. It's a nice get away from real life. The graphics might not be stunning or the game mechanics perfect but it works. The dragons are great and I over-all love the game. It's been a great experience other than the ups and downs I've dealt with. The problems get fixed. I see nothing wrong with the game.




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Hello there! :3

I like how your argument is short, simple, and to the point. I have fond memories of this game too even though I'm no longer playing it. For me, it was the nostalgia from the movies and shows that made this game so interesting to play for 2 years. It does indeed pass the time when one is bored. :)

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He was just nitpicking everything, I swear. Coming from someone who's played SoD for 3 1/2 years, the game isn't even that bad. Sure, there a lot of glitches and the devs come up with... interesting things, but I guess my opinion is a little biased because I'm rather fond of this game. Plus, he was only playing for like, a day. 


To be completely honest, I would've loved to see his reaction in TRR against veteran racers who actually know what they're doing or triple boosters. 




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Hello there! :3

Haha well, that was kind of the point. It was the first video I saw that has ever seriously nitpicked SOD that much. And I can see a lot a people pointed out he didn't even do TRR which is a fair point since it could've swayed his view a bit or been less harsh in his criticism. I'm an old player too but still have much nostalgia towards the game. It just doesn't peak my interest like it used to. :)

Also what do you mean by "interesting things the devs come up with"?

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*pops in* ahh hello there! What I'm about to say is strictly my opinion, I already know people will disagree with me since I'm about to say something that goes against what most people here are saying. But, I respect your opinions and thoughts, I'm not saying this to hate on anyone and I'm only saying it to express my own thoughts and opinions <3


I actually have to agree with some of this. The controls were always a tad hard for me to get the hang of, especially trying to land your dragon. And I sadly fell into the trap of spending to much money on the game at first, I know most people will say you can play free and it's easy to make gems but when I first started playing I was a gullible kid who didn't know that. I just saw cool stuff with a price tag and thought that was the only way to acquire it. Now, I suppose that's not the devs fault because I was generally not the smartest when I was younger. But at the same time the game is targeted at a younger audience and if some of the people playing were the same age as me when I started they might have the same issue. 


And I admit I did end up growing bored of it, as I stopped finding new things to do. I played every dragon tactics level, I grew bored of TRR, and sadly the game hasn't updated us with some new quests in awhile. The only thing I could do was fly around islands and that grew tiresome fast. 


And those were my thoughts on SoD, and a handful of the reasons I quit. If you disagree with what I said that's TOTALLY fine, we all have different opinions. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day :D



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Hello there! :3

Well-stated. It does seem to be an unpopular opinion to have.


There are also apps like dragon city that are fun to play or riders of icarus that I highly recommend for free. Also games on steam are very good. :)

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To be honest, I didn't even watch the video.  All the people who are like that just bug me.  I mean, I don't understand why someone would download a game, play it for an hour, and then criticize it for another hour.  If he doesn't like it, then don't play it!  I personally love SoD.  Although the quests slip by too fast, you can always just explore, play minigames, or make a new character.  And if you get bored, you leave.  It's just a game.


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So I watched the video, and I found it to be a decent breakdown of the technical problems of the current version of School of Dragons. But I don't think the method of analysis was always fair throughout the video.


I've had my account since 2013, and I've played on and off across the years. I've mostly had fun, though also a lot of frustration. And I guess my answer to you, as to why players still play this game...well, I'm a huge HTTYD fan and this is the best place to have a game where you have your own HTTYD dragons. I like having all the dragons and giving them fun names and coming up with OCs, and I use this game as part of it. But I have taken breaks from the game because it is not all that engaging otherwise. I think my longest break was a year and a half?


But this reviewer, Josh Hayes, is reviewing the game as someone new entering during 2020 on a free account, and...I hate to say it, but I thought he was mostly accurate to that experience. I recently created a new Viking and have been using that as my main Viking most of the year, and yeah, the new player experience in this game is not good. Many of the older quests and older storylines are broken or just don't line up very well, the controls and graphics are archaic, and the game isn't very clear about how to do basic things like gather resources and grow your dragon. If I wasn't a veteran player, it would be a bit of a nightmare...a very confusing and somewhat boring nightmare. And the paywalls have gotten worse than they used to be. You used to only got expansion quests if you bought the expansion packs, but now it's possible to get lured into storylines before you get ambushed by a paywall. Very predatory for a children's game. My apologies to all the hard-working people involved in making SoD and putting in real effort, but clearly this game is a quick franchise cash-in that became a victim of low budget or bad management or poor company oversight or a combination there-of, and that got worse the longer it ran. And that hurts, because I have had fun with it and it could have been so much better with proper care.


That being said, I don't think Josh Hayes was fair in how he analyzed the experience of questing or the game's storyline. Once he discovered that acquiring new quests replaces your current quest even if you haven't finished it, he still continued to acquire new quests without finishing old ones. The game made it pretty clear that that was not how it was intended to be played. And also, if you do that, you're probably not doing the quests in a linear way, which would mean the storyline would make even less sense than it already did. It seemed like rather than trying to play the game as intended or make it work despite its flaws, Hayes was trying to break the game to support his thesis that there was nothing worthwhile about it. I can't trust a review of the game's storyline or quest process from someone who treats the game that way. In order to be able to make an honest assessment of the quests and storyline, you need to make an honest effort to actually perform them. I do think the storyline of some of the "free" quests is questionable, but I can't say I learned that from this video. Because of that, I can't say this vid makes me want to be a Josh Strife Hayes subscriber.



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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I concur.  I first started playing in the middle of last Dreadfall, then my device broke and I just joined back in this Thawfest.  It was very confusing at first, but I figured it out in just a few months.  It really irks me how that guy just skipped around the game and announced that everything in it is stupid.  He only saw part of it, what right does he have to judge the rest of the game by it!?

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I feel the same way. The

I feel the same way.

The presentation of the technical problems was concise. That's just it.

What's ironic is that a lot of reviews I've watched (usually bashing on a game) are constantly supported by the pull of an "I'll play contrary to how I'm supposed to be playing" card. But you, with no prior knowledge of the game, usually end up agreeing because you are just as confused. It's risky if you've been exposed to said game's community, though.

Then again, I never expected reviewers to be fair with media that comes off as bad to them. That's how it is.

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Flare ate my subject and Eclipse ate my lunch

I agree. When I was new, I was confused by EVERYTHING. I had a Shockjaw (later a Sand Wraith when I started my own account) and landing was a nightmare. I was puzzled and a bit upset about the whole membership thing. However, I do agree that Josh Hayes was trying to break the game. I think that he wanted to break the game for some reason.



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Hello there! :3

Wow, I love how well you analyzed the video. I stopped paying actually because the payment would no longer accept my card even though it was valid. I contacted the company and they couldn't do anything. Making my account with all my dragons unplayable via the pay wall (this is one reason among the billions of others of why I quit).


I can see why this would be an unfair way to play if you're trying to purposefully sabotage the game in order to say it's unplayable. I'd say it's an old 2000s game like Wild Skies except it has yet to reach its end point and it really needs to listen to the feedback from its players.


All in all, I really like how you looked it from both sides and made your own stance on the topic.