School of Dragons Now Available in Spanish and Portuguese!

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To better improve the gameplay experience of players around the world, we have officially launched a Spanish and Portuguese version of SoD! Before you load into the game, choose your language by selecting the respective flag icon at the top of your screen. Then, you can embark on your adventures in your hometown language!  

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Give it this soon in german? Wishes Ohnezahn15




                                          VƖKƖƝG ƝAMЄ: ӇƖƇKSƊЄƦӇUƝЄ

                                          FƦƖЄƝƊ ƇOƊЄ: 3ӇFƳX
                                          ƇLAƝ: BЄƦK AƇAƊЄMƳ ƦЄƬUƦƝЄƊ

                                          Dragons: Toothless - Night Fury

                                                        Ohnezahn - Nadder

                                                        Freyja - Thunderdrum

                                                        Scauly - Scauldron

                                                        Thunder - Skrill 

Berk Academy Returned


                                                        banner made by me




                                             banner made by NightFuryLover


We are ready for any challenge with our flight suits on and our dragons ready.
We eagerly go headfirst into the Fireball Frenzy & the Thunder Run. We learn about SoD and Dragons themselves, because Knowledge is the key! So grab your saddle, put on your gear, and take flight with us in the...
Berk Academy Returned !!!





                                      gifs made by Joandra