Scavenger hunt question (possibly spoilers)

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Hey everyone,


I have a question about the scavenger hunt. I found both the first and the second piece after searching together with someone else for a long time. I don’t understand how the first clue had anything to do with the location of the first piece. The second clue said something about green hills being only the backdrop and something about the cliffs. I understand those parts, but i don’t understand the part about the weapons never finding peace and the part about the knife and the part about the sword being forged in the heart of dragons. Could someone please explain it to me?


many thanks!



(Also sorry for bad English)


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The cliffs and green hills or w/e hint was silly as the backdrop of the chest wasn't really either of those. heehee. I checked the specific island because of the hints and was specifically looking for spots that had a backdrop as described, only to find out that it wasn't really relevant.


I'd also like some explanations regarding the hints. I just can't find a correlation between the hints and the locations unless I apply some really, REALLY far-fetched thinking in hindsight.


smartypants' better explain!! or I'll shove u into a locker.


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If you need subject, i think Shadow ate it so.......

“...and forget in the heart of dragons” this part could be about the key in the Hobblegrunt nest (the nest is heart of dragons). But i didnt really get it with “a weapon can never know a peace” and “tip of the knife”



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A sword can only be found at

A sword can only be found at the tip of the knife; I think the knife is the seastack where we found the chest and the sword is what we are trying to find.

Forged in the heart of dragons; To open the chest you need to go to a hobblegrunt island but this also means that the chest is in an island that has dragons

Now about the a weapon can never know peace I think it means that even though the sword has not been used for a long time, a lot of people are still trying to find it


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But the chest wasn't at the tip of the stack, or even close to it, right? Otherwise it would indeed make more sense.

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Yeah but it was on a stack XD

Yeah but it was on a stack XD

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But I would never have guessed 'some rocky plateau' to be this 'knife tip', but maybe I'm just looking into too literally.