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Hello everyone!
Welcome to my art dump!


This is just my personal little art dump thread- there's some HTTYD art, but most of it is random, non- HTTYD related scribbles.

Whenever I draw something I'll try to post it here!




For inquiries about art requests:
No, I don't take requests. Sorry guys and/or gals, but my time and effort is worth more than "free".



For inquiries about art trades:

Possibly. It really depends on whether I like your style or not.



We're going to kick things off with a doodle of my 100% favorite babe, Foxglove!
She's my HTTYD fan character!



I totally ship her with Tuffnut.
TuffGlove forever!









Amazing and beautiful doodle of Grimveil, by the talented Vanilia Viking!



100% perfect picture of Foxglove, by the beautiful donnala!




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Next up, a little doodle of the Crystal Gems!



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A few cute & fluffy things!



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This beautiful man is Reaver, my favorite anti-hero from the Fable franchise.

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& this beautiful woman is Ophelia, my fan-character that I ship with my favorite anti-hero from the Fable franchise.


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My favorite tol & smol skelebros, as well as their tiny human companion ❤️


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My lovely Undertale fan character, Irbilac.
Is she really as evil as she looks?




Oh most definitely.

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Some wonderfully sketchy head-shots of Reaver, Ben Finn, & Ophelia respectively.


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My absolute favorite Mortal Kombat character, Erron Black.
Help me, he's gorgeous.



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My 2nd favorite MK character, D'vorah


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Tracking your AMAZING art! If you don't mind the question, what do you use for your artwork? 


Ruggedturf's Signature


Drawn by the awesome geekdomalways


Sandstrike is getting into the Valentine spirit! By the amazing Floofqueen




If you would like to see some of my art, click on this link:


If you would like me to do some art for you, feel free to PM me!



Avantador the Signature Protector by Werewolfgirl1253





Argdon drawings by the one-of-a-kind donnala


Argdon by the awesome AllyNadderRider (left image, also profile pic). Argdon by the gifted Snowflake (right). 



Argdon by the amazing Vanilia Viking (left). Argdon trying to fly by the talented TosiLohi (right).



Left, Argdon by the legendary Varku. Right, Argdon by the awesome Aelyras


Argdon by the artistic kimbenoso


Left, drawing of Ukjenta by the artistic Werewolfgirl1253. Right, drawing of Ukjenta by the talented Fireflash.



Ukjenta by the AMAZING donnala 


Sandstrike and Argdon by the talented Aisha Snowqueen


Argdon and Sandstrike by the gifted Laykary


Sandstrike and Argdon by the artistic donnala


Sandstrike and Argdon by the awesome Flowercrystal


Sandstrike, an edit by me


Sandstrike drawing by the awesome DatOneTrumpet




Sandstrike blinkie done by the legendary Nessie (left). Sandstrike by the talented mangopopcorn (right).


Sandstrike, done by the talented donnala (left).                         Sandstrike by the gifted FloofQueen (right). 


Sandstrike in chibi form, made by the awesome 1flower (left). Chibi Sandstrike made by the crazy talented Vanilia Viking (right)


Sandstrike by the amazing Flowercrystal


Sandstrike by the awesome Archery and Dragons


Vespa (left), and a blushing Sandstrike (right) by the crazy-talented Archery and Dragons

Vespa the Triple Stryke, made by the gifted donnala (left). Vespa by the legendary Megaboltpheonix (right).


Vespa by the talented Laykary


Vespa by the amazing grumpyforlife2


An ADORABLE chibi of Vespa by the awesome Vanilia Viking


Wintertide by the legendary Witcherforever

Prismarc the Splinterhorn, by the gifted Flowercrystal


Cealum the Griptuk, made by the talented Bavelly 


Oaken the Signal Fire, by the gifted donnala


Stonestalker the Armorhead, made by the awesome FloofQueen

Seafoam the Spongeret, an adoptable by Flowercrystal



My dog, Benji, done by the talented ScaleFeatherz


Soilmuncher the Gronkle, done by the wonderful Cinderflower


The "Twins," Grumble and Rumble, made by the gifted donnala.


Darsmeglen the Peephole by Jada


By the incredible Fleetwing

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Thank you so much! I currently use a small Bamboo create tablet I got for Christmas like 7 years ago and GIMP because I'm too cheap to buy a reputable drawing program :P

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le bloop

Dis some good edgy man

so edgy

I can even touch them

(I love your art)


 (Please, just call me Red, or RedWind. No need to add 123 on)

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by Pixle(check her out HERE)

by TosiLohi

by Aelyras

Indom made by Stiger!

by Ally Kay


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~You're Late

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~“Three minutes and twenty seconds, really? If you were my agents, it wouldn’t be for long.”

~My subconscious is about as subtle as Captain America on the Forth of July 

~Is it business, or personal? ‘Cause personal? Bad for business.

~Why are you calling me?

~I didn't want to shout.

Proud Romanogers Shipper!

~Who said I was going to arrest you?


Proud Black Widow Fan!

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~You know the rules: no cockroaches or crying babies

Art made by others:

by Silence

by GreenFire

by Misty Night

 by Zero the Ruthless


Stamps and other things:

thanks Wutend Bonfire

thanks ScarfyWings


thanks ChanBae

thanks TosiLohi

Awesome Natasha made by Valoris620

Great Hat you got there Nat~By 1flower

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Indominus Rex wishes you farewell!


thanks Immortal 

thanks Greenfire

I do edits for book covers!

Examples of my work:

Link to requests are HERE

Personal soundtrack list HERE

(Some of the songs have vulgar words so please tred carfully)

(Also I know I listen to trash music but I like trash music :3)



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This is so awesome, Im definately going to start tracking this.


WORK IN PROGRESS! Still working on making my signature super cool. See Credits at the bottom of my signature.

Sorry its a little cluttered. But for now...






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Credits! (lited in order of apperance)
 - Licence & sketch (by AllyNAdderRider)
 - Quater finals banner (by Silence)
 - Swift Champions banner (by Izzy Sparrow)
 - Swift Champions member banner (by Stiger23)
 - Shadow banner (by OwlsBane)
 - Award (by TheMasterPlan47)
 - Add Gem Pin (by Nessie)
 - Chat Noir, Lady Wifi, and Ladybug decal (by Unkown)
 - Aria The Scarlet Ammo,Your Lie In April, Nodame Cantabile,
     Ouran High Host Club, Free!, Orange, A Lull in the Sea,
     Special A, Maid-sama!, and ToraDora (by Greenmapple17)
 - Fairy Tail, Yuri on Ice, and Kids on the Slope by (Unknown)
 - Cat Pic below was meme-ed by me.
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Doot Doot

Tracking... Your art is beautiful as heaven. :3


- Welcome to FIREFLASH'S Signature: 


( Warning... Long Signature ahead while working in process ._.) 


Links about my Deivantart, Request Thread, and Art Gallery stuffs Thingy: 

( Check out my drawings if you want to! ^ ^ ) 


Deivantart I Drawing Request Art Thread I My Art Thread Gallery and Stuffs



( Drawing made by me! ^ ^ )


Main Dragons: 

Fiery ( Female Deadly Nadder )

Moonlight Sand ( Male Sandwraith )

Flame ( Monsterous Nightmare ) 

Lighting Strike ( Skrill )


( Fiery nadder bouncie made by Rae Didgeridoo ) 



( Lighting strike skrill bouncie made by Reiraku )



My Oc. Drawings drawn by me ^ ^



Yami Akuma


Akame Akuma


Me as anime oc. of my own




My Oc. as MLP


HTTYD Drawings drawn by other artists! ^ ^


( Fiery drawing drawn by Rae Didgeridoo )



( Drawn by talented Aeral ^-^! )


( Drawn by Primus04 )


( Drawn by Scorpio Kardia ) 


( Drawn by amazing chameishida! ) 





  ( Drawn by Archery and Dragons ) 





My oc. drew form other aritst ( Non-related  Httyd ) :


Yami Akame drew from TosiLohi ( Thank you! ^-^ )



 ( Drawn from DatOneTrumpet )                ( Drawn from AllyNadderRider )






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TRACKING! Your art is so cool! <3




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This siggy is guarded by Nami! Made by Witcherforever

My adorable Fluffy baby by the talented 1flower



The Resistance and my cyber Changewing, Illusive both by Megaboltphoenix









Vali and Mak

















Razzle and Dazzle










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I like totally ship Tuffrig *smiles* (XD)

OMG! I'm totally going to track this! <3

Your art is amazing!!








AMAZING Whiplash blinkie by the incredible Nessie, THANK YOU!!

 made by me! DO NOT STEAL THE ABOVE!


My viking (Sidrig):

(AMAZING piece of artwork by the one and only Pixel! Thank you so much!)

My main dragon (Toothless):
(The incredible piece of artwork is by the one and only Umbreon27! Thank you so much!)

I love HTTYD (And Toothless/Night Furies) A LOT:










My reaction when someone is talking about something that's not HTTYD (above)

OMG! TOO CUTE!! (above)


My house: Slytherin

A little about us:

Now, there are a few things you should know about Slytherin – and a few you should forget. Firstly, let’s dispel a few myths. You might have heard rumors about Slytherin house – that we’re all into the Dark Arts, and will only talk to you if your great-grandfather was a famous wizard, and rubbish like that. Well, you don’t want to believe everything you hear from competing houses. I’m not denying that we’ve produced our share of Dark wizards, but so have the other three houses – they just don’t like admitting it. And yes, we have traditionally tended to take students who come from long lines of witches and wizards, but nowadays you’ll find plenty of people in Slytherin house who have at least one Muggle parent.

Here’s a little-known fact that the other three houses don’t bring up much: Merlin was a Slytherin. Yes, Merlin himself, the most famous wizard in history! He learned all he knew in this very house! Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Merlin? Or would you rather sit at the old desk of that illustrious ex-Hufflepuff, Eglantine Puffett, inventor of the Self-Soaping Dishcloth?
I didn’t think so.

But that’s enough about what we’re not. Let’s talk about what we are, which is the coolest and edgiest house in this school. We play to win, because we care about the honor and traditions of Slytherin.

We also get respect from our fellow students. Yes, some of that respect might be tinged with fear, because of our Dark reputation, but you know what? It can be fun, having a reputation for walking on the wild side. Chuck out a few hints that you’ve got access to a whole library of curses, and see whether anyone feels like nicking your pencil case.

But we’re not bad people. We’re like our emblem, the snake: sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood.

For instance, we Slytherins look after our own – which is more than you can say for Ravenclaw. Apart from being the biggest bunch of swots you ever met, Ravenclaws are famous for clambering over each other to get good marks, whereas we Slytherins are brothers. The corridors of Hogwarts can throw up surprises for the unwary, and you’ll be glad you’ve got the Serpents on your side as you move around the school. As far as we’re concerned, once you’ve become a snake, you’re one of ours – one of the elite.

Because you know what Salazar Slytherin looked for in his chosen students? The seeds of greatness.You’ve been chosen by this house because you’ve got the potential to be great, in the true sense of the word. All right, you might see a couple of people hanging around the common room whom you might not think are destined for anything special. Well, keep that to yourself. If the Sorting Hat put them in here, there’s something great about them, and don’t you forget it.

And talking of people who aren’t destined for greatness, I haven’t mentioned the Gryffindors. Now, a lot of people say that Slytherins and Gryffindors represent two sides of the same coin. Personally, I think Gryffindors are nothing more than wannabe Slytherins. Mind you, some people say that Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor prized the same kinds of students, so perhaps we are more similar than we like to think. But that doesn’t mean that we cosy up with Gryffindors. They like beating us only slightly less than we like beating them.

A few more things you might need to know: our house ghost is the Bloody Baron. If you get on the right side of him he’ll sometimes agree to frighten people for you. Just don’t ask him how he got bloodstained; he doesn’t like it.

The password to the common room changes every fortnight. Keep an eye on the noticeboard. Never bring anyone from another house into our common room or tell them our password. No outsider has entered it for more than seven centuries.

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’m sure you’ll like our dormitories. We sleep in ancient four-posters with green silk hangings, and bedspreads embroidered with silver thread. Medieval tapestries depicting the adventures of famous Slytherins cover the walls, and silver lanterns hang from the ceilings. You’ll sleep well; it’s very soothing, listening to the lake water lapping against the windows at night.



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Could it be? The one and only Scalecakes is back? 


I absolutely love your art!



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Reborn from the Ashes~

Le Track~

Absolutely enamored by your style and work(s), I really love the texture(s) you put into the drawings; it really makes them look so much more lively! My favorite out of them all has to be Sans, Pap, and Frisk - I must say I have a bias since its Undertale which I adore, lol.


What software do you use?

I have been meaning to get decent software to work with - ever since my Corel disc became corrupted on my computer, I have been stuck with using GIMP....which is meh, but it has its quirks and very annoying issues (i.e. crashing or corrupting saved project files). 


   ::Check out my art thread:<here>:for a closer look at some of my work::

(All info regarding my art threads, status, etc. will be updated here)


*Due to a busy schedule, my adoption threads will be closed until further notice*


Currently I am Working on:

:Silver Phantom Lineart

:New Adoptable Species Lineart

:Chibi Thunderdrum (Painting Stage)


Please do not use my art without my permission, thanks.



  Want to see all my dragons? Click on the egg here -->  

 (it will guide you to my scroll)


PM me if you are interested in trading, I can breed most of my dragons.

      I am a proud member of The Phantom Lords, they have not only taught me the ways of racing but have become a second family to me. Therefore, I am dedicating this section of my signature to show my clan pride and showcase just some (of the many) amazing/beautiful clan banners made by fellow Lords & Shadows members. 


Giving Credit Where It Is Rightfully Due:

(in order as presented)

  • Clan Crests made by: Feather Fallen
  • "Once a Phantom Always a Phantom" by: Unknown/Amazonite? (if anyone knows, let me know!)
  • Phantom Lords & Shadows Celestial Banner by: Dio the Creative
  • Animated Otherwordly Phantom Lords Banner by: Aegon the Conquerer
  • Phantom Lords Rulers of the Sky made by: MaSH
  • Phantom Lord Shields (3-D) by: Diamond Racer
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Aha, thank you so much! TBH Undertale is my secret fandom that I keep hidden away bc no one can/should know that I like skeletons as much as I do. Hey now, I also use GIMP! Have for about 6 years now. I just prefer it more I suppose. I've never personally had an issue with corruption though. Strange!

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tracking because aw yeaaa



















Clicky for my FAQ!


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Art is Cool!

Your art and style is amazing; I can't wait to see more from you!


“We shall fight on the seas and ocean, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; 

we shall never surrender.”

― Winston Churchill     

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

Welcome to my signature; altough it is still in a working process, but please enjoy my sig full of everything I admire, believe, and on ocassion, completely obsess over. Also, I humbly apologize for this sig to be extremely long, but it's only because this whole thing is practically my life; if yo so wish to, take your time to go through it all, I do enjoy your company here. 


— ≈   PART ONE: Interests & Fanaticisms  — ≈♦≈ —

“No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.” 

― R.A. SalvatoreStreams of Silver


 My #1 FAVORITE animals of ALL TIME!!!!! 

(Despite they're only fantasy, but WHO CARES?!?! lol) 

“I'm not so much a dragon slayer, more a dragon annoyer -- I'm a dragon irritater.” 

― Craig Ferguson

  Other Random Stuff that I Love So Much:   

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— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

(Coming Soon)

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

(Coming Soon)

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

(Coming Soon)

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —


(Whew!) Thought I'd gone overboard!

— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

... and, just out of the blue, as well as curiosity... 

What actor would you like to see play a viking, and what would his/her dragon be?
Personally, I'd like to see... 
Also, the Bonekapper's one of my personal favorite dragon!!!
— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —
This sig getting too long for ya?
— — — ≈ ♦ ≈ — — —

—≈♦≈— PART TWO: SoD Fanart (both Mine and Other Artists) and My Viking OC —≈♦≈—

(Coming Soon!)

— ≈♦≈ —  PART THREE: My Dragons of HTTYD:SOD  — ≈♦≈ —
NOTE: Those with names on the bottom are the ones I currently OWN!!!
Name: Rocky (M)          Name: Blackbeard (M)
Name: Shadowjaw (M) ; Jaws (F)     Name: Bonehilda (F)

Name: Snowfire (M)                   Name: Marella (F) Sharkbait (M)

Name: Bud & Lou (M) ; Anna & Ella (F)          Name: Cliona (F)

Name: Tiderazor (M)          Name: Shadowstorm (M)

Name: Maleficent (F)          Name: Scorpio (M)


Name: Mysteria (F)          Name: Scorchwing (F)

Name: Pearl (F)               Name: Mary Anne (F)

Name: Nightmare (M)          Name: Sharpfang (M)

Name: Mufasa (M)          Name: Dougal (M)

— — — ⇔ More Dragons ⇔ — — — 

Name: Flotsam (M)           Name: Wolfbane (M)

                                                  Name: Sweetie Belle (F)

                                                    Name: Orion (M) ; Elsa (F) 

                                           Name: Flounder (M)

Name: Ariel (F)                                                  

Name: Basil (M)                                                  

Name: Scarlett (F)                                                  

Name: Reaper (M) Name: Kalliope (F) Name: Ghoststorm (M)  Name:        Name: Earthquake (F)

     Name: Excalibur (M)                              Name: Ares (M)                               Name: Ignatius (M)

Name:                                        Name: Leia (F)

and last, but not least... 

Name: Desert Rose (F) ; Sombra (M)

And... (pause for effect)...

Name: Desert Ray (M) ; My main and active dragon; I can't help but love him!!!

Wait... you made it to the end?

Catch ya later, then.

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Managed to get a good looking Guila out today!


Ahhh help she's so kawaii!



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^^^ Tracking ^^^


^-^ Welcome to my signature! ^-^


Please note: all intended credit goes to the original creators unless specified directly.



The Story of Oweress & Halfeye


For me it all started with a girl

who took a chance - and dared to tame



The story goes that Halfeye was right at the stage of leaving home in search of new territory to reign over. He came from Skullian Isle, a place known for it's famous skull and bones look from the air. Ruled by forests and filled with caverns, it was natural that Halfeye looked for a similar location. Berk looked like a good of a place as any, so he settled in a cove located at the northern end of the island - placed among the roots of old trees and coveting a stream and a field of dandelions. He was challenged from time to time for the spot by a couple of resident dragons, including an older Monstrous Nightmare. The fight between them was long lasting, each dragon matched in firepower and length. The Nightmare seemed to get the upper hand on more than one account, and on the last draw before Halfeye let loose claws dug into his left eye leaving him blind. In the end Halfeye kept his rights to the cove, but had to learn to cope with only seeing half the world from now on. Then came Oweress on a night when she was looking for a Flightmare. Oweress had spent the past month or so looking for dragons that matched the Night Fury, always passing up the Hobblegrunt as an option, even though the dragon matched her in every way. The girl was startled when Halfeye flew into the cove, but was intrigued by him all the same. It wasn't long before Oweress figured out what type of dragon he was, attempting to leave but being scared by a sneeze caused by a stray dandelion seed floating by. Thinking she angered him, she bolted out of there. Halfeye, being curious about the girl himself, caught her and brought her back to the cove. Oweress held her hands in defense, not wanting to be eaten, when his nose pressed to her palm as he made her calm.


The symbolic side of the story is that Oweress was always 'half blind' to the possibilities right in front of her. She always dismissed them, thinking that her mind was better than her heart. This showed in her search: the Hobblegrunt kept popping up in the book as she rushed around trying to obtain a dragon that could be her Night Fury, and yet she always skimmed over it because it wasn't the fastest or the most enduring. Then one time the Hobblegrunt forced her to look at him - and from that point on Oweress led a better life, trusting her gut first and finding paths that she soon found only the two of them knew about.




Halfeye adoptable by Dragonist Hellen