Sapphireflame & Sky

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Joined: 05/15/2014
Viking name: Sapphireflame
Dragon name: Sky (Nadder)
Clan: Snow Leopards
About me: 
For me, my dragon is the most important. it's not about being a top dragon trainer, or the most skilful farmer. For me it's actually about being the best companion to Sky, my beautiful Nadder.
I do everything with my dragon - she follows me everywhere. She watches me farm, and we do quests together. We also watch the sunset together. And more importantly, we fly together!! :) it feels amazing to soar through the sky with your best friend, and feel the simple joys of a Viking life. Though, there are still some problems like Outcasts and unknown dragon breeds still waiting to be discovered, I'm pretty happy with my home here. 
I also try socializing with other people so I can meet new friends. I love School here, and I love the isle of Berk even more. So far this has been an amazing adventure :)
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