Sand Wraith Outfit/Armor & More Suggestions

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Ok so firstly  Hello, and i hope you like my suggestions...

Secondly, this post will be devoted to the Sand Wraith Outfit / Armor, another post below will be for all my other suggestions..


Ok so getting right to it....

I have had in mind for quite a while what i wanted this outfit to look like, and thanks to a friend for helping with the idea's, i finally got round to drawing it all up.

So Introducing The Sand Wraith Outfit.....
I tried to get a combination of Sand Wraith & Sand people to really give the outfit a sandy & spikey feeling.

(ignor the 2-piece bow staff & the strap over the top, they are just weapons)

I have drawn up each part of the outfit to show exactly what i had in mind.

Part 1 - Basics  

Ok so firstly...  The Top - 
I thought about the top being something like a tank top, attached at the back are the wings (with spots & spikes), a little band around the left arm sporting dragon teeth or spikes, and on each arm is kind of like arm bands that go from above the elbow to the wrist.

Trousers - 
The trousers have a a very loose feeling to them (unlike the trousers currently in store), and go tight at the bottom. Held up by a belt, in the middle will have a Sand Wraith symbol (which i will show in a minute).

Boots - 
Now these i really wanted to have the feeling of the sand people (you know like the sand benders from the last airbender or someone star wars). The boots will have straps going around the boots. Now heres where the sand wraith bit kicks in it, the main boot will have spot on (resembling the spotty Sand, and Spikes att he back of the boots.


Part 2 - Helmet & Shoulder Guards

Helmet -
My drawing isnt perfect of it, but it gives you an idea, I thought for the helmet it would be all Sand Wraith, well the top of the Sand Wraiths head anyway. Included are the 4 main spikes at the back of the head, and the 2 spikes going up its head. I also thought of adding its eyes to the helmet like the Deadly Nadder armor (you will see why when it comes to the mask).

Shoulder Guards - 
I have drawn a front and side view, The top bit of the shoulder guards sports 2 spikes, and the lower part will sport the Sand Wraith Symbol (like the belt), as shown in the picture above (now again i know its not perfect, but i just wanted the sand to have its own symbol, and i couldnt really come up with anything.


Part 3 - Masks & Wrist Bands 

The Masks -
Now i have drawn 2 versions of the masks, 1. because i like the idea of actually seeing my vikings face in full armor & 2. Because there are those who dont. The Masks i wanted to be all purely based on the Sand People, but as my friend pointed out, they ended up looking like something from the wild wild west.
So Version 1 - This mask actually goes around your vikings neck, i really like this, and it was one of things i was most sure of having with the Sand Wraith outfit. The version is by far my favorite.

Version 2 -  This is for those who dont want it around their neck, and over their face instead, It's what i like to call the Bandit version. There are 2 ways this could go, either over your vikings ears (as i have drawn) or under your vikings ears. Either way the mask goes over your vikings nose.

Arm Bracers - 
Now thse i love. Full Credit goes to my good friend OnWingsOfDragons aka Kianai for designing these arm bracers. 
There are 6 spikes in total, and 3 claws that go on the tip and over your vikings fingers.


Now lastely for the colors -

The colors would be alot to do with the color of the sand, so mostly sand & brown colors, but seems if the devs did do the outfit, im sure they would end up coloring it mostly orange like the hero skin, in which case... i would beg them to do a re-color of it, without one little bit of orange. The only colors i want to see are neutral colors, Sand, Brown, Cream, White, with maybe a little of black, yellow & blue thrown in. 


So there you have it, My version of the Sand Wraith outfit,

Once again big thanks to Kianai for helping out with designing the Arm Bracers, and helping me out with the boots too, not to mention all the help & suggestions regarding the entire outfit.

The post below will be for all my other suggestions, so please dont reply to that one!!!.  Hope you all like my idea of the Sand Wraith Outfit / Armor  :)



My Dragons

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Obi Wan Kenobi - Sand Wraith, Darth Vader - Titan Sand Wraith, Anakin - Sand Wraith, Dotty - Sand Wraith,
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Pheonix - Titan Stormcutter, Enchantress - Stormcutter, Hawkeye - Stormcutter,

Falkor - Titan Deadly Nadder, Firestorm - Titan Nightmare, Dragion - Whispering Death, Pumba - Gronkle,
Bones - BoneKnapper, Huntress - Boneknapper, Auroxas - Thunderdrum, Shockwave - Shockjaw,
Blizzard - Groncicle, Peekaboo - Hobblegrunt, Rogue - Grapple Grounder, Spyke - Speed Stinger,
Whirlwind - Snow Wraith, Eclipso - Sliquifier, Knockout - Hotburple, Speedy - Smothering Smokebreath, 
Karma - Snafflefang, Hercules - Rumblehorn, 
Jabba - Sweet Death, Firelord - Fireworm,

Whiplash - Titan Razorwhip, Mercury - Razorwhip, Obsession - Deathsong, Trickster - Changewing,
Canary - Scuttleclaw, Sparky & Hydra - Titan Hideous Zippleback, Tornado - Scaudlron, Krypto - Armor Wing,
DeadShot - Screaming Death, Vision - Screaming Death, Impulse - Mudraker, Kree - Prickleboggle,
Virtigo - SlitherSong, Beast - Catastrophic Quaken, Sinestro - Raincutter, Groot - Shovelhelm,
Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo -  Snaptrapper, Apocalypse - Shivertooth, Captain - Timberjack,
Sulu - Flightmare,  Aurora - Flightmare, Sensei - Flightmare, Boomerang - Typhoomerang,
Nightwing - Night Terror, Scooby - Night Terror, Misfit - Night Terror  , Rocky - Thunderpede,
Roku - Singetail, Flowers - Eruptodon, Dundee - Windwalker,  Amaroo - Windwalker,
Gabriel - Terrible Terror.

- Needs Updating -

All in game & non game Sand Wraiths mentioned in link below  :)

Click Here - To Meet my Sand Wraith's :)

All Dragons above are from my Flamin Husky Viking.
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I'm always with a Sand Wraith, mostly Chase :)
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My current UDT level is Ultimate Dragon Trainer  :)
I First started playing SOD in Feburary 2014, got my main viking in May 2014, and Chase was hatched on Feburary 12th 2015.
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Big Thank You to ScarfyWings, for this drawing of Chase  :) 

Big Thankyou to TosiLohi for the artwork done of my viking   :)


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6. Saber-Toothed Driver Dragon, 7.Golphin, 8.Wolf Fangs, 9. Devilish Dervish, 10. Marsh Tiger.


Huge thanks to my good friend Kianai (OnWingsOfDragons) for this beautiful portrait of Chase :)     

Rebels   :)

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Suggestions - Part 2

Ok so starting off with the second part of my suggestions   :)


1. The option to Sell things -

Ok i cant be the only one with hundreds of war paints, and many dragon eggs you just want to sell because well they are kind of rotting away in your inventory.

2. Chat Update -
Again, i know i'm not the only one infuriated with chat. There are many words you cant say, including numbers, but hey people find their way around them anyway. I understand with banning some sentances, but at least give us the option to chat in game, like how we can chat here. It would make the chatting with a friend so much easier and less of a pain if im going to be honest. Come on, whats wrong with saying 'Heatwave'?

3. Grey Scale / Color Wheel
I have many dragons who would love to have the color the grey added to them, even though the vast color ranges are good at the moment, i cant be the only one who wants to have a dark grey dragon without the hint of blue in it.

4. Dragon eye color -
I know for one my dragon Chase is ment to have light blue eyes... you know like the color of Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber.....

5. Dragon Tricks - 
I'm currently loving the update where my sand can fly directly up, and dive bomb strait back down at a beautiful speed, but sometimes i would just wish to do a barrel roll or fly upside down for a few seconds when your going fast enough.

6. Dragon Roaring -

Ever just been standing there and the conversation goes quiet, well you need something to break the silence...... having your dragon roar its head off would do just the trick  :)

7. Battle Armor for our Dragons -
Now i know this has been brought up before, but im just putting it out there again. Would be nice if it could improve or shield your dragon from the attacks at battle time.

8. Warpaint for our dragons -
This warpaint goes over our dragons current colors, and it would be nice to customise the color of the warpaint too, like what we can do with our vikings.

9. Slim Lined Saddles -
So there are a few saddles for the starter dragons, but only 1 for the newish dragons. As much as i want my sands to wear saddles, its just heart breaking seeing them butchered by their current saddles spikes going strait through their wings, so why not have some more saddles (abit like the wild saddles with boosts), that go nicely without injuring our dragons. Plain and simple... like toothless's saddle.

10. Viking sitting Positions.
Not that i hate their current sitting positions but come on, when my sand hovers im just waiting for my viking to go flying off my dragon, so why not improved sitting positions, so they are holding the dragons saddles and able to keep balance when the dragons are hovering. Dont need new sitting positions for each dragon, just a few that suit many dragons.

11. Flight Suits
I would love to see some different styled flight suits in game (colors and patterns). Adding to the flight suit ideas..... Flight suit add-ons.  The way the Flight Suit add ons work is exactly like the Glitched Flight suit, that way everyone is happy, they can have it glitched style, or the full style.
On that subject, i would like to glide with my glitched flight suit at the edge and other places too that havent been updated.

12.  Desert Wraith -
Probably going to get some negativity on this, but i want to see the Desert Wraith in game. Come on your telling me that if it wasnt released you wouldnt want or get one?. I'd like to see the Desert Wraith with bigger wings and bigger spikes, maybe about the height of toothless.

13. Updated Sand Wraith Animation -
Now this is my third most wanted idea. There are a few dragons with updated animations, and lets be honest, how much better have they become?. Just for those who hate this idea, seriously dont knock it. The Sand isnt that much different from toothless... except maybe the sitting. I would like to see this dragon updated with Rise of Berk animations, and i would like to see my dragon sit, like the Night Terror or Gronckle.


Forgot to mention in the above post.... My Sand Wraith outfit should have boost, come on look how light weight it looks, not to mention the spikes  :)   I'm also voting the Sand Wraith to go Titan next  :)


Anyway i hope you like my ideas, and i really hope the admins pay attention to the forums (mostly for the Sand Wraith Outfit), and just incase they do, feel free to use my Sand Wraith Outfit Design ......    :D 

Wishful thinking aside..... I cant think of anymore suggestions right now, so incase i do please...

Reply only to the first post   :) 


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You have interesting ideas!!!


.    This is me.Made by the amazing Pixel!

Madeby me traditionally and digitally by Queen of  dark fire  credits to  Royal Fury for this little fella

This is Sadachbia.Made by Varku.I love it!  This is my Frilled Acidspitter,Solar.Made by 1flower Made by BlackwolfenHOW CUTE IT IS!!! This is Thunder.Made by Gigimon

This is Metalhead,my razorwhip.Made by BeaReptileLover.        

My Shadow Ghost.Made by Dorina the Dragon.I really like it!

Phosphorus,my night fury,made by dragonrider34.     

  The Strawberry Wraith by Flaming Husky

Sweetie,my Nightterror.Made by Gigimon

Spiky,my Neon Nadder.Adopted from dragonrider34 

Made by me

Dark and Light,my Zippleback.Made by dragonrider34 

Strike,my Mained Stratofier.Made by mechfighter.Thank 



   My silly Phosphorus When it is happy.Made by dragonrider34

 My Night Fury,Toothless from SoD.Made by dragonrider34.You are amazing!

Stealth,my Indominus Rex.Made  by dragonrider34

Volcano,my Snow Wraith.Adopted from naderly.You are awesome,bud!Keep making adoptables!

Jaws,my Wave Razer.Made by RaxForax.Amazing!!

This is Aqua,my Banded Featherlure,by Amberleaf

This is Ursa Minor,my lovely Spacial Beauty and is made by amazing Krazykira.Isnt she sweet?

This is Corona Australis,made by Krazykira

 He is Alderamin,my Spacial Beauty.Made by Krazykira

He is Leonis Minoris,another Spacial Beauty.He is made by Krazykira too.

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Thanks  XD

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Not much of a Sand Wraith fan at all, so I'm mostly here for the other suggestions, but I think you have some very interesting designs! Very well-done! Hope you guys get your armor. :)


Me? Holding out for Woolly Howl. I hope it's as furry as yours is spiky. XD


I definitely agree with the option to sell things. That would be lovely. And the chat is downright infuriating. More color options would also be good, not only grayscale but also light and dark.


Dragon eye color I don't have an opinion on; I like to keep my dragons canon-colored and so probably would never use it.


Dragon tricks I have been waiting for a LONG time! I hope they make this a thing! Dragon roaring sounds kind of nice, too; hadn't thought of that.


Battle armor for dragons would be neat, though they'd probably only do it for starter species. But warpaint is out already; the Rumblehorn already has a warpaint that goes with its costumization, so I figure the rest are in the works. Unfortuantely, still can't pick the color of the warpaint itself. I agree, that'd be nice.


I think the word you're looking for with the saddles is Novice Saddle. I think they should finish that set; those saddles always had a nice, simple, yet fitting look to them. There's no Novice Saddles for my ice dragon pack, and it makes me sad. :(


I see the Viking sitting position being a huge programming problem, if I'm honest. That's why it's so awkward; it's kind of a "one size fits all" thing, and I fear to modify it for individual dragons - which is what it would take to get what you're asking for - would just be too much for Unity and Steam...or at least too much for my cheap laptop. While I think it would look much better, I don't know if that's practical.


Flight Suits I don't have an opinion on. I only use mine to make cool glitches for screenshots (and by that, I mean where I change dragons midair and go back to my regular clothes so it looks like I'm sky-diving, not the standard "flight suit glitch.") But it might make some people happy.


I don't mind if you get your Desert Wraith, though I'll probably pass. If people hate on you for that, I don't get why; they can choose not to have one if they so wish, so it wouldn't affect them either way. But if you get your Desert Wraith, I want my Snoggletog Wraith and Frozen Groncicle! XD


Yeah, if you don't want people to "hate" on you requesting a subspecies - which, again, is still ridiculous and out-of-line on their part, but then...maybe just request that we get subspecies and list some suggestions, the Desert Wraith among them. We got the Slithersong already, so I think this seems like a reasonable request. Subspecies! Let's have 'em!


On the animation


Actually, let me amend that. Not right now. The Sand Wraith is one of the dragons least in need of an update compared to many others, and I'd like to see it take a back seat to more serious cases for awhile. It would be nice if they at least adjusted the sitting animation when they do get to it, though; I agree on that. (Woolly Howl, too, please...and pretty much every dragon with Toothless sitting animation. Actually just get rid of that animation in general; Toothless normally doesn't sit like that, either. He looks uncomfortable. He only sat like that once in the franchise because he was mimicking Hiccup.)


Actually, you know what? I want to know why the Sand Wraith and many other dragons got such a dramatic change in ascending and diving angle, and the Woolly Howl didn't! It's the same body type, for crying out loud! I'd like it if they update the dragons that got passed over in this last update first before we worry about more individual animations. -_-'


Anyway, yeah, mostly great suggestions. Hope the admins read this and pass it on to the devs. Good luck on getting your armor!


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Set & Match: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback


Fortitude: male Buffalord

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*Stormfuse: male Chimeragon


*Tundra and Taiga: female Zipplewraith (Avalanche's daughter)

*Shiver and Shake: male Titan Wing Zipplewraith


Bandit: male Armorwing

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Sparky: male Shockjaw

Stormsurge: female Titan Wing Shockjaw


Riptide: male Scauldron

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No worries :) , not everyone is a Sand Wraith fan, i just thought i would show everyone what iv been working on, granted its not perfect, but i like it   :) 
And thanks, I hope so too. A very fluffy winter outfit would be perfect aswell, especially for when winter comes around again  :) I hope you get your woolly howl outfit, i for one would sure be getting that if it hit the store.


Good thinking, i forgot to add the light and dark option. A color scale like what they got in the sims would be perfect.
Me also, i heard a while back that they were working on it, but thats the last i heard about it, so thought i would bring it back up as a little reminder :)

I wouldnt mind the novice saddles, but i would like something with boosts, which is why i thought about the wild saddles instead. If i remember correctly they do have some boosts.

Didnt think of it that way. In my mind i thought if they made just a few sitting positions for example all the dragons that hover like or similar to the skrill could have one animation, another for flightmare style hover ect. at least then it cuts down on the file size and would look 100% better in the long haul.

For me i always wanted thre flight suit glitch, and when it finally happened it kind of made my outfit that much better. I know alot of people want to get rid of their glitched flight suit, and i know alot of people still love it, which is why i thought about a flight suit add on instead. 

I do hope they create the Desert Wraith even though the chances of that are very slim. Now a Snoggletog Wraith would be awesome to see. Would be eve more awesome if they were released for 24 hours on christmas to make them that unique, if i remember correctly arnt they only supposed to be seen once a year?. 

I can understand that, and i agree there are still dragons that do need a animation update. I only mentioned it because the sand is my favorite and im use them for everything XD   But yes, the sitting animation is aweful on every dragon except toothless, which in my opinion doesnt look too bad, though i would still want it changed too.

Really they didnt do the Woolly Howl?. I dont think they changed the skrill either, i went on mine and didnt really see a change on the skrill.  Whats the Woolly Howls pitch rate?.

Thanks, and thanks again  :)        
**Wishfully hoping admins see this**

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I don't remember if the Wild

I don't remember if the Wild Saddles had boosts. If we want boosts, maybe you're right, we're in need of a new saddle "type." Or maybe a Sleek Saddle expansion. Those have the most boost after the Defender Saddles, I believe.


That's interesting, having a few sitting positions instead of just one, depending on the dragon. That could work.


Oh, gosh, a Snoggletog Wraith released for 24 hours only would be awesome and makes so much sense! (And lets be honest; I'd be buying it in a heartbeat. Mine!) Yeah, it would make sense if they did that on Christmas Eve; that's the only day of the year the Snoggletog Wraith is supposedly seen. Sighting one Snoggletog Eve is supposed to guarantee a snowy Snoggletog day. (I actually have headcanon about this. Seeing as Woolly Howls are blizzard flyers, and a Snoggletog Wraith is a Woolly Howl, I think the Snoggletog Wraith is flying ahead of coming snow, riding on the moving air currents to aid in traveling to a (possibly mating) destination. This would explain why it starts within hours of him flying over. *puts nose in the air and feels smart and important while actually sounding incredibly nerdy*)


I wouldn't say the Desert Wraith's chances are super slim. We did get the Slithersong and Screaming Death, so who knows? And the Sand Wraith is a very popular species; I can see enough demand for it's desert subspecies version for the game developers to find it worth their time. Keep your hopes up. :)

Yeah, the Woolly Howl's pitch angle is still pretty mediocre compared to other dragons. And it has the exact same pitch rate as the Sand Wraith and most other dragons: 5. (Also, seems the Woolly Howl still thrashes a bit more than the Sand Wraith on flying up...another Toothless animation that could use some work but seems to have been smoothed a bit with the Sand Wraith and left the Woolly Howl out in the cold. Ha, "out in the cold" ' shoots ice...I'll shut up now.)


...Yup. (My thanks to Duststorm the Sand Wraith for deeming to let me use him for demonstration. He can be a bit disagreeable sometimes; guess he was in a good mood.)


I'm happy for you Sand Wraith riders, just wish I could have gotten some of these nicetities, too. :/

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Yeh im sure its the wild saddles that had boosts, not much bit a little bit. I like the sleek saddles, but for me they are too bright. For me i want my dragons colors to be the most outstanding, not the saddles. 

Thanks, i thought having a few instead of each one would be better. Also when your dragon picks up speed or dives your viking could lean right forward, and that they could hold the dragon or saddle, instead of holding nothing but air. Anyway thats my idea on that. 

Yeh it would be awesome, and making the snoggletog wraith all that rare too :) 

Wow you sure have done your research on the snoggletog & woolly howl XD, its ok to sound nerdy, nerds are smart  :)  , getting back to it, lets hope they release the snoggletog wraith, sure would be awesome seeing them in game  :D 

Thanks, im trying to stay positive on seeing the Desert Wraith in game, after all the Sand is my favorite dragon, which is kind of weird because i hate the heat and love the cold. Must of been their over-all look, spikes and spots that got my interested in this dragon. To me the Sand is one of the most beautiful dragons in game. 

Haha is it wrong that actually made me laugh?  XD     
The terrible puns are the best, so never ever stop XD  anyway back to subject.... So they upgraded only a few dragons then, it looks the same old pitch rate on the woolly howl.... unless they forgot to adjust it. Are they many more with the same build-ish that have not got the pitch update?.  Aww good Duststorm :D 
Thanks, i hope you woolly howl riders get your update too.  It sure is fun to just dive around all over the place with the new update. I find with the new update the dragon keeps going up a little till it levels off, same for when it dives, does the woolly do that, or have they really forgotten about the poor howl?.

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Just bumping this up for my Sand Wraith outfit ideas  :) 

Hoping the Sand Wraith outfit wins the polls  :D    ... please be sandy please be sandy, and no orange!