Sand Furies and Night Howls

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A long, long time ago when the Woolly Howl and the Sand Wraith were first introduced the fandom immediately ate these dragons up. "Look! It's and Icy Night Fury" "Oh look this is a spiky Night Fury!"


Yeah... I don't think so. These are what each dragon looks like individually. They have the same basic premise of each other, but are different all the same.



We all know the Night Fury. Kind of a salamander head. Well Howls are built for the snow and ice, high mountains and such. Their head needs to be a bit smaller due to the cold. The Sand Wraith comes from the desert regions, very hot and barren. They need more of a narrow head for all that tunneling they would be doing. Also notice the smaller eyes compared to the Night Fury. The Howl and the Sand Wraith aren't as much of a nocturnal creature as the Night Fury so they don't need that big of eyes.


Well I had a thought. If so many people want these dragons to be a Icy or Scaly Night Fury, why not give it to them?


Here we are. The Night Howl and the Sand Fury.



This is all in good fun. Mainly I wanted an excuse to give a Woolly Howl Ear plates XD (which is incredibly adorable)


However seriously guys - each dragon is unique, and let's keep them and honor them as such.



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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Only a specific subspecies of sand wraith comes from the desert. Most of them live on/under beaches. That's why they're tidal class dragons. I don't blame you for the mistake though. Lots of people portray them as desert dragons and SOD's sand wraith cloths were also desert based when they were in store.



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sorry if this seems like i am hijacking your post I dont mean it

I once did the same study! tho mine is mostly in an attempt to exagerate their body proportion to make the most different shape and outline rather than take their habitat into consideration (tho that might happen in subconcious level like cold climate? big and tough. Water creature? flat and bullet-y)  The similarity bothers me too both the fandom depictions and....sod is probably at a little bit to blame here with how obvious they are at reusing toothless model

(my night fury is kinda outdated now tho I draw them differently now....they should be rounder)




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wow they look so cute! it

wow they look so cute! it kinda reminds me of my ocs, in my main story the main characters dragon is a night fury sand wraith cross breed, and the second main characters dragon is a wooly howl light fury cross breed


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