The sanctuary is gonna be added?

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Ok,if the next dragon is gonna be the snafflefang,all of Valka's new dragons will be rideable in the game (hobblegrunt,stormcutter,snafflefang,raincutter).And the last issue makes me thinking  they will add the sanctuary.Also,I believe the ,,gate" to it will be that baricaded tunnel from Berk...

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whats a subject?

i really hope they will add it. though im not sure they will. its gonna be a hard work to do that stuff. but we can still hope though. :)



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yeah, i really hope that they add the sanctuary sometime soon, cause that'd be really awesome xD



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Probably in a year or two xD


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Naah, remeber, that said that

Naah, remeber, that said that making a new place takes about 2 months, soo it will probably be about 4 months if counting all the coffee breaks, forgot-about-job tetris competitions and sleeping X)


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Hate to bust your bubble, but...

Hate to bust your bubble, but...


If you mean this barricaded tunnel in Berk:


Then it's not for the sanctuary. (This is from the map in the upper right hand corner.)

It's a portal to the Wilderness. Why it's blocked, I have no clue. But it's probably not the Sanctuary.

I'm sorry. I just don't want anyone thinking this is true and then complaining because its not. :(


THOUGH, they might add the Sanctuary somewhere else! :D


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I think that there should be the ice cave (sanctuary) and it could be the new stables too, it should be new map tho and there should be a quest to save a dragon then take it to valka there :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 






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THat is Awesome idea!

I think that would be SWEET!


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*Ahem* Geat idea! One problem

*Ahem* Geat idea! One problem though...


If you remember in hte movie, Valka's Dragon Sanctuary was destroyed by Drago with the big fight and the part when Stoick dies.Drago blasted part of it, and the Bewildarbest (Valka's one) broke the rest of it.


But I think it's a good idea though




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It would be cool if they did

It would be cool if they did add it.  Maybe we could ride the Bewilerbeast to get there, the way we ride the Timberjack taxi :-)

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what an awesome idea! i didn't think of that! more interactions with awesome dragons are always cool to have! :)