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Hi, I just want to know wether you guys are going to work on the security of the site because from what I've seen the built in firewall mark this site as 'Not secure' and that worries me and should worry you. You guys should really work on that as many kids use this sight and should be protected.. They are far too young to know not to click spam and far too young know how to protect themselves. Please fix your security.


      A worried player.


Hi, just started on this forum so I'll right basic details and add onto it later!

Basic Info

Player name: agnustheintelligent

Nickname: I don't know at the moment just nothing to do with my player name.

Basic info: I've been a long time player on various different accounts. I love the game but general have trouble consitently logging on.

(That's it for now)


Context for any posts and or information for my currently unnamed character.

So I created a role known as an egg hunter now these people hunt for the school of dragons, these eggs tend to be sourced in areas with higher densities of that species of dragon, however most go to this job in order to rescue young dragons and eggs in dire need. 

So my character decided to go into this career as she wanted to rescue eggs in need like many others, she also wanted to travel far and wide with the help of a partner so at the age of 15 she registered for a place at the school of dragons. However when she got there she was hisked immediately into a dire situation where she met stunner a Stunning sea shocker of whom helped her stand on her feet in the world of dragons. Later that same day she decided to raise a nadder, and with that young Strikestorm came into her life. After much training Strikestorm  learnt  to fly and off they went.

     After much hunting they stumbled up on an icy looking gronckle of whon led them to icestorm island, at this point in time they are assisting with the school expansion on icestorm but hope to be on their way soon.

     For now that is enough, more will be added in time.


Now for the exciting bit my dragons! In order of rescue/birth.



Species: Shockjaw

Age: 20

Dofr: 31/12/17

Stage: Adult



Species: Nadder

Age: 4

Dofb: 31/12/17

Stage: Adult









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No one should use the internet without some form of encrypted connection, especially if insecure websites concern you. There's a bunch of sites that do not have SSL certificates, as it's not mandatory to have one. If the server won't encrypt your connection for you, you should do it yourself.


SSL encrypts everything between the start- and endpoint, so that data may ideally not be nabbed or looked at on its way to- and from the server. This however means that vulnerabilities still exist at the start- and endpoint. Even HTTPS websites may be  insecure despite the S, so it's best to do do the protecting yourself rather than hoping that every website you visit will handle it for you- because they won't.


TL;DR Never go in without some form of encryption.


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