Ruffrunner constantly tired

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Joined: 08/01/2014 this happened couple of days ago and is still lasting XD part of new update that i'm not aware of? xD

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Silver manipulated my subject. -_-‘

This little guy is my spirit animal, wow. 



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A sleepy baby

If Ruffrunner ain't a Monday mood, I don't know what is.


The moment they updated Ruffrunner's animation being such a sleepy-all-the-time-mood, I've instantly fell twice in love with him than before. The way he has his left ear tilting to one side, the sleepy eyes, the content stretching and bobbing of his head as he tries to keep himself awake. Pretty much tipped the cuteness scales.


I don't regret not being able to get Pouncer. Ruffrunner's definitely the NightLight for me.




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he wants to take a nap and

he wants to take a nap and honestly if you could be a dragon you could take all the naps you wanted and i think thats beautiful

best nightlight, 10/10


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