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Don't spoil the show for yourself please! 










Hellooooooooo everyone, and welcome to the official Race to the Edge Season 5 discussion hub! After that...interestingly complex and shocking season, we have a LOT to talk about. Such as Traitor Johann (aha. aha. aha. thanks Greenfire), Oswald, Dagur in general, my poor favorite villain's poor face, and many other things. 

My thoughts:

The biggest development was, obviously, Johann's betrayal. To be honest, I'm still in shock. All those episodes, all these years- HANG ON WHAT? NO! I've been violated. Dear Dreamworks: you have sufficiently violated me. Now you'd goshdarn better KEEP JOHANN EVIL!

Viggo's fully animated survival explanation! His face at the end made me cry. No, seriously. I have the tissues to prove it. Viggo is 100x more interesting this season, which is crazy, considering how interesting he already was. The scars, the Dragon Eye, everything is fabulous about that. The one thing that isn't fabulous is how desperately Viggo needs a hug. Come on guys, we're starting this thing. #ViggoProtectionSquad! #ViggoProtectionSquad! #ViggoProtectionSquad!

Also. Go away Krogan, I don't like you.

Dagur?!?!? He was just fabulous this season. Hilarious and...yeah, he made me cry too. WHY OSWALD WHY? WHY HICCUP/DAGUR BONDING MOMENT WHY???? Why must I FEEL THESE FEELINGS? 

Me @ Dagur:

Related image

Also, the Hiccstrid?? Was just?? So pure?? YAS TEAM HICCSTRID!

Snotlout. Snotlout you're amazing.


Those were just...a few of my thoughts. Sure, I have tons of other feelings about this, but those are just the basis ones. If I listed them all...well, we'd be here all day. What do y'all think of this new season?






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I will always dislike dagur.

I will always dislike dagur. Also why wasn't he in the second movie? Does that mean... he will betray them? (Putting my money on that.) or he dies. Um. And... yeah.



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My soul is a waffle.

:')))) Dagur is my favorite.

Also, he's not in the second movie because none of the Race to the Edge characters despite the original characters were ever going to feature in them. Characters like Mala and the Defenders, Dagur, Heather, or Alvin, were never going to make an appearance in the movies, dead or alive. They're show characters, as opposed to characters we've seen in the movies like the Gang and Stoick for example.

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The fact that not only does Traitor Johann clearly refer to the Bewilderbeast at the very end of the last episode, but also that we get to see a Bewilderbeast's skeleton, is just putting me on the very edge of fangirliness.


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I'm thinking you're right, it's the Bewilderbeast that Traitor Johann is referring to, since the whole "King of Dragons" thing. Considering the Gang (or at least Hiccup) has never seen a Bewilderbeast before HTTYD 2, they probably won't interact with it, but my sister presented a great idea to me.

Drago, who we know Krogan is working with, somehow possesses his Bewilderbeast in the second movie. My sister suggested Johann was helping them obtain said Bewilderbeast. We see Drago control the Bewilderbeast in similar abusive methods that Krogan was using on the Singetails. I think she's onto something.

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Funny thing, though... Though they clearly did imply that they're going to find the Bewilderbeast, they used the light of a Singetail's flame to illuminate the Dragon Eye and find it (or at least a hint to it). But the Dragon Eye shows different symbols depending on the class of dragon (or species in some cases, it seems) used to illuminate it. The Singetail and Bewilderbeast are in different classes (Bewilderbeast being Tidal and Singetail being... Stoker, I think it was?).


So, either they're going to find a different Leviathan that isn't the Bewilderbeast (if that happens, my money would be on the Green Death), or they've just rewritten that part about the dragon classes and the Dragon Eye. xD


Or, maybe it'll be a plot twist and they'll find Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus instead. Again, retconning the heck out of the properties of the Dragon Eye since I bet that'd be Tidal Class too, but it'd be a cool reference to the books.

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No no it's going to be green

No no it's going to be green death, white death, yellow death, purple death. Like come on! They're never going to find anything XD (I'd kill for that to happen. Them just finding a million different versions of red death, and like release the hoard.)

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Doesn't Vigo say "this Dragon

Doesn't Vigo say "this Dragon Eye has capabilities that can only be unlocked by the breath of a flightmare."*Uses flightmare breath to burn the layer he mentioned* "perfect, release the beast!"


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I thought "King of Dragons"

I thought "King of Dragons" was a reference to the bewilderbeast but did NOT realize the massive skeleton was a bewilderbeast, though that makes sense as the good bewilderbeast in HTTYD2 made a home for dragons while alive, makes sense when they finally hidethey continue to be a dragon sanctuary.


But also, if they try to go track down a bewilderbeast, how will that make sense with Hiccup acting like he's never seen one before in HTTYD2? I mean, it's already weird enough that in that movie he's like "Dad, they're like nothing we've seen, they HUNT DRAGONS" when the show has them fighting hunters for years, but I can overlook that for fans who haven't seen the show. But bringing in a bewilderbeast??? Eh...


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DNR I might come back with more ideas

I was going to create a Topic about my thought of this season. But be prepared for a long post.










Johhan? A Traitor? I was soooooo not expeting that. But to look back.... since when did he start his mischeif.

I can see it was his fault the dragon eye lense was dropped after being thrown around.

But Dagur riding the Triple Stryke? thats just way awesome. 

I liked dagur from the begining( you know ever since Defenders of Berk).

And then my fave dragons: the Skrill and the Triple stryke just make sense some how.

Any way. I feel like deep inside if i where a viking i would be a Berseker.

And wow that moment when Heather's dragon WindShear fell into the ocean and Heather jump in........ AHHHHH THE FEEELS!!!!!!

And I liked the idea of Venahiem (or how to you spell it ) And the part that its sacred and only dragons go. It felt like one of the most amazing ideas the writers came up with.





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The twins are geniuses! Well

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And meanwhile I'm beginning to belive that Dagur left Shattermaster to d.ie at the end of Season 4 since any of the characters are yet to have even mentioned his name in the newest season.

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I'm theorizing that Shattermaster might be grounded by the hit he took to the wing. I'm guessing he's somewhere nice and quiet on Berserker island. However I'm a little miffed nobody ever mentioned him...though Dagur and Sleuther are certainly a good match.

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I was weirded out by that

I was weirded out by that too. He just...disappears and is never shown again or mentioned. I think the writers either overlooked that or have other plans, but I honestly just think they overlooked it and that's just extremely odd.


I like to think that Shattermaster was injured so much that he couldn't fly anymore and he's being kept somewhere safe on Berserker Island. Hopefully that's what happened.



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I sure hope everyone else is

I sure hope everyone else is right and he's just still injured, though it still seems weird, it's like Dagur had to "upgrade" past a gronkle. Sure, the triple stryke is cool, but Shattermaster was Dagur's first, in the show people never just hoard dragons, they only get a second if their first is killed. Honestly, seems like the writers liked the triple stryke and decided to just ignore Shattermaster and hope everyone forgot about him

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The "They're only replaced if

The "They're only replaced if their killed" uh, well... you think Dagur will ever mention what happened? Remember how he always convientally leaves out why something is missing? Like how he never killed his father, but his father is dead and declines to tell anyone? Well what if shattermaster died... he wouldn't tell anyone until much later probably-.-

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Eh true... IDK personally

Eh true... IDK personally Shattermaster dying seems too dark for no reason for the kind of show RTTE is, maybe he died but it'll never actually be mentioned by anyone

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We're making this a real thing now. 



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Viggo! Viggo! Viggo!


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Subject? oh my triple Stryke nailed it to the wall

ME im mean even hiccup didn't want him dead!!!!

* ill make a thread for The # Viggo protection squad :P *



by lily stark!










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*slides in*



The chicken is not amused.



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Anyone else find the whole

Anyone else find the whole Betrothal gift exchange scene a little too cheesy? Like, I full-on gagged at the sickeningly sweetness of it.If you heard that from a pair of complete strangers, you'd roll your eyes and scoff, simply because it's just soooooooo cheesy and corny.

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I lIked it but I didn't Yes

I lIked it but I didn't

Yes it was cheezy.... okay REALLY CHEZ-IT(EY)

And yes I was confuesed. Why aren't they married in the 2 movie?






(sorry im fangirling over here)

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Stoick actually mentioned in

Stoick actually mentioned in the second movie (first 5 mins or so) when Astrid wins the race "THAT'S MY FUTURE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW!" while proudly slapping those surrounding him on the shoulders.This leads me to believe that in Movie 3, they'll be married, or getting married.


Also, Dagur finding Oswald (T . T) after years of not knowing where his and Heather's father was. And then Hiccup comforting him. (T^T)

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I literrally cried in that

I literrally cried in that episode!

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Oh yeah! I knowwwwwwwwww it

Oh yeah!

I knowwwwwwwwww it was sadddd

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(No Subject)

Double Post! Whoops!

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I thought it was overly

I thought it was overly cheesy, but was more bothered by the timing. It's like initially when Hiccup found Toothless he and Astrid started this sort of flirty thing, but then kind of put it aside, seems like both had real feelings for each other but suppressed them and just worked as friends and allies. Then they realize they both have feelings and get together, aaaand two days later they're betrothed? I mean time doesn't make sense in this series anyway, but that was just jarring. I feel like that episode should've been moved toward the end of the season.

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My soul is a waffle.

Well, there was three months between Season 4 and Season 5, so that might've done something. And anyways, we can't know for sure the full extent of their culture. A betrothal could be something a little different than what we consider to be an "engagement", but that's just a theory. 

I personally loved the betrothal scene ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  maybe because I'm such a trash Hiccstrid shipper haha rip

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There's a throw-away line in

There's a throw-away line in there by Fishlegs stating (teasingly) "Well, our culture states that six months after the announcement of a betrothal the betrothed exchange gifts signifying their love for each other, and here you are lesss than 48 hours from that deadline without a gift for Hiccup!" so I'm guessing that it's been 6 months or thereabouts.

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-Le tracking

Tracking for when I've seen the last 3 episodes


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Tracking for later

i am tracking this for later when i finish all of the episodes. The ones i have seen so far were pretty good! (exept ruff and tuff being not as funny...=-(  


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Personality: freindly, but socialy akward, loyal, compasionet, weird but in a good way, its part of her charm, with a sense of humor that sometimes leaves her standing akwardly when no one gets it. She is a very loyal person, and will not switch to the opsoing team, give away information, or help them if she is on the side she knows is good. However, while she is very loyal, it takes some time to for her to trust someone, and until then is figuring out if they are a good person to trust. There are reasons, however, that will get  her to break the rules, for example, going off to free trapped and caged dragons from dragon hunters despite being told not too (thats how she met CloudStream). She hates any kind of serious harm to people, which is why her arrows (more about them later on in siggy) only freeze the targets, not hurt. She also will try to get people to aviod injuring others when possible.

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Weaknesses: Sometimes she doesnt listen and does something anyway if she is determind to do it, which gets them in trouble sometimes. She does not give up easily, which can be bad if there is a need to stop.



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A wild post appeared!!!

TBH. i knew Johann was evil since the begining of the season. Well, it strated with me joking aboujt it cuz Johann was always giving them the wrong information. And they were like "Why Johann?!" I would think back, "Because he's evil." Then I slowly started to beleive my theory and at the reveal I just screamed "I KNEW IT!" at the top of my lungs.


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 .....................Art was done by Marg The Loony and Chameishida

Lyra is very sheltered and shy. She suppressed her emotion and looks down on those who do are emotional. Lyra can be rudely sarcastic at times and accidentally offend someone. Don't expect a public display of remorse. This does not mean she is feelingless though, she feels emotion, but, she is just very insecure about it. She does not like showing weakness or personal attachment, more insecurity, and less sociopathy. Though in fights, she doesn't appear to have a sense of honor and isn't afraid to fight dirty. Lyra is willing to do anything to ensure her well being, and the well being of her mother. Which could be a weakness. She values her self-preservation. She usually has her hood masking her pale delicate face, which sunburns easily and long hair.





 Art was done by DuskDayBreak

One of Nyx's most defining traits is her brash and sarcastic attitude towards everything that breathes. She is the type of girl who does not have to do much to stand apart from the crowd. However, Nyx is no way an extrovert, the reason why she puts herself in social situations is purely one of two reasons, the first one being is that she wants to go people watching. Where she sits in some corner and watches people, how they react and their social cues. She just observes them, untangles their motives and finds their interests. The second reason is that she wants to show up the competition, along with being stubborn, Nyx is a show-off. The problem is, natural talent can only get you so far. Because of her years from people watching, she has become very keen on observations. Smarter than the average person, she is able to look at any given Viking and deduce a thing or two about them. Sort of like Sherlock Holmes but not nearly as skilled. With her great intelligence, comes social anxiety. Nyx buried this under layers of brashness but, this insecurity can be sorted out by the way she avoids social and emotional get-togethers. Due to her inability to express her social anxiety, Nyx finds herself at a lack of friends. She usually plays this off as her not wanting any friends but sometimes, when a dragon is your only friend, you can get lonely. The result, she makes a lot of enemies. Usually because of her showoff-ness and Brash attitude, and sarcasm. In reality, Nyx wants some friends, but she sees this as a weakness and as part of her insecurities which she buries deep inside of her and does not let anyone see. She's not edgy, she's just misguided.








Aeryn Nyght

 Art was done by Tosilohi

Aeryn also has a sense of show-off-ness, an over-the-top, dramatic character. She takes any given situation, brandishes it with a flare of sarcasm and performs, drawing attention to herself all the while managing to act edgy or sweet, or however she wanted to be perceived. This need of hers to put on a show made her invaluable to the man while she was on his side. Like the theatre kid she should be, Aeryn has expertly crafted this skill of taking on different personas, and she isn't afraid to add in some cliche drama to her dialogue and actions. Constantly referencing pop-culture, Aeryn is interesting, but the tiring person to be around. The problem with her extroverted, boldness is that few get to witness the actual Aeryn, not one of her many characters. In a sense, it is quite similar to the multifaceted personality disorder, only, Aeryn recognizes her many personas. She chooses not to show anyone her true colors due to some insecurities. These different personalities are the shields she has put up for emotional protection. With Aeryn, you never know if her reactions are genuine or just part of the show.





















Gail Cyrek

 Art was done by Katarile

Gail is very softspoken. She does not like attracting much attention as people have a tendency to stare. She is very insecure about her face and does her best to conceal it. She gets very annoyed if someone asks about it. However, with this silence comes the ability to listen. She observes the world around her and is able to spot even the tiniest of details. This silent brilliance has made her a stellar judge of character. She reads body language very well and has a certain flare of stubbornness about her. Still, she is very dark. Generally, when she speaks, most people cannot hear what she says, which is probably a good thing because what she does say is usually pretty dark or gory. She often says random and slightly disturbing things and speaks extremely softly anyone can barely hear her. Gail seems to be pretty timid but is generally ruthless. She is a bit of a pyromaniac and will do almost anything to get her way.














...............................................................................................................................Edits were done by Rebell and Cocopuppy








......................................................................................................................Edits were done by Archer and Zikta.................  ..................................................................................




 Art was done by Tosilohi

Aeryn also has a sense of show-off-ness, an over-the-top, dramatic character. She takes any given situation, brandishes it with a flare of sarcasm and performs, drawing attention to herself all the while managing to act edgy or sweet, or however she wanted to be perceived. This need of hers to put on a show made her invaluable to the man while she was on his side. Like the theatre kid she should be, Aeryn has expertly crafted this skill of taking on different personas, and she isn't afraid to add in some cliche drama to her dialogue and actions. Constantly referencing pop-culture, Aeryn is interesting, but the tiring person to be around. The problem with her extroverted, boldness is that few get to witness the actual Aeryn, not one of her many characters. In a sense, it is quite similar to the multifaceted personality disorder, only, Aeryn recognizes her many personas. She chooses not to show anyone her true colors due to some insecurities. These different personalities are the shields she has put up for emotional protection. With Aeryn, you never know if her reactions are genuine or just part of the show

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I always thought he was just

I always thought he was just a merchant with no spine. THe kinda uy who was all talk, no walk. Like he heard the stories second-hand and relayed them as though he'd lived them.

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Traitor Johann

I've always disliked Johann, now I just have a reason to dislike him more! 


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Hey, how ya doin, well I'm doin' just fine...

Considering Johann has been in HTTYD ever since even Riders of Berk, I definitely didn't see it coming. He was just the dinky little trader who had some funny lines and was scared of everything. He's been around for years now, I mean come on, he's just that side character there for fun, right?


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I'm pretty sure Johann was

I'm pretty sure Johann was initially made up, at least in the Riders of Berk time, to just be a funnyish (though never actually funny) guy who helps out with information and is a true scardey cat. In RTTE there's definitely been times I think throughout the whole show where Johann has led the riders astray, but I never thought it was because he was backstabbing them. I only saw it coming when he was riding with Heather. He seemed way too nervous and almost remorseful, and not in the (intended) comedic way he normally is around dragons. Course the episode descriptioon said it was a trap, and we'd already learned the wherabouts of Oswald, so we knew it was a trap, just not necessarily if Johann knew it was a trap. 


He's always annoyed me, but at least now he's got a purpose rather than just being a plot device with really bad jokes. 


Personally I think he rather quickly did develop a legitimate fondness for the people of Berk, and often would go out of his way to help them because he'd begun to like them, not just as a way to infiltrate and build trust. 


Finally, can someone go back and see if Johann showed up before Heather did? Because if so that just makes no sense. Still is hard to believe he stuck around so much when Heather's so wishy washy and disappears for months or years on end. Getting her lens couldn't have been they nly way he wanted to betray Berk, seems like there'd be better ways to do it if that was his only goal. 

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Yes ... Traiter Johann... I

Yes ... Traiter Johann... I just don't believe it ... maybe it's an evil twin??? Everything all the way back to Riders of Berk has been a lie?? Nobody can act that well for years, even in a fictitious animated world ...


Just pointing out that this season was full of HTTYD 2 references and innuendos. Don't forget the Bewilderbeast ice under Berserker Island and the fact that all the dragons were disturbed or disoriented to go down to the village. Bewilderbeast mental disturbance? Plus they conveniently didn't have any characters interested in solving that riddle, though you know Hiccup would really be all over that sort of thing.


Yes, a lot of Twin dialogue and scenes this time! But after we learn Tuffnut cries after hearing the word "tears", he says it himself in a following episode and doesn't cry! Ugh, inconsistencies!


Almost too much Hiccstrid for me this season.


Physical and scientific impossibilities- never mind it's not real and there are dragons ... like when they get pulled under the sand by the Sandbuster. You can't move like that in sand and scream!!


Vanahiem - but but ... what if the sick dragon feels better? Can they leave? What is the great protector going to eat other than fruit? The eruptodon life cycle is only a little over 40 years?? The gronckle didn't really appear old or sick ...


And is Krogan's Singetail a Titan? It looks way bigger than the rest. And what's stopping the singetails from blasting those humans off their backs with their tails? Or a fellow singetail from helping another out?


Lots of dragon vegetarianism.


WHERES SHATTERMASTER?? The triple Strike didn't have much personality at all this season. 


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To trader Jhoan- I always

To trader Jhoan- I always hated him he was the worst character ever! They ruined in my eyes HTTYD because of him. Then at the last second on season five he is smart and clever! Then it ended! I screamed "Noooooo!" I had finally began to like reciter since he was evil then the season ends! "Why! Why! Why! 

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Someone: Why do you love Dagur so much?


"You're trying to find "clues" in what is mostly meaningless gibberish. And trust me, as someone who has spent most of their life in varying states of existential crises, I know the meaning of meaningless!" -Dagur

"Don't worry, I'm good at keeping things to myself! Anger, frustration, rage..." -Dagur

that's why

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"... is this a spoon of surrender?"



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​"Why are we stopped? ​"

​"The light's red.​"


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"Ooohhh yes."

"You, sir are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much raw... vikingness contained. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES! ​"

"I'll take my chances. Sword. Sharpen. Now."

Hiccup and Gobber in How to Train Your Dragon



*Cap's shield flies though the air doing awesomeness. *

"That thing doesn't obey the laws of physics at all!"

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War


​​"Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard, and he is my brother. ​"

"He killed eighty people in two days."

"... He's adopted? ​"

Thor and Black Widow in Avengers


"Sometimes the only payoff for having any faith is when it's tested again and again everyday."

Immortals by Fall Out Boy.


"Great Scott!"

"Yeah, I know, it's heavy."

Marty McFly and Doc Brown ​in Back to the Future III

(When they switched catchphrases for a scene)


"You dare challenge Megamind?"

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I was watching that episode yesterday. And reminding myself that Dagur is amazing.




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A wild post appeared!!!

Whats really depressing is that I can kinda relate to Dagur. I've almost quoted him word for word before without even knowing he said it.


I believe that this statement merits a story.


So there I was, alone, blissfully unaware by the periless dangers that lay ahead. In fact I was- wait. That's Traitor Johann. 




Skimping on the details, A while ago I got in a fight with my friend.

I stood up and stared my friend down and shouted at her.

"What is this feeling? I don't like this feeling..*I hit my chest here*. Is it... It's guilt? I don't like it...."

That is almost word for word what Dagur said and I said this a few weeks before RTTE Season 4 came out.


Cue manical laughter.




((Don't worry. We are all good. To be fair, it was One in the morning.))

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I'm not sure but..

Do i have a bad vision, or did i really think Vanaheim's Island looks like a lying Bewilderbeast at the end..?

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I thought so too.  Obviously, there's what appears to be a huge tusk.  But if you look a little closer, you can see what kinda resembles the Bewilderbeast's spines.  Hiccup also states that the dragon must be bigger than the Red Death, which seemed like a nod to the Bewilderbeast.  

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I just finished the season today and HOLY HECK I ENJOYED IT!!
Sadly, I have a habit of going to the list of episodes on the Wikipedia and reading every summary to every episode before starting..... and that kinda ruined it. I actually tried not to go to the Wikipedia... I'll try harder to not ruin the final season for myself.
As for the ending..... I... someone put in the comments of someones review of the FIRST episode that Johann is evil.... That one was their fault. Halfly.
But about the ending itself. I went ahead and just "Not Trader Johann. TRAITOR JOHANN!!!"
I shrieked in excitement multiple times throughout the series (normal).
And squealed at the Hiccstrid moments (normal).
Then when I saw Viggo (I already theorized he was alive when I saw the trailer, I saw him) I let out an in-human screech of excitement (normal).
but then theres the time with the Dragon eye... the first time I saw it I went 'Ok.' And when I saw it the next episode, I went "THEDRAGONEYEHHHH OMG OMG OMG". Idk how that happened. I nearlly lost it when Heather was trying to free Windshear in the last episode too.... I somehow felt when Krogan knocked the cage into the water that the key wouldn't work... I feared they would die, but then.... DAGUR!! OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE!!!! :D
Then there's the new dragons too! I thought they were all really cool, but my favourite seems to be the Slitherwing for some reason... shame they're poisonous to the touch. I was hoping to see those guys in SoD. Shame to see the great protector go too.... I liked the Sandbuster aswell. And those teeth-spitting ones. I forgot what they were called. And the Sentinels. AH Who am i kidding, ITS RTTE I LOVE ALL THE DRAGONS!!! Then there's the look Astrid gave Hiccup when it was revealed he's trying to build another dragon eye. Insert nervous laugh. Idk why I liked that so much I just did. I liked seeing from Hiccup's pov in Wings of War Pt1 aswell. It was cool. Then he woke up.. and we get to see more of the twins this season so yay. XD And of course, I ship Hiccstrid so I squealed at every moment something like that happened. And for some reason, I really liked when Hiccup left to find another way to get the edge back..... that I can't explain...


*see's Traitor Johann*


*see's him again*


*see's him again*

*daydreams about ending his misery in the most violent way possible*


And that leads me to tell you all, I want to see where this goes in Season 6, cause eventually, Hiccup and the riders are gonna find out Johann was the enemy all this time. I hope someone gets angry. And we'll finally find out what happens to Krogan and Viggo and maybe we'll see how Shattermaster is cause we didn't see him at all.. :(

Poor gronckle. I believe Krogan and Viggo are gonna die....... ok maybe not Viggo, I got nothing on him (thank thor im saved from the angry mob that'd come after me if I said otherwise). The reason I think Krogan will die. Is because in Wings of War Part 1/2, we see Drago leaving with Krogan (in Stoick's flashback). They work together. How does Drago not know about the riders? Krogan would've told him. Unless he died. But why that? Why not have him turn good?

1) Why the heck would THAT GUY turn good?

And 2) The riders have no clue about Drago's existence.

So Krogan didn't tell Drago about the Riders, and he didn't tell the riders about Drago. Thats most of it, but the bewilderbeast leaves me on a stump. First I believed they were looking for one so that Drago could have it challenge Valka's one. Or maybe they might be looking for one for a different reason instead of helping Drago with his army. Maybe Drago already has his huge class 10 leviathan and they are planning something else. What do you guys think? Why are they looking for a bewilderbeast?

Then there's the extra little bits like how we haven't seen Ryker at all this season so maybe we did lose him. And there's the signs of bewilderbeast now like: The ice under Beserker island, how the dragons acted up flying over beserker island, the bewilderbeast skeleton, and at the end of the season when Johann is talking about 'the king of dragons'.

Ok... I think I'm done now.... XD






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And you mentioned Krogan and/or Viggo dying? I have a theory. My friend and I threw this one together.

So, obviously, Viggo and Krogan have things against each other. Krogan tried to kill Viggo, Viggo likely wants Krogan to either step down from his position of leadership over the Riders or...d.ie. They've both clearly stated they're only working together because it's mutually beneficial, which gives it quite an interesting dynamic. Two villains who want nothing to do with the other, forced to work together. It can only end in blood (and tears).

I was thinking that Viggo gets killed betraying Krogan. Whether for Hiccup or not, something will go down to either Krogan killing Viggo or Viggo killing Krogan. And I am REALLY EXTREMELY HOPING that this isn't the case. I really don't want to see Viggo d.ie. But if it's a heroic death...it'll only be tears and not anger. But a lot of tears. So. So. Many. Tears.

Just let him live. Kill Krogan, Dreamworks, but please let Viggo live. Please. I can't do that again.

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I dislike viggo as well. He's

I dislike viggo as well. He's the main Antagonist darn it! He's probably going to di.e I'm sorry. The only thing I can imagine is him having a very "just desserts" death. Like he's eaten by Lethian or something. And honestly... Krogan may live in the end. Remember how Dagur was in the first series? Yeah. Quite like Krogan. There may be something to letting Krogan live.

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I've always loved main antagonists, if they're well done. Viggo is a deeply beloved character of mine whom I am fully willing to rant about but I should probably be sleeping :'D

I honestly think Krogan has a higher chance of dying than Viggo. At least we've seen a glimmer of something in Viggo, as opposed to Krogan, who's just plain evil. Krogan is pure evil, he's completely black, just like Drago. Viggo's definitely more of a gray villain which instinctively gives him a chance. Also, Krogan would be in some serious trouble if he never told his boss honcho about the Riders. BAI KROGAN 

But Viggo...Viggo is something else. A complex character whom I hope Dreamworks does something noteworthy with.

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Is it just me who feels that Traitor Johan was a bit of an asspull.

I mean come on. He was a character way back in Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk and I doubt that this was in the writers' minds back then. When did they plan this plot twist? Where was the foreshadowing? Or did I just miss some clues in earlier seasons of RTTE?

Maybe I'm just bit disappointed because he was one of my favorite characters from the show.


But overall I think that the season was ok. Dagur was awesome (like pretty much always) but the Hicstrid was meh and the twins talked bit too much foreign languages for my liking. Also, aside from the Sandbuster, none of the new dragons felt interesting. Now the Sentinels' design looked cool but they and the whole Vanaheim idea brings just way too many questions.

How do the dragons know where it is? Do really ALL dragons go there? Why were the Monstrous Nightmare bones on fire? What about flightless dragons? Do they have their own death rituals or what? Why there aren't Boneknappers?

I have forgotten most of the questions but still.


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