RPG Gamers! Games after School of Dragons?

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Hello to all!


You look amazing today. I hope your day is going well.


Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I'm looking for another game to play, a role-playing game to be specific, after School of Dragons ends.


To let you know - I haven't looked that hard yet. I've found a game called Riders of Icarus which looked amazing, but sadly my computer got stuck while loading multiple times (around 8) and I feared a virus. Next I found Star Stable and started playing it until I found that it wasn't free to play. It was a good enough game - until I saw the price. $78 to play the full version! Ouch.


In essence I want a game that's free but if you want to pay you can. However, if there is a game you pay for that is amazing to the core, then I'll take that into consideration as well.


Thanks for your time and suggestions!






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I'm not into RPG. But I have a few recommendations. Unfortunately, the games are expensive.

First, I would recommend saving up for a lifetime rider on Star Stable. The initial cost is expensive, but you get more than your moneys worth. They give you 100 sc every Saturday. Even if you get bored, and don't play for a few months, the sc pile up. Then, when you go back to play, you've got a ton of sc saved up!  Wait until it's on sale.

Second, if you've played Skyrim, the company has a RPG multi-player game online. I haven't played it, and i've heard mixed reviews. Plus it costs money to play. Check out "The Elder Scrolls Online."

Unfortunately, all the other games I play (Dragon Age series, The Sims 3, etc.) aren't RPG's. 



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School Of Dragons is ending? What? How'd I miss that? :p


I pretty much left SoD anyway so I've found quite a few games (Or have had games been recommended to me) while away: 


-Champions Online

-DC Universe Online

-Star wars the old republic

-Dragon Ball Online Global 

-Pirate 101 (Love this one)

-Wizard 101 (Love this one too)


Ik u said u wanted to play RPGs but I just thought I'd mention prolly my fav game rn, I doubt it'll interest u but I'm gonna mention it anyway. :p

League Of Legends!  (It's a MOBA but I enjoy it sooo much :D. My friends told me about this and now I'm hooked (this is also one of the reasons I decided to leave SoD, once I played this I understood the true definition of enjoyment)).






















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Theres this one game, I haven't been able to play it yet but from what I've seen, it looks awesome. I don't think there are any goals, but it is full-on role play with expressions, actions and great customisation.

It's called Feral-Heart. You can be a Canine or a Feline. When you have made your character, there are quite a few maps to explore. You can also create your own map. (there are tutorials for everything on the website). If you're not sure, there are allot of videos on youtube. Registration does open often, but I dont know if it's complete right now. I dont think the animatig is the best though, like the flying animation looks a bit stiff.


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If you use RoI's default downloader and installer, you shouldn't have to worry about viruses.:)

There's tons of games out depending on what you want to play. What kind of roleplaying games are you interested in?

If they have to be MMO's:


Runescape (Always mandatory in an MMO list haha)

WoW - Up and until level 20 is free








Not really a fan of RoI and ARK, myself. RoI gets dull quickly and is very much P2W and thus worthless unless they changed it, and ARK is not a bad game, but I can't call it good, either. It's okay-ish. The combat is bad.

I loved Wildstar but the game died pretty quickly after release b/c it wasn't optimised and also ''''too difficult''''. On the flip side, it's F2P now! However I'm not sure if they actually optimised the game. It made my pc seem like it was made out of wood LOL



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