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As you probably now I don't host rp myself because to me they're tend to be ver hard to managed but I do get ideas constantly and some are strong enough to drive me to want to do one, well two in this case. But I want to sound check first to see if people are interested at all in these rp plots or which one they'll be interested more so I can make that because there's no way I'm going to make both of them, unless someone's kind enough to adopt these ideas. two is I don't want to type a lot of thing that people are not going to be interested in because these are just the short version, the real one if you give it a go is going to take quite sometime yo type it all out with form and rules and everything. I know by now that simpler plot and rulestend to work better in this kind of thing so these ideas kind of too much of a risk move to just start right away without asking people...so let see here are the two rp idea I want to present. Unfortunately both aren't Httyd related.


RP Name: Strange thing in the center

Premise: You know one of those stories? When stuff keep happening in the same place. Alien invasion, Superheroes, Giant Monsters, Robots or the Awakening of the old cosmic horror, all on either London, NYC, golden gate bridge or Empire state building? Well this rp is one of those stories. Set in the old small dying town surrounded by woods, with dying department store, new invading convineint store, sinkholes, abandon houses and in the middle of it all is the old appartment with new paint job, "The center complex". This is the place that you'll live in and this is the place where all the stories are going to get tangled up together, in the center of everything.

Character: Your character can be anything. From something mundane to something completely out there. You can be the normal highschoolers, Mafia boss, Secret organization, time traveler, Aliens, Dragon in disguise, cosmic horror, ghost, super hero, vampire etc. You'll control both the character and your story and the character surrounding it(which mean you can control more than one character but they have to come from the same story) the story/conflix of your character can be varies from just a student trying to get by to 1000 years war waiting to happened. All you have in common however is 1) you have to live in that apartment 2) you have to look normal to normal human, either in disguise or hidden away from the world if you look otherwise. 3) your story/conflix have to surround/take place/ or related to this apartment.

Mechanic: Normal RP mechanic, with the experimental idea of waiting for the story to tangled up together. When sent in form, the form will only be about stuff you see on the outside, what normal people will see or assume you as. The real deal, however normal or weird it is, will be sent to me via PM, so I can see if the story can fit together somehow. you can also cooperate the story to your rp friend through PM, or if the story you sent seem like something of the same story(ex: two medieval/magical character) I will let both the people know so they can planed out their side of the story together.



RP Name: Undecided

Premise: On one faithful day, or night, depending on what parts of the world you live in, the strange light eloved the entire global and took the civilization as we know it. When mankinds awaken again, they found themselves misplaced, in ruins and 3/4 of the population perish.  The light seem to be very selective too, It's as if it make sure to take away all the competent figure that can lead or rebuilding society back to where it was again. That's not the only thing changed though the remaining humanity found out that 2/3 of it awaken with supernatural power as well as the sudden emerge of the strong bloo,d thirty monster roaming the land. 8 years has passed, People are now grown accostume to the world of k,ill and be ki,lled. The attepmt to rebuild society is still a failure and at best, people managed to huddled together in the small community although still harsh and without rules. You live in that community, at least it's safer than braving in the wasteland filled with bandits and monsters, try to get by. One day the stranger in cloak and skull mask appear and offer you a life time worth of wealth, or whatever it is that would caught your interst if you agree to acompany him as some sort of bodyguards accross the wasteland. Something people generally dubbed a sui.cide action.

Character: You'll be rping as the survivor in the apocalypse who accept the stranger's offer and acomapny him through the wasteland. It's optional for your character to have supernatural power or not. Keep in mind though that 2/3 of the population have power as well, so even if you're strong, the bandit or the barmaid who sell you food's going to be as strong as well and someone without power can be just as strong, having survive this harsh world fullof people with extroridinary powers.

Mechanic: Okay here's the weird part, the reason why this rp is experimental is because of the mechanic will be very different. It's a mixture of interactive story and roleplaying, almost like a DnD but without dice or graphs. You'll still control your character you submit so that's different from just submiting your character for a fic, however you liberty in coming up with the story will be limited. Normally you can automatically say if you k,ill a monster or if something happens. This time however you cannot do that. You can make a decision or interact or make some action but I will decided the outcome and shape the story around that action based on your character information. NPC in this will actually meant None playable character that means only I can control them but your action will determine their fates, friend NPC can die, leave. Enermies can be spare, ki,ll, or even turn out to be the great allies based on what you do. you have to be specific about your action, like [pickpocket this guy], [investigate this item], [collect the item], [lies]. So to cut it short, it's kinda like the story based game!


So what do you think? do you interested in any of them? one more than the others? if you have any suggestion, questions or if you like to host it yourself(the second one might be hard though since I have those episodic story planned out) feel free to comments below!



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I can’t say I’ve been in THAT many RPs, mostly with pals and such, but I have to say I would be very interested in participating in the second one. I don’t know why, but I’m always drawn to shows, movies, books, etc...set in a post apocalyptic world. I’ll prob PM you with a few questions so I don’t crowd your thread. :)


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​Oh my Loki! They both soud AWESOME! I would love to be in either of them!




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Both of them are interesting. I’d love to take part of them but I’ve my hands full..life...

About the second one, I’ve seen rps like that and they’re generally a lot of work on the rp master/owner (whoever will be writing the outcome of something) it has definitely worked with the right people at the right time. I suggest if you are to go with it, you’d better find those people to have it work considering how few rps on this forum last until the end. And most definitely make sure you have enough time to rp all the decisions in a timely manner. Other than that, have fun with the rps! I’m pretty sure plenty of ppl’ll like them ^^


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I know the second one sounds

I know the second one sounds a little ambitious on my part. I guess If I make it, it's going to be rather slow, given the time zone and likely to have very few spot like 2-3 or so, in fact I think it can even start with just one!

But I'll let this reply act as another bump too, if no more people are interested then I might either live it at that or start working on the second one. 

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Mhm, definitely fewer people would be better. Don't wanna overwork yourself ^^

Yeah, time zone problems suck >_< but I don't think it would matter too much if it's a moderate paced rp


Also bumping for more people! I wanna see these rps come through! (Though it's kinda rude I do yet can't join. I'm in 5 or 6 other rps and don't think I'll have any more free time until the summer >_<)

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Pssh, it's okay my dude.

Pssh, it's okay my dude.