Rocking Hotburple Prices on Campus!

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Everyone enjoys a nice nap every now and then, but no one loves a good snooze as much as a Hotburple! Thanks to Fishlegs, this Boulder Class dragon can now join you for a good day’s rest!

Fishlegs was out and about trying to find new flowers to add to his book when he heard a loud crash! Braving the mysterious noise, Fishlegs followed the sound until he saw a Hotburple sleeping on the ground. The dragon must have fallen asleep while flying, and surprisingly did not wake even when crashing! It wasn't until Meatlug roared that the Hotburple jolted awake!

Never having seen one before near Berk, Fishlegs wondered what the Hotburple was doing at the school. Unconcerned with either dragon or dragon trainer, the Hotburple took flight once again, curious about its destination Fishlegs followed atop Meatlug.

The Hotburple fell asleep twice more before reaching its destination. Here Fishlegs realized why this boulder class dragon had stayed in the area. It was waiting for her eggs to hatch! Fishlegs assumed the dragon had not eaten and having some iron scraps with him fed her, sadly Fishlegs did not have much more scraps with him. He flew back to Gobber’s for more scraps and continued feeding the Hotburple to her heart’s content.

Due to this sign of generosity the Hotburple has allowed Fishlegs to take her eggs to Johann, where they can befriend a dragon trainer! Will you be joining these sleepy dragons on a day nap?

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Thanks for the sale!   I am

Thanks for the sale!


I am still having the quest issue with "Hiding In Plain Sight". I still don't have the three dirt patch needed to give to Ruffnut. 


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yes thanks for the good sales

yes thanks for the good sales for this good dragon 

just when i get gems that i need to buy it i will play with it untill it transforms to an adulte


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