RiverRider Dragon Tail 4

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WARNING: I suggest you read the first 3 chapters before this one!

Don't reply directly to this post because I want to be able to edit any mistakes I make. Thank you!!


When I woke up I was in one of Vigo's cells underground. I jumped up and called for RiverRider. I heard a soft purr come from the cell across from me. I called his name a second time and heard the same sound. I knew it was him. So I talked as softly as I could to him. Telling him we would make it out and that we would have a mud fight as soon as we got back to the Edge. He sound a bit happier after I told him about the mud fight. I couldn't see him because there was only a square foot hole with bars in the middle of both doors. After trying to cheer him up for about 15 minuts, he peeked his head up so I could see it throught the bars. He looked dizzy so I assumed the Dragon root arrow hadn't warn off yet. Then two of Vigo's men came and told me Vigo wanted to question me. RiverRider did his best to shoot at them. He shot at them five times and only hit each of them once. He was so dizzy from the arrow he could barely shoot strait. Since they left the door open I quicktly ran to RiverRider. I had never seen him so happy to see me. I put my arm through the cage and rubbed his forehead gently. I wanted to get him out of the cell so I ran to find a key. Just a little bit down the hall there was a key hanging on the wall. I grabbed it and ran back to RiverRider's cell. The key acctually worked! I opened the cell, Helped RiverRider out since he was still dizzy from the arrow. I started thinking... Why would Vigo leave the key out in the open like that? What did he have planned? I thought he was planning on capturing me again once I pracically drug RiverRider out of this awful place! An hour past and the arrows started to wear off. I was able to sit on him and we were able to make it twenty feet in the air without any problems. I was expecting Vigo to attack... But nothing happened! So I started to fly away. Vigo and his men were hiding at the entrance. As I came up to the entrance I saw hiccup and Snotlout flying to help me. RiverRider flew out the entrance and Vigo's Dragon, Raging Death, Shot at RiverRider. He saw it out of the corner of his eye so he did a barrel roll and knocked me off and got hit with the amber. I screamed his name as I fell into the ocean. Hiccup and toothless picked me up out of the ocean and I told hiccup to go back but he said it was too late... They had captured my best freind and let me go so I couldn't rescue him this time. I started crying silently behind Hiccup so he couldn't hear me. Who was going to lay next to me when I stress about Vigo? Who am I going to have mud fights with? I leaped off of toothless, dove into the ocean, and started swimming to Vigo's base. Hiccup flew next to me and told me to stop. I didn't listen. All I wanted was to get RiverRider back! I was willing to do anything. ANYTHING!!! I couldn't let Vigo hurt my Dragon! Since Hiccup couldn't convince me to get back on... He had toothless pick me up with his claws. I had to fly like that all the way to the Edge. Astrid told me I'd need to use another dragon to help me get RiverRider back. It would have to be fast, manuverable, and strong. I knew what dragon I needed. I told hiccup to help me find the dragon I was looking for... And that Dragon was...


To be continued....




My dragon: RiverRider - Sand Wraith - Adult

​Dragon level: 30

​Dragon color: Coral blue and Black


​He LOVES swimming with me, He LOVES splashing in the mud, we both enjoy mud fights with eachother! He is even more Loyal then StormFall!!!!! He loves flying AS FAST AS HE POSSIBLY CAN!!!!!!

​He loves flying over the ocean and LOVES flying with me as much as he loves the mud! He loves me as much as Toothless loves Hiccup


​Our story:


Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was a young Viking, about 9 years old. My parents one day decided they didn't want me anymore. So they dropped me off at an Island and left me to die. I started walking along the beach to see if I could find anyone on the Island. As I was walking I stepped on something.... I wasn't sure what it was so I reached down to grab it. When I touched it, it jumped. It scared me so I fell backwards and landed on my butt. A Dragon sat up from the sand. It was a Sand Wraith. I knew that because before my parents abandoned me I spent a lot of time studying Dragons on my home Island. But this sand wraith was coral blue with a little bit of black on it. It wasn't like any other Dragon I've ever seen. I was so little and I didn't know what to do so I put my hand out hoping it would just fly away. But it gave me a curious look and took a step towards me. I closed my eyes thinking it was going to eat me. Instead, He touched my hand with his forehead and after a few seconds I opened my eyes. He pulled his head away and tilted his head at me. I saw that it was male. I jumped up and started running. The Dragon started following me on foot and I thought he was trying to kill me. After running for a few minutes I stopped and accepted my fate. But when he caught up to me he didn't attack me..... He smiled at me. So I thought I'd try to touch him again. I reached my hand out and touched his head. He let out a soft purr and I jumped back in fear. He lowered his head in apology and I smiled at him. I thought he was cute. So I walked with him until we found the perfect spot for a campsite. So we used resources from shipwrecks on the Island to make our campsite livable. He took care of the fire and the fish. While I gathered wild berries and hunted wild boars. After about 6 months of bonding and taking care of each other, I decided to try and ride him. So I sat on his back and he got so excited he leaped into the air and I nearly fell off. He dove and floated over a wide river. That's when I decided to name him RiverRider




My dragon: StormFall - Deadly Nadder - Titan

My Viking: IzzyTheNadderLover

Dragon level: 30

​Dragon color: Teal


​She LOVES flying with me,She enjoys Racing other dragons, She is VERY protective of me!!! She'd do anything to keep me safe... Just like I'd do for her, We would both give our lives for each other, Last but not least she LOVES playing FireBall Frenzy!!!!


​Our story:

​I found StormFall when I was 10 years old (in the game)

​(This was after I found RiverRider) On the island a storm came,

​I saw a teal blob falling from the coulds, so I ran to catch it

as soon as I cought it...

​I saw that it was a baby dragon... A Nadder so I nursed her back to health.....

​I Didn't fly on her back until she was 2 years old

​I saved her, raised her... And we've been the best team since!!!!

​Since you read our story, You know how she got her name!:)










​My dragon: Lady lesso - Woolly Howl - Adult

​Dragon level: 26

Dragon color: all purple

​She loves LONG exhausting flights, She likes the cold, She likes competition, she LOVES shooting things, And we both would do anything for eachother... She is almost as loyal as StormFall!

​She LOVES flying slowly, smoothly and loves flying in the cold night air!

​Our story:

I was flying my Razorwhip - Blue was her name, and I saw a cave so we flew in for a rest... I almost stepped on an egg... I wasn't sure what type of egg it was and I didn't see it's mother... So I thought I'd wait until it's mother returned... I waited for two and a half days and her mother never came...... While I was there I kept the egg warm by making a fire and I eventually took the egg home and watched it until it hatched.... I saw that it was a girl and decided to name her Lady Lesso (I read a book called The school for good and evil... Lady Lesso was a teacher for the school of evil and her dress was always purple)

​I liked that name so I decided to name her after a teacher of evil...

​Lets just hope she doesn't turn into an evil dragon!!!! Just kidding! She would never do that!!