Rise of stormheart progress unable to sync issue

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I'm playing trough the RIse of stormheart expansion, but was met with "your progress is unable to sync with the server" message when I tried to talk to her, i read that switching between MMO/not MMO sometimes fixes it, which I tried and it worked I could talk to her. She led to me to a crate which I need to click on but lo and behold "progress failed to sync with sever" I tried the trick from before, didn't work, I tried going to  different area and come back, nope. I tried to switch to mobile and tried there. No dice. 

So idk if this is a  "just wait and try again later" type deal but anyways I have 0 clues what to do about it



Current goal: Collect all dragons

Royal Lightning - Skrill 
Green Siren - Death song 
Lowen hues - Razorwhip 
Blue Skyline - Groncicle 
Torrent trouble -Scauldron 
Odvin - Deadly nadder
Morning Star - Typhoomerang
Lava - Europtodon 
Aurora borealis - Flame whipper 
Serene - Armor wing 
Poisondart - Singetail
Sunset flare - Shockjaw 
Cersei - fireworm queen 

Seaweed - Thunderdrum 
Jumpstart - Skrillnapper 

Starstinger - Tripple stryke 
Novalis - Deathgripper

Boulder bash - Gronckle 
Sticks and stones - Hidous Zippleback
Desert rose- Sand wraith 
Firestarter - Monsterous nightmare 
Seaweed - Thunderdrum 
Crash - Rumblehorn
Specter - flightmare 
Artic -Dreadstrider
Chitter - Scuttleclaw 
Tiamat - Snaptrapper
Storm - Night fury 
Moondancer - Light fury
Luna - white nightlight 
Prism - Black nightlight (blue eyes) 
Starchaser - Blacknightlight (green eyes)