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If you like writing and love HTTYD or just dragons in general, I may have just the site for you! 



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In the original tales of the dragons Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III had faced as a boy, we are told the dragons are disappearing. They are "crawling back to the sea from whence they came", and perhaps that hypothesis was correct. The dragons left, swearing not to return until a time humans and dragons could live in peace. Time and again humans had proven they were as a majority unworthy of dragons. A select few of course represented the humanity we all want to believe still exists, but good people grew fewer and far between. Modern technology began to take shape, and Hiccup's early inventions soon became weapons of war, suits for thrill, and many more outrageous things he would have fought against had he been able. His great inventions would have best been kept a secret forever on Berk. Surely some others would have come up with the ideas in time, but perhaps humanity could have been saved if Berk had been hidden forever from the world. 

But Berk became popular because of the dragons that lived there. Though humans and dragons wanted to get along, their natures clashed so drastically that even on a remote island like Berk word got around, and the small exception of an island was exposed to all who would lend their ear for a story. In the end, dragons were now as much of a hazard to humans as humans were to dragons, the winged creature's mere presence put their riders at risk of other vikings and traveling tribes of people. 

As humanity and technology advanced, dragons were in-cooperated into lore and their species shunned as monsters. Some appreciated them, celebrated them even, but by that time dragons had become mythology alone whether it be in a good or bad spotlight. They were stories based on a truth all too tangible once upon a time, but that now seemed to have vanished into thin air. The dragons were extinct as far as humans were concerned, if they had ever existed at all. 

Modern times advanced rapidly past helpful and into gluttonous, the humans digging themselves deeper and deeper into their own graves. The few good, pure-hearted humans that remained were dragged down by the majority of fools into their own man-made disaster of living conditions. The humans realized their mistakes only as it was too late, scrambling to right the wrongs they had done to their world and themselves, but it was to no avail. Humanity had finally driven itself over the edge, and in their wake was silence. Finally, the earth was still and creatures hiding deep within the woods, caves and waters began to rise. The sludge that intoxicated the oceans took many, many years to be filtered out, but soon earth healed. Just as it had after every other devastation, the soil grew new plants and the water ran sparkling and clear once more. 

It is now thirty years since the last human died, finalizing the extinction. Irreversible damage had been done to the environment and once great cities were left to rot. However, for one long-forgotten species of creatures this was a blessing in disguise. As the ice began to melt away, one particularly large iceberg fractured and fell into the oceans of the north with a massive splash that sent waves for miles. As the ice sunk into the water, a low rumble could be heard throughout much of the sea. From inside the iceberg, giant tusks shattered the cocoon of a hibernating bewilderbeast. The massive creature shook off her icy coat and dove down deep into the ocean to stretch her many limbs. As she finally came up for a massive breath three days after her iceberg had been freed by the heat of the sun, she let out a loud bellowing roar. Having been asleep all these many thousands of years, she had no idea all the humans had died off, but she had a feeling of relief in her gut. Her instincts had told her it was time to wake, and so she beckoned the others to do so as well. She was not commanding dragons to come to her with her roar, merely letting all dragons know at least one Bewilderbeast was alive and there to protect those who needed it. If her hopes were a reality, that the threat of humanity had finally given way, she would finally be able to create a nest and do what a bewilderbeast was always meant to do; protect a nest of her own and maybe even have a family. But one idea was the loudest in her mind, the thought that maybe she would have the chance to do what no alpha dragon have ever really been able to achieve because of the humans, be they good-intentioned or bad. The chance not to just survive, but to prosper. 

Entering This Open World

The Bewilderbeast came 30 years late to the party. Although her hibernation had saved her from certain death, dragons had been struggling for survival all these thousands of years. Dragons don't keep time in the same way the humans did, but they knew it had taken all too long for the humans to finally disappear. After all was said and done, it seems that 25 species of dragons have survived to the present day. Each had their own techniques, adaptation and evolutions to go through in order to avoid human contact, but for their struggles they are now free to fly and live as they please. At long last, the world belongs to dragons. 

The Bewilderbeast's roar was a sign to the dragons left alive that they have protection again if they need it. Not all will come to her as she builds her nest, many will stay as rogues. Each dragon must make it's own decision. But out beyond the sunset, there is a place many dragons can trace their roots to. It is a place the young Bewilderbeast did not know about, a place that has been a sanctuary for longer than the first vikings lived. This place, cut off from the world, is also unaware of the changes above them. But perhaps someday, word will spread to this mysterious land under the water and dragons once thought extinct will fly again. 


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Hi! In-game I am "Ramalaclaire" and I'm a member of the clan "The Dragon Racers".

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