Rise of Berk not working on Kindle Fire

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So, I was trying to play Rise of Berk on my Kindle Fire today... it is my first time. Well... the game being as nice as it is around Snoggletog..


decided to crash while loading! So I open the game up, it loads a bit, and when it gets to "Gossiping With Vikings" blurb, the game crashes and so does my Kindle. If I make my Kindle go to sleep and close Rise of Berk, if I open it again, it is just a gray screen. It stays a gray screen (no matter how many times I open and close the game) until I completely turn of my Kindle and turn it on again.


I have uninstalled the game completely (got rid of the Cloud files of it, too) and reinstalled it again..


Still same problem. I have opened the game up and stuff multiple times. It always crashes at "Gossiping With Vikings".


I have come to the conclusion, there is something wrong going on whenever the loading game comes up with said loading blurb.


I have tested multiple times, if my game starts loading with the "Gossiping With Vikings" blurb-- yes, crash. If a couple loading blurbs pass and then out comes the "Gossiping With Vikings" blurb-- yes, crash. So it is not the game loading a certain file as far as I am concerned, because of course loading blurbs are random.


If JumpStart or Dreamworks can help contact the people who develop Rise of Berk-- can you please tell them to check any code that relates to the "Gossping With Vikings" blurb? I think there must be something wrong with the blurb in the game.


Also I have not checked if the game works on other devices. So if you are not using a Kindle Fire can you clarify if the game crashes at the blurb too or not?


(I would have posted this in the RoB boards if there was one. But there isn't... so this is my best shot for now.)





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Also, I am aware of times where the community is desperate for certain updates or dragons. But I beg of you to strive for a clean, bug free game first before pursuing these updates. Doing this will make your company appear more reliable and trustworthy. I agree, new content is needed to help keep players. But so is fixing bugs. Many of your bugs can be game breaking as well, causing potential customers to leave.

This is why I believe your team should consider fixing bugs more than doing updates. I can wait for an update, but game breaking bugs I can't.


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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

It does sometimes crash in the middle of loading for some reason. But then, I would close my phone, open it again, and try it load it again. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.



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