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Ring of dragon fire is a super friendly, fun clan who are always loyal to each other and very welcoming to anyone who joins! We are also active, quite competetive and enjoy racing, with a dream of winning the Clash of the Clans tournament one day. We are always looking for new members who will join in the friendly chat and help us gain more trophies. Here's some information:


Ring of dragon fire:

Type: Invite only (however if you fill in the form below and meet our requirements then welcome to the family! XD )

Rank: Currently 87th and rising!

Leader: Mel la (me!)

Minimum trophy level: Currently 100+


How to join:

Fill out the form below and either post it here or PM me. If you don't have a forum account then make a join request in the game and put "Forum" in the message space.


Remember: Clans should be fun and friendly and is is important within school of dragons that you are in the correct clan for you. We're all different and suit different things, so remember, you don't have to join this clan, or any clan other clan, unless you want to.

Have a nice day everyone! I hope to see you all in game!


Please fill in the short application form below:








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Made by the amazing Fairy Godmother.

Drawn by me :)



Image result for komodo dragonImage result for bearded dragon

Komodo Dragon                          Bearded Dragon



Image result for draco volanImage result for chinese water dragon

Draco Volan                                   Chinese Water Dragon  




 Alex Mustard/NPL)Image result for dragonfly

Weedy Sea Dragon                        Dragonfly



Image result for armadillo lizard

Armadillo Lizard (surely this is a dragon too?)






Made by the talented NarixuZen.

Made by the talented NarixuZen

My dragons: (all drawn by me)

Misty - my main dragon.















Please note I always use reference pictures for my art which I always get from google images.

To be continued......(I have a LOT more dragons! XD

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Mel la
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Application Form

Application Form:


Viking name:


Trophy count:


UDT points:

Friend code (optional):

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Me! Me!


Viking name: Warriormoonwater

Level: 35

Trophy count: 300+

Activity: Everyday.

UDT points: 200,000+ (I forgot XD)


I hope I could join your clan! <3



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Mel la
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Sure :)

Sorry, I forgot to say please make a join request to Ring of dragon fire so I can let you join!

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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

Alright, sure! Thanks!

Also, my friend code is FCG2WN. Sorry I forgot XD