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Well a lot of people are doing this so I decided hey why not. It seems like a good way to get to know each other here and I'm still relitively know so why not let people get to know more about me.

So hit me with any question you can think of as long as it’s pg of course.


    Well hello all who happened to stumble across my sig. Allow me to allow me to introduce myself I am the great RHPenguin but you probably knew that already.


    I'd like to call myself a creator. I love createing stuff weather it's through drawing or writing. I also love to make people laugh and feel good so when your around me expect bad jokes to come too.


    You can find me here, the SoD discord or on my devant art page link here if you want to check me out.  https://rhpengui.deviantart.com/    

Down below are some of my httyd related OC's


  Main Viking OC: Raina Hakan Petra or just RHP

  This dude is a bit of a loon if I'm honest but what he may lack in sanity he makes up for with his heart. As the captain of the slightly  sunken ship the Blu Eel he travels from island in search of wealth and fame. He also has an obsession with mask.


  Main Dragon OC: Apple the grapple grounder

  Apple has a is a bit of a narcissist and can be a jerk sometimes. He does have a soft side however for his late family and is desperate to find more of his kind.

Done by me.


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1. Favorite OC of your own
2. Favorite OC of mine (if you know any)
3. Favorite dinosaur species
4. Favorite dragon species
5. Traditional or digital art?


Hi there! I'm


but on other media, I'm known as


Main Viking Name: HaileyTheHowler

Birthday: 10/30

Clan: Wulf Pack (Elder)

Friend Code: E41KF4

Main Dragons: Hunter & Skogvarg

Current Dragon Count: 30

Player since: 5/5/2017


   Hunter and Skogvarg by me


"What I saw was proof of everything I believed.

This wasn't a vicious beast, but an intelligent, gentle creature,

whose soul reflected my own."



Main in-game Dragon "Team"

(Not all of my in-game dragons)

1. Hunter - Male Timberjack (Main Dragon)

2. Skogvarg - Male Night Terror (2nd Main Dragon)

3. Willow - Female Woolly Howl (3rd Main Dragon & Racing Dragon)

4. Firetooth - Male Monstrous Nightmare (3rd Main Battle Dragon, Starter Dragon)

5. Stardust - Male Flightmare (2nd Main Racing Dragon, Starter Dragon)

6. Comet - Female Moldruffle

7. Dewdrop - Female (Tinytooth) Mudraker

8. Northwind - Female Snow Wraith (Main Racing Dragon)

9. Saltwater - Male (Tinytooth) Sand Wraith 

10. Earthtwister - Female Whispering Death (2nd Main Battle Dragon)

11. Hviskevind - Female (Shortwing) Stormcutter

12. Sprucetwig - Female Prickleboggle (Main Battle Dragon, Seedling Prickleboggle stand-in)

13. Spellbound "Scraps"  - Male Boneknapper  (Main Dreadfall Dragon)







My sona, Tone by me


Note: I make horrible first impressions


Red|She|Finnish/Dutch|INTJ|Ravenclaw|Grey Owl patronus|Artist?



PM whenever you want! ^^




Chandler Bing from F·R·I·E·N·D·is my spirit animal    




 If one might have a question!


ART By Others






Hailey the Howler

Garth the Great

Saga the Stonehard









The Foreverwing






Other Vikings


Hunter of the Wilderness

 (Hunter's backstory)

 (Re-written by my awesome friend, Oda)


 Other OCs 

 (Coming Soon)



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1. Favorite OC of your own: Oh that's a though one, it's like picking between my children. I'm going to have to go with Apple the grapple grounder mostly just because he is a narcissistic jerk that makes himself sound better than he really is.

2. Favorite OC of mine (if you know any): I’m going to say Willow though that may just be because I have drawn her and I love her colors.

3. Favorite dinosaur species: Definitely the crocoduck itself the spinosaurus. It’s just so weird looking for me to not love it.

4. Favorite dragon species: An odd choice but the Grapple grounder, a dragon that despite it being made when the first film no one seems to talk about. I’m here to fix that.

5. Traditional or digital art?: I draw better with a pencil but like how digital art looks more and I hope I can get better at it so my drawings can have that clean look.

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Cat's got my tongue, (literally)...

Hi all! I have a question and I'm pretty sure I know the answer, "No", but, can Speed Stingers fly in SoD? I know that they can't fly in HTTYD, but they do have tiny wing-like things on their back. Also if they can't fly in SoD then you can't race in Thunderun Racing with them right?


Do you need to know this? Nope. It's just my siggy


But welcome!


~!Weird Chicken Lady!~



I have many avatars, but this is my main:


Halianawind | gold and a half stars | female | level 36 (I love you level 35, have a nice retirement! | fishing level 18 | farming level 29 |


SoD anniversary is Nov. 7th (It'll be my 2nd anniversary)

Happy 1st anniversary to me! XD


About me (in SoD ;D)


I would write something about her past and story-stuff and everything, but I'm writting a book about all that after HTTYD3. ;)


I Have 38 dragons XD:


Firehex: male Sand Wraith


Arauramist: female Skrill


Oceanrock & Searock: female twin Razorwhips


Eagleye: male Deathsong


Heartstorm: male Triple Strike


Stormheart: female Triple Strike


Grimreef: male Singetail


Oceangreen: male Eruptodon


Mysteryfang: male Thunderdrum


Gingerblaze: male Timberjack


Aurorapine: female Fireworm Queen


Pitchmystery: male Gronckle


Midnightsun: female Armorwing


Seecle: female Groncicle


Stormshadow: male Whispering Death


Wizzperded & Dedperwizz: female & male twin Whispering Deaths


Stormbuster: male Elder Sentinel


Korinth: male Flame Whipper ( but I like to call them Mefla Pperwhi :P)


Neeka: female Deadly Natter


Underworld: male Snafflefang


Cheesecake: female Shockjaw


Friska: female Speed Stinger


Aariel: female Hobblegrunt


Solstice: male Woolly Howl


Batman: male Whispering Death


Willowbud: female Thunderdrum


Vladestar: female Dramillion


Xzaquen: female Deadly Natter


Rocke: male Typhoomerang


Haivren : male Moldruffle


Zie : female Whispering Death


Albatros : male titan Skrill


Halij : male titan Cloudjumper


Sparklenose: female Prickleboggle


Mayflower: female Scuttleclaw


and of course, Toothless ( but I renamed him Kitty :P)


Level 35 retired on the 4th of November, 2018

farewell, buddy :'(


What I love to do (in SoD)


flying around, adventuring, chatting, doing expansions, and others


Favorite charactor: Tuffnut

"If something is perfect, then it probably sucks." Tuffnut quoting Thor in Dragons, Race to the Edge, when they first find Dragon's Edge.


Habits of Mine



(and that about sums that subject up XDD)


And Now... a Little About ME




...probably one of the weirdest things you'll ever hear, besides weird potato people. But, I mean, seriously, they're just potatoes. What about the chickens, huh?! XDD


I also like lions.

But chickens rule.



I'm a writter, photogropher, and naturalist (mainly ;D)


I love to explore, write, photograph, and some other things


I write fanfiction and photograph nature.


...That was probably the most boring thing to read here. XDD


Other Things (XD)


My favorite type of dragon is a Skrill



Favorite class is... uhh... idk XD


I also have an account on Google Hangouts, but I'm more active on here and in SoD than there. xD

My name is Haliana wind there (I didn't say as well or something because on Google Hangouts it's Haliana wind, with a space XDD).


Umm... I play this on my Laptop? XD










Thanks for reading, please pet the chickens on your way out.

Thank you!



wait, that's not right... how'd that get there? xD



there we go. XD



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Yeah sorry the speed stinger is unable to fly at all in the game so you can’t race with them. I will say it is still worth getting them as there are stable quest that only they can do.

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Cool, thanks! Good to know!

Cool, thanks! Good to know!