Returning after... A year and a half?

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I couldn't play for a while because I had no space on my phone and my laptop won't play very well, but I got a better phone and my family got a good computer and I'm playing again now! I had loads of gems when I logged back in and got six mystery eggs, I got my Sand Wraith, my Typhoomerang and my Scauldron from them. I also got a month of membership and some gem packages to level my dragons up and play the expansions- my titans were levelled with gems, whoops. I dunno how to get the rune things... I have 2 dragons at or near level 20 (Nightmare and Skrill) so I can level them legit.


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Nymeria, adult female Scauldron

Dukaalmaar, baby male Monstrous Nightmare

Zobahnahkriin, baby male Hideous Zippleback


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Vokunmaar, adult female Flightmare

Hokoron, adult male Skrill

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Also, my Skrill used to have black wings (I based a Flight Rising dragon on him and he had black wings at that point), his wings are the same colour of his body now. Tried changing his colours and it didn't work, what happened?

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Oh, welcome back! I've never seen you before, but it's nice to have you here again. You can call me Lumina if you want. As for the Skrill, they changed the way colors appear on the body, so that's why your dragon may seem a bit off to you. 


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Gol hideate my subject...

I had the same thoughts when I returned. I thought things changed so much since I last played. I think I took a break for about a year..


Welcome back anyways! I hope you find it better now. :D






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