Return of the Hunters- Chapter 8

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S0, despite my resolution to try and do a chapter a week,

it's been a while since I have posted.

(School is much harder now that I'm not homeschooled.) 

I'll try to do better with this.


Chapter 8


   "Almost... Almost... Drop it there!" Fishlegs called. Annie, Ruffnut, and TUffnut were airliftig logs in, while Eret was partrolling the island. Astrid had left a few days earlier, and no one was quite sure where Snotlout was. That fact would probably result in choas sometime soon, but at the moment, nobody cared.

   The twins dropped their end of the log too soon, and Annie, Mist, and the other end of the log went into a slightly controlled fall. Coming up, she glared at them.

   "Be careful!" Fishlegs admonished.

   "Dragon Riders, to the northeast!" Eret called. He flew toward them from the other side of the island.

   "Who?" Ruff asked.

   The question wasn't answered, because Valka and Gothi landed.

   "That was the northwest." Annie raised an eyebrow. Eret shrugged sheepishly,

   "It's hard to tell directions from the air."

   "Gothi, what are you doing here?" Fishlegs asked. Gothi scribbled on a small pad, and he translated.

   "She says that she's here to see you, Annie."

   "Woah! You can understand her?" Tuffnut asked, intrigued.

   "Gobber's been teaching me."

   "Hold on. Why is she here to see me?" Annie asked. Fishlegs moved to translate, nut nefore he could, Ruffnut spoke.

   "Hello! You never get out of your saddle! Obviously she's here because your glued to it!"

   Fishlegs and Eret shared a look, but before Eret could cut off any other Thorston suggestion, Annie shrugged and said, "Best excuse I've ever heard. Glad you're here, Valka. We sure could use a leader."
   Gothi motioned for Annie and Fishlegs to follow her, and they went to one of the nearly-finished huts. Eret couldn't follow, but his eyes did for as long as they could.


   He found Annie by the river a few hours later, Mist nowhere in sight.

   "Good or bad news?" He asked, plopping down next to her.

   "I'm... I'm not sure." Annie admitted. She stared out at the river, not really seeing it at all.

   "She can help, then?"

   "Yeah." Annie took a deep breath. Eret waited for the other axe to drop.

   "She's not sure how long it'll take to heal." Annie looked at her hands, the tears in her eyes blinding her. "I won't be able to walk at all during the first little while, and I don't... I can't... I'm scared." She finally admitted. She let the tears run down her face. She was unsure of everything, nothing seemed to make any sense, she...

   She felt the reasurring weight of Eret's arm across her shoulder, and felt a bit better. Hard things were easier to get through when they were shared.

   High in her perch, a few feet away, Valka watched the exchange. She was still thinking about it after she had escorted Gothi back to Berk. She was telling Hiccup about what had happened. When she was done, he asked, "You think they might be the ones?"

   "Possibly. But I do not think you should mention it. The truth will come out in time."
   "I agree." Hiccup had a distant look on his face. 

   "But when will that time be?"