Return of the Hunters- Chapter 2

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So, this will probably never happen again, but I just finished a movie

and was in a great writing mood, so you're going to get two chapters this week!

I'm adding a lot of important details in this chapter, so please tell me what you think.

(Again, if you are a silent reader, pefectly fine.)


Chapter 2

     "Smidvarg!" Tuffnut called to his favorite Night Terror when they landed on the north beach of the Edge.

      "I'm guessing you didn't leave because everything burnt to the ground?' Eret asked.

     "Nope." Snotlout replied. Astrid landed.

      "Actually, the stables are intact, but we'll need to rebuild everything else." She announced.

      "We can stay here for now. And when Annie gets here we can finish the huts." Eret supplied. Hiccup had told them that Annie would meet them in a few days.

   Soon, everyone had a task to do. Snotlout and the Twins would find kindling for the next few days. (At least, everyone hoped they would, and hoped the trio wouldn't burn the forest down.) Fishlegs woulds get rocks for Meatlug and check the ruins for anything useful, and Astrid would take care of dinner. Eret was going to find fresh water. It was already late, and by the time he got back to the beach, it was dark. Everyone else was back, and it took him a second to realize what was wrong.

 No one was moving.

 Out of the corner of his eye, Eret caught a glimpse of blue. He turned, and saw a rider in black astride a Flightmare. They looked at him, then leaned over the Flightmare and whispered something.

    "The Guardian." Eret breathed.

  The black clad figure looked back at Eret before taking off. Dragon and rider moved as one in the inky black night. Coming up from behind, Skullcrusher nudged Eret's arm, and he hopped on, never losing sight of the Flightmare.

    "Follow them." He whispered.


They followed the rider to a patch of ocean fifty miles offshore. A dragon hunter ship was there. But Eret had a feelng the Guardian wasn't there to meet up with them. A secod later, he was proven right when the rider dove down to the ship, spraying mist everywhere.

Eret moved in to help, but before he could, the not-so-defensless ship shot a net at the pair. The Guardian was thrown off.

      "MIST!!!" They called, and fell into the ocean. The voice was familiar.

  The Flightmare struggled, but it was too late. It was drawn onto the ship and wrestled down, muzzled. Eret felt his blood boil, but there was nothing he could do.

     "Let's gets the rider." He said to Skullcrusher, and the two dove.

  The rider was sinking. Fast. Eret grabbed their hand, and Skullcrusher flew up and out of the freezing water. Eret pulled off the Guardian's mask. He nearly fell off when he saw who it was.

"You?" He whispered. But the kid needed to get warm, and a snowstorm was blowing in hard and fast. He saw the island, and directed Skullcrusher towards it.


 Annie felt something cold and hard beneath her. She tried to sit up, but every time she got up a few inche she was gently pushed back down. When she went down the second time, Annie noticed how hard she was shivering. Opening her eyes, she saw Eret nearby.

     "I can explain..." She started, but Eret shook his head.

     "You need to warm up first. I used to work up north. When the waters are that cold... I'm surprised you woke up this soon." Eret stopped before his voice could crack. When they had been flying back, the memory tugging at the edge of his mind had surfaced. He'd lost her once, and now he had nearly lost her again. Eret hated it.

    "Just don't scare me like that again, ok?" He smiled, but Annie sat up and looked at him.

   "I'm the Guardian."

   "I guessed as much when I saw you attack." Eret put another log on the fire.

  Annie's eyes went wide. The attack!

     "Mist!" She swung her legs off the bed and stepped forward, but went down on one knee.

    "Woah, hold on." Eret helped her up, but her legs buckled immediatly.

   "No use." Annie said, dejected. "It's been nearly a year since I could walk right. Why start now?"

   "That why Mist bonded with you?" Eret asked, helping her back to the bed. Annie shrugged.

   "She's blind. I'm her eyes, Mist is my legs. We work well together."

 Eret chuckled at the understatement.

    "That, you do."

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New Chapter

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