The Return of the Flightmare Story chapter 1-6

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This is my first time writing Fan-Fictions. I don’t know how good they are so please give feedback and thanks for reading. If I get some feedback that you like my story I’ll continue writing if not I might wrap it up.



Chapter 1

Dreadfall’s Coming

“We are starting off to the Dragon’s Edge”, a voice called out.

“Yeah I’ll catch up” I say looking down at my work.

“Arrr”,I groaned in frustration. 

“It doesn’t even look like a spider”, I say angrily, tossing the spider number three back to Flamewings my Fireworm Queen who happily heated it with her fire and sat on top of it.

It was Dreadfall and Hiccup had asked me to make the straw spiders as my mum the village seamstress was away. Unlike my mum and my ancestors I was no good at sewing much less anything around the house. Us vikings now celebrated Dreadfall without worries as the Flightmare is now gone, but many believe one day it will return.

“Come on Flamewings lets go and catch up to them, maybe checking out Dragon Edge will help to get my mind off this and rest will probably help”, I say grabbing my saddle bag and putting a fish, some bread, water and my journal in. 

“Flamewings you forgot your saddle”, I say dangling a saddle from my hands as my dragon was about to walk out of the door.

l rubbed her as she came over and fed her a fish. I took my night bag and the saddle bag and attached them to Flamewings saddle. I grabbed a warm cloak and wrapped it tightly around me walking to the door. I opened the door with a slow creak and walk outside and hop on Flamewings and we take off into the dark night distance. It was good felling the wind rush past my face and being able to touch the clouds again, this was the first time in a few days we had gone out flying as we were too busy helping out in the preparation for Dreadfall. Always a busy time. We flew for a hour before I spotted something.

“Flamewings down there”, I say steering Flamewings towards some dragons with their riders.

It was Rheilien, Hestia, Cathrine, Rina, Lia and Ame. All my friends. They were setting up camp for the night. 

“Right in time to help put up the tents”, a girl with long black hair a blue shirt and hunter dress called Hestia called out.

“You know when it comes to putting up tents I’m all thumbs”, I laughed as I slid of Flamewings back to help.

“I’m going to collect food and sticks for the fire”, Ame calls out and walks into the forest followed by Lia and Rina.

After a few minutes the fire was set and the food was ready but we still hadn’t got our tents up yet.

“Not that pole the other pole”,Rheilien calls out pointing to another pole for Sharpshot to get.

“That’s the pole I’ve been looking for”, I say taking a long pole from Sharpshot Rheilien’s Deadly Nadder.

“Someone help me nail down the strings please”, Cathrine called out flondering under the under the tent that she has got up but now had fallen down again.

“Coral come on give me back the sheets”, Hestia says chasing her playful Tide Glider.

“You really are all thumbs”, Rina says laughing and coming over to help us set up the tents.

“I retire, I’m going to go eat”, Cathrine says giving up.

“Yum! What are you cooking?”, I say catching a delicious scent coming from the campfire.

“Your favourite”, Lia says coming over to see how we were going.

 Crash! I dropped everything I was holding. 

“Shredded pork in your mum’s secret sauce and a side dish of salad with tomato oil dressing”, I ask drooling 

“Yep”, Lia says

“Bye”, I call running off

“Hey what about the tents”, Rina calls out as the rest of my friends follow me for dinner.

Chapter 2

The Long Trip


I groan and roll over in my makeshift bed.

“Wha”, I say sleepily taking in my surroundings. 

Then all of yesterday came back. I chuckled as I remembered the tents and started to drooling just thinking about dinner. I yawn and slowly climb out of bed trying not to disturb anyone. As soon as I got outside I grabbed my net and a small sachet and set out to find some breakfast. 

“Flamewings you coming?”, I ask as I walk past my Fireworm Queen who was lazing in the morning sun.

She hissed and got up and followed me down to the river. As we walked there I collected some nuts, berries and apples from the trees and bushes. 

“Perfect”, I mummer looking down at the small collection of food I had collected.

I glance at the river looking for perch and salmon or brown trout.

“Flamewings over there”, I say pointing to a corner of the river where some fish were swimming. 

She heated the water there with her fire and in no time all the fish there were jumping out of the river and into my net.

“Good job Flamewings”, I say tossing her some dragon nip I had found.

“Three perch, two brown trout, two salmon and a halibut”, I say whistling 

“That is our best haul yet”, I say packing up the fish.

I was putting the halibut one the river side for some other dragon to eat as all our dragons like halibut and will fight over it. As I look up Flamewings was giving me a pleading look.

“No you are not having the halibut that is unfair to the other dragons”, I say shaking my head. 

She gave me an even more pleading look and begged for the halibut.

“No... ok fine you can have but you better not tell the other dragons”, I say tossing her the fish.

As we got to camp I started to make breakfast. I washed the apples and the berries and diced the apples up and toss them in a bowl along with some crushed nuts. spare cabbage and corn from yesterday and I drizzled some tomato oil on top. 

“Small fire”, I say to Flamewings and she lit up the fire and I started roasting one of the perch.

“Yum! I smell perch”, Rina says getting out of the tent.

“Wow! What a meal”, Cathrine says following Rina out of the tent.

“Dig in”, I say taking a bow and indicating to the food.

“Gladly”, Rina says getting some salad.

“I hope they don’t wake up now”, Cathrine says with a smile “cause this is delicious”.

Soon all the clan was out and eating.

“You’re making all our meals from now on”, Rheilien says helping Hestia wash up after the meal.

“No I’m not Lia is still going to make the meals not me”, I say packing the dishes away. 

“I prefer hunting and dragon training not household things”, I say

“Isn’t sewing a household thing”, Lia asks coming over leaning on a tree.

“Guys you know that I wouldn’t really do it except cause mum is the village seamstress she makes me learn her trade”, I say playfully punching Lia on the arm.

“Come on guys we will never reach Dragon’s Edge at this pace”, Ame shouted from the back of her dragon.

“Coming”, We shout hurriedly packing up

Chapter 3

The Flightmare Algae


The sun glared down at us as we flew to Dragon’s Edge. I wiped some sweat of my forehead and fanned myself. 

“It’s so hot I vote we stop for the day and continue when it’s cooler”, Rina says taking a drink from her flask.

“No we have to continue I need to reach Dragon’s Edge tomorrow for the competition”, Ame says determined to go on.

We all agreed with her and went on in the hot sun. You didn’t want to make Ame angry because when she gets angry so does her screaming death and no one wants angry screaming death and it’s angry rider. I reach out for my flask and was about to take a swig when I realised it was empty.

“Hey guys I’ve ran out of water I’m going to stop for a refill you guys go on ahead”, I say turning Flamewings back towards a small lake somewhere behind us.

“Wait for me I also need to refill my flask”, Cathrine says turning her Death Song around to  me.

I landed by the river and bent down to refill my flask.

“Oh this water is ice cold”, I say splashing some on my red face.

Then an ark of water came at me splashing me on the face. 

“Hey”, I shout flicking some water back at Cathrine. 

“Water fight”, Cathrine declared and threw all of the water in her flask at me.

Soon we were tumbling around in the icey river. We played for hours before I finally glanced up at the sun.

“We better go or we won’t be able to catch up”, I say climbing out of the river. 

“Yeah Ame’s going to be so mad”, Cathrine says climbing out after me.

We flew for a while in the setting sun before coming to a big clearing near Dragon’s Edge. All of the others had landed there and was inspecting something. As we flew down to join them I heard worried voices discussing something serious.

“What’s wrong”, I ask as Flamewings landed and I slid of her back walking up to them.

“Look”, Rheilien says indicating to some glowing, blue puddle of algae on the floor.

I sucked in my breath it was Flightmare algae. 

“That is bad it might mean the Flightmare is coming back again or is terrorising Dragon’s Edge”, Cathrine says immediately jumping to a conclusion. 

“We should follow the algae maybe the Flightmare is going somewhere else”, I suggested.

“Half of us should go back and warn Hiccup just in case it is coming back”, Lia pointed out.

“Yes we should do that tomorrow it is getting late that means the Flightmare will be out soon”, Rheilien says looking at the setting sun.

We all started to set up camp way faster then yesterday. We had a quick meal of nuts and corn before going to bed. I jumped everytime the wind howled thinking it was a Flightmare coming to attack us. I soon decided that I couldn’t sleep so I got up and started recording our journey in my journal making sure I didn’t miss a thing.



Chapter 4

The Sighting of the Flightmare


I woke at dawn with my head on my lap in a awakward siting/sleeping position. The others were all ready up.

“Good morning sleepy head you’re finally up”, Rheilien remarks heading over. 

“We’re are all ready to go we’re having breakfast while we fly”, she continued 

“You, me, Rina and Cathrine are going to follow the Flightmare”.

I stood up and brushed myself off.

“Sure”, I reply getting on Flamewings.

“See you later”, Lia calls out as her group flies back to Berk to warn Hiccup.

Rheilien, Rina, Cathrine and I followed the Flightmare’s algae it seem to go on forever. But before it reached Dragon’s Edge it changed it’s corse following another river. 

“That’s weird”, Rina says looking down at the river.

“What’s weird”, Cathrine asks also looking down at the river wondering what was Rina talking about.

“The Flightmare it’s following the same river that it use to take”, Rina replied now looking worried.

“Oh no, that’s bad, very bad”, I say paleing on the spot.

“It’s heading to Berk”, Rheilien says looking up.

“Come on guys we will take a short cut and hope that the Flightmare didn’t reach Berk last night”, Rina says steering her Stormcutter Skydeck to a hole in the mountain. 

We flew through the night watching out for the other or the Flightmare. As we neared Dragon Island we saw the other riders.

“Down there”, I whisper to Flamewings and she flew down to the island and landed with the other dragons and their riders close behind.

The others instead of going to Berk had now landed at Dragon Island were following a trail of Flightmare algae it wasn’t leading to Berk but to the center of Dragon Island. 

“I am so glad your here”, Hestia says looking up as we land. 

“Rina what do you make of this”, Hestia asks.

“The Flightmare it isn’t going to Berk...”, Ame says But was cut if by a piecing wail close by. We all froze looking at the bushes then a blue Flightmare burst out from the bushes. It swooped from the bushes at the lake and sniffed it but it didn’t drink it. Glancing back the Flightmare let out another wail. Then it saw us.

“Run”, I scream diving for my dragon as the Flightmare sprayed its mist at us. 

I managed to reach Flamewing in time and she tosses me on her back and flew off. I look back at the others they had all managed to make it all except for Ame and Cathrine who had got hit.

“Flamewings”, I say urgently pulling my Firworm Queen around.

“No go we’ve got this for now, go get Hiccup we will need help”, Hestia shouted and her Tide Glider sprayed boiling hot water at the Flightmare keeping it at bay.

“Go Flamewings quickly we got to warn Hiccup they won’t be able to keep it at bay for much longer”, I say urging Flamewings on.

Then the Flightmare changed route and started heading to Berk.

“Hey you”, Lia says flying in front of the Flightmare.

Chapter 5

Behind the Riders’ Backs

“Hiccup, Hiccup”, I say running into the Great Hall.

“What November”, he asks glancing up from his work.

“The, the Flightmare...... it’s back”, I burst out.

As I said this the Hall seem to go dark and the flames flickered like a had blew on them.

The it went back to normal.

“Come on gang let’s get the Flightmare”, Hiccup says walking out.

Then I remembered the strange acts of the Flightmare.

“Hiccup it’s different this time”, I try to say but Hiccup cut me off saying

“We’ve got this”, and he walked out of the door.

At this moment the others landed.

“Oh my gosh you’re alright”, I say rushing over.

“Yeah”, Ame says shivering slightly.

“To be honest I thought that the Flightmare was going to get me”, Cathrine says

“Don’t worry we would never let that happen we’re friends right and friends always help each other”, Hestia says.

“Anyway did you tell Hiccup?”, Rina asks

“Yeah he went with the gang to stop it”, I say feeling awkward. 

“What’s wrong?”, Rheilien asks noticing my face.

I explained everything how the Flightmare didn’t drink from the river and it wasn’t right. And it went to Dragon Island instead of Berk.

“I think there is something else it’s following we diverted the river long ago and some of the times it wasn’t following the river at all”, I say hopping they would pick up my drift.

“I get what your saying and also Flightmare’s aren’t very smart dragons so how would it know that that river is the actual river it follows and follow the old path back again”, Rina says.

“And it also changed his route from Dragon’s Edge to Dragon Island to Berk”, Rina added.

The others nodded their heads getting the drift now.

“Somethings definitely not right”, Rheilien says.

“I say we go to the Flightmare before Hiccup and the others get there and we could do a bit of investigating”, Lia says slamming her hand on her palm.

“But they have got like the fastest dragons how are we going to catch up?”, Cathrine asks.

Lia smiled sneakily.

“Come on I think it’s time we pay a visit to the Twins” Lia says walking down to the beach.

As we neared a cave we could hear the twins fighting inside.

“How much coins have you got”, Lia asks checking her pockets and pulling out three gold coins.

“I’ve got two”, I say checking my coin pouch then pulling out two coins.

“I’ve got ten”, Hestia says taking out a coin pouch and pouring ten coins onto her palm.

“Here’s five”, Ame says pulling out five coins.

“I’ve got three”, Rheilien says taking out some coins from Sharpshot’s saddlebag.

“Ok twenty-three should be enough come on”, Lia says taking the coins and moving into the cave.

It was dark with pebbles littered across the floor and seaweed hanging from the ceiling. At the end of the cave there was a table with many opened crates around it.

“Visiters”, Ruffnut whispered to her brother elbowing him.

“Helloooooo how can we help you today”, Tuffnut says in a spooky voice.

When he saw Lia walk into the room his jaw dropped and we could literally hear his heart go bom, bom, bom. He was in love, we all made hearts shapes with our hands and said awwwww when Lia turned to us, she gave us a look like really and turned back around.

“I swear she blushed a little when we did that”, Cathrine says giggling.

“Totally”,Ame agreeded.

“We would like to know the quickest way to *Lia checks the map in her pocket tracing the path of the river* to Stinger’s Cove (named after a event that happened there but that for another day) please”, Lia says

“Sure”, Tuffnut says and pulls out a map from under the table and as his hand made contact with Lia’s a jumped up a little and let out a high pitched screech, Lia blushed and her face became a pink colour.

We nugged each other and giggled our suspicions of her date had been confirmed.

“What’s the price your going to name”, Ruffnut says pushing her brother aside.

“Five coins”, Lia says.

I look at her quizzly why not just give all our coins and be out of here.

“Sure five coins”, Tuffnut says reaching for the coins before Ruffnut shoved him aside.

“Twenty five coins”, Ruffnut says.

“Fifteen”, Lia says.

“Fine twenty or no map”, Ruffnut says snatching the map back.

“Deal”, Lia says handing over the coins and taking the map back.

We walk out of the cave into the sunlight. 

“Meet back here in five minutes with all the things you’ll need”, Lia says running off.

I fly back with Flamewings and added a warm cloak another loaf of bread and a bigger jar of water and I grabbed my bow and arrows and my sleeping draught and head to our meeting spot

Chapter 6

The Attack of the Wild Dragons


The caves were cold as we woke up. A windy breeze was coming through the front end of the tunnels. We quickly packed up

“That was the worst camping spot ever”, Rina says as we fly through the caves.

“Yes way worst than the day that we thought the Flightmare was coming back”, I agreed.

The sun was coming up as we neared Stinger’s Cave. The sun glow added another level 

of mysterious feeling to the already mysterious cave and its dreaded past. 

“I’m so surprised old Whispering Death tunnels actually led us here before the gang got here”, Rina says glancing ahead checking for the gang. 

“Come on, from my calculations the Flightmare should be sleeping here in the cave”, Lia says quietly approaching the cave.

We all silently creep along after her. We all let out loud gasps as we saw the surprises that lay sleeping in front of our eyes. 

“There, there, there are multiple Flightmare”, Cathrine hissed surprised as shocked as we all were.

Then we froze as the Flightmare closes to us started to stir.

“Come on we’ve got to warn Hiccup”, Rina hissed trying to be quiet as she ran to her Stormcutter Skydeck.

Now all the Flightmares had started to stir and one opened it’s eyes. We gasped and without thinking all sprinted to our dragons aware about the loud sound as our feet hit the gravel and thumping of fear in our hearts but we were unaware that Flightmare hadn’t saw us and was still sleeping until now. They all leapt up and let out long wails. We scream and fly away urging our dragons to go faster praying with all our hearts that the Flightmares don’t get us. Flightmares are one of the fastest dragons ecspecially when it is at Titan stage.  And unfortunately the leader of the Flightmare was a titan they were gaining on us fast. 

“I am too young to die”, Ame screamed afraid.

Apon hearing Ame’s words her Screaming Death went even faster determined to protect his rider. Then a booming horn sounded in the distance.

“That should be Hiccup and the gang”, Rheilien says relived but not for long.

The Flightmares flew infront of us and into the clearing ahead.

“What just happened”, Hestia says.

“That just happened Snotlout saves the day”, Snotlout says coming up behind us with the rest following him.

“We’re so glad you’re he...”, Ame says but then Hestia screams

“Flightmares! And riders?”.

“Get them I want all of them captured now”, a man on the Titan Flightmare says pointing at us.

We were all shocked and just stared at them in disbelief before Lia the quickest thinker shook out of her shock and shouted out “I don’t think so, everyone quick dive down to the forest lose them there”.

“Easier said then done”, Ame says she was in the biggest dragon a screaming death.

“Flamewings evasive menours”, I say as Flamewings dived to the trees.

I managed to keep a distance between them and me, then I heard a loud thud and Fishlegs screaming in terror.

I glance behind trying to see what happen then when I looked back infront there was a Flightmare.

“Flamewings back”, I call but it was to late Flamewings got hit.

She fell to the ground and luckily I didn’t get hit by the mist I immediately jumped off and stood in a protective stance infront of Flamewings. As Flamewings started to recover she moved her head slightly and pushed me away. 

“No I’m not going to leave you Flamewings”, I shouted.

She shook her head slightly and looked at me sternly telling me to go. As the man stepped of the Flightmare and walked to us, I look back one last time at Flamewings before she pushed me away and I started running through the dense forest tears streaming down my face. I wasn’t going to lose another dragon not again.

“Flamewings I’ll come back I promise”, I shout as the man’s Flightmare sprayed mist over Flamewings as she tried to stand and the man quickly tied her up.

I ran through the forest slashing the vines and branches that got in my way. After around a hundred metres I didn’t hear anything so I cautiously slow down and glance behind me. A bad move. BLAM!


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This is book one

This is book one called The Surprise of the Flightmare 

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Great Story! :)

This is a great story, I love it, I also love flightmares, keep up the good work! :)




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