Return to Dragon Island in SoD 2.0!

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Vikings saddle up your dragons and prepare for new adventures with the latest 2.0 UPDATE as you Return to Dragon Island, the place where it all began! Inspired by the newest season of the Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge, this expansion invites you to unlock the mysteries behind the looming fog, spreading across the seas of Berk. Best of all, while on this journey, you will go to unknown places that bring you face to face with old friends and foes alike! Are you be ready to return? Then PLAY NOW!


Join Hiccup and work alongside him, as he faces his first challenge as Chieftain of Berk, to protect the island from the horrible effects of the fog and reveal its source. Along the way you’ll be joined by Eret, and with his help you’ll face dragon hunters and encounter never before seen dragons; such as the Singetail and Eruptodon. Learn how to train these magnificent creatures with the help of Valka, and unlock their particular set of skills.


Track down Harald who is up to his old ways and retrieve the stolen item. It will be a scavenger hunts of sorts, as you acquire clues from people he has come into contact with and those left by his dragon It will all lead you to revisit forgotten islands and unearth new areas and the secrets held within!

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New Dragons? Enough said, I need this.


 Viking Name: Thoreus                    Clan: Glorison (Ex Leader)             Main Dragon: Meteorblast (Male Gronckle)

 Awsome art made by Primus04.

Favorite Dragons:Flightmare,Slithersong and Buffalord.      

Meteorblast and Thoreus by Syraza

                Meteorblast Made by Siren-Spirit                            Awesome art of Clayton by Sleepyraccoon                

HTTYD 3 Thoreus and Dad by Me


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Looks great!

I would love to play this! But one thing: the dragons look fine I the browser version, but not on mobile. I would love to play this on my iPad, but I won't without my Skrill, Azyru!


              She shall be the Chosen Child of Thor, given the power of Storms, and lead all Lightning Dragons into a battle that shall decide the fate of the Archipelago: Destruction or Freedom.



My Viking, Firesome, is the legendary child of lightning and thunder, which is the Great God Thor's main element hence her steed being the mighty Skrill itself. She is destined in a prophecy to one day be the queen of Skrill, leading them into battle against Drago Bludvist and his Dragon Army to unleash her full power of Lightning. And with her Skrill, Azyru by her side, almost nothing can take them down!


                                                    Strike Class Forever!












We will remember you, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Toothless!


Princess Twilight Sparkle and Mane 6

Oct. 10 2010 - Oct. 12 2019






Toothless and Hiccup

March 26, 2010 - Dec. 3, 2019







Ponies and Dragons forever!


Youtube Channel:



My Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw! (And Gryffindor!)


Or yet in Wise old Ravenclaw, if you a ready mind.

Where those are wit and learning

Will always find their kind.


Sorting Hat (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)



My Patronus: A Black Stallion




Here's some info about my Viking character: Firesome and my beloved Skrill soulmate, Azyru!



Name: Firesome

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Light Brown

Title: The Phantom Skrill Rider


Name: Azyru

Species: Skrill

Gender: Female

Color: Gray with Purple Highlights

Titan Wing Color: Black, white spines, and turquoise blue highlights

Eye Color: Violet

Viking Companion/Sister: Firesome





Azyru acts like a sister to Firesome. Always loving her and protecting her, but she also enjoys a bit of adventure every now and then. She was rescued by Firesome from Dragon Hunters who had planned on selling her to their dreaded leader, Viggo. Ryker had blinded her in one eye with his dagger, and she vows for revenge one day. She loves Firesome like a sister and will never leave her side.





Firesome arrived mysteriously on Berk on the back of the second most feared Dragon: the Skrill after hearing of the peace between men and dragon. Upon meeting Hiccup, he was so in awe at the bonding between Firesome and her soulmate dragon friend, a female Skrill called Azyru that he invited Firesome to train dragons for him while he is on guard for Dragon Hunters to take their leaders, Viggo and Ryker down and reclaim the Dragon Eye once and for all. Firesome has trained many dragons, common, rare, and new. 68 in all!


My Beloved Dragon Family:

1. Azyru - (Female Titan Skrill)

2. Spinetail - (Male Deadly Nadder)

3. Toothless - (Male Night Fury/Member)

4. Thunderwing - (Male Thunderdrum)

5. Grindheart - (Male Whispering Death)

6. Sweetie - (Female Gronkle)

7. Glowmist - (Male Flightmare)

8. Scorcher - (Male Typhoomerang)

9. Merida/Anna - (Female Smothering Smokebreath)

10. Tadashi and Hiro - (Male Hideous Zippleback)

11. Skipper - (Male Stormcutter)

12. Smaug - (Male Titan Monstrous Nightmare)

13. Geode - (Male Snafflefang)

14. Aurora - (Female Fireworm Queen)

15. Flynn/Rider - (Male Scauldron)

16. Sunset Shimmer - (Female Changewing)

17. Crusoe/Angus - (Male Raincutter)

18. Nyra - (Female Screaming Death)

19. Ragestorm - (Male Woolly Howl)

20. Stoick - (Male Rumblehorn)

21. Soren - (Male Sand Wraith)

22. Elsa - (Female Groncicle)

23. Milo/Rudy - (Male Speed Stinger)

24. Luna - (Female Moldruffle)

25. Shelly/Ellie - (Female Boneknapper)

26. Typhoonblast - (Male Sliquifire)

27. Snowdevil - (Male Snow Wraith)

28. Windswipe - (Female Razorwhip)

29. Apollo - (Male Deathsong)

30. Hydra - (Male Snaptrapper)

31. Discord - (Male Devilish Dervish)

32. Kendra - (Female Chatastrophic Quaken)

33. Shira - (Female Armor Wing)

34. Kion - (Male Prickleboggle)

35. Sharpwind - (Male Timberjack)

36. Arlo - (Male Night Terror)

37. Sylvia/Galadriel - (Female Slithersong)

38. Stormfin - (Male Shockjaw)

39. Pigwidgeon - (Male Hotburple)

40. Yoshi - (Male Grapple Grounder)

41. Godzilla - (Male Thunderpede)

42. Higgins - (Male Scuttleclaw)

43. Iceflame/Borealis - (Male Shivertooth)

44. Sonata - (Female Tide Glider)

45. Voltage - (Male Skrill/Azyru's firstborn son)

46. Firespirit - (Male Singetail)

47. Lavastone - (Male Eruptudon)

48. Shattermaster - (Male Gronkle/Dagur's lost dragon)

49. Coral - (Female Sweet Death)

50. Shadowbolt - (Female Skrill/Azyru's daughter)

51. Willowbreeze/Flicka - (Female Windwalker)

52. Stryka - (Female Night Fury/Sand Wraith cross-species)

53. Sulley - (Male Shovelhelm)

54. Blazer - (Male Monstrous Nightmare)

55. Adagio - (Female Deathsong)

56. Aria - (Female Slithersong)

57. Scourge - (Male Terrible Terror)

58. Silverstrike - (Male Silver Phantom)

59. Buffie - (Male Buffaloard)

60. Icebane - (Male Skrill/Azyru's third-born son)

61. Padmè - (Female Flame Whipper)

62. Yakone - (Male Mudraker)

63. Wynter - (Female Triple Stryke)

64. Dreadfall - (Male Titan Flightmare)

65. Thor - (Male Elder Sentinel)

66. Neytiri - (Female Sentinel)

67. Sharpclaw - (Male Grim Gnasher)

68. Gantu - (Male Dramillion)

69. Inferno - (Male Fire Terror)

70. Silverstream - (Female Light Fury/Member)

71. Tigerclaw - (Male Deathgripper)

72. Ronno - (Male Crimson Gorcutter)

73. Bunga - (Male Hobgobbler)

74. Riley - (Female Night Light/blue eyes)

75. Hiccup/Bing Bong - (Male Night Light/green eyes)

76. Joy - (Female Night Light/green eyes)

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First Quest Not Showing Up

Basically what happened was I started the quest, but then I had to log out for a bit and when I came back the quest was gone!! This is the very first quest, the one that begins the expansion. I have a 1 month free membership so is it because of that? Will I have to buy the expansion?

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A few more details...

Sorry about that, Viking! We'd be more than happy to help with this. To start, which platform are you using to access the game - mobile, downloadable, steam, web browser, etc?  If you're playing from your computer, have you already tried clearing BOTH your unity and web browser cache, using the instructions here:


Also, could you confirm that you've already checked the quest list in your journal to see if it’s still marked as active and if you have already tried going back to the original quest giver to see if you could start over? If none of those options help in starting the expansion quests, let us know by replying here with your username and name of your in-game Viking. This will allow us to review this further as it does appear to be specific to your account. Thanks!

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I'm not able to enjay this expansion because i can't log in. It says my username and password don't match which i've been using for ages. Selecting forgot password doesn't work. I hope the bug fixing team will sort this out soon.



Zorro The Beast, Male Vampire Viking

whose immortality was stripped away. Still needs blood and other perks of being a vampire are still there.A little photophobic, but sunlight doesn't kill me.


I live in a secret base in Ice Storm Island as the sun is not the primary source of light there. You can only find me if I want you to find me.





                    Ruthless face to face combat. As you can see from my profile picture.                                Helscorp My Triple Stryke Is my      usual physical battle  companion.




                 Can also be an assassin who operates in the northern snowy areas.                        Have to change into my Snow Wraith

                 armour. Accompanied by Frostbyte, my titan Snow Wraith for this.



                  Assassin who operates in the night whose targets are those at             sea(i.e on ships).Have to change into  night fury armor. Getaway Dragon for this is                                   Electro my titan shockjaw who will  wait for me underwater waiting for me to complete my task.


                       Can hardly see me, can you?


              This is Electro.



                     I hunt to feed with Predator, my deathsong. It becomes really easy because he traps my prey.                                  Danger, my other  deathsong is young. She is still learning.


                  I can even can even cause Mass destruction. I can level entire villages and destroy multiple                     Armadas.

                   I just ride Hunterbolt, my titan skrill for this.



That destruction in the background is only a taste of what Hunterbolt can do.



No doubt you've gathered that i'm a formidable viking and Dragon trainer. So, don't make an enemy out of me whether a single person or an entire village. No matter how powerful you are, i am better.


If you mess with the ones i care about, Your death wil be swift. I don't beleive in the make you suffer crap. I just eliminate threats.


Be warned. Don't get on my bad side.




My Dragons:


Death Claw (raincutter)

Groundswimmer(whispering death)


Whiptail(Titan deadly nadder)



Air slasher(razorwhip)

Danger(deathsong )

Flamethrower(monstrous nightmare)

Gas Bomb(hideous zippleback)

Thorn(devillish dervish)

Boulder(snaffle fang)

Frostbite(Titan snow wraith)

Electro(Titan shock jaw)

Cutie(Whispering Death)


Aegiswift(Sand Wraith)

Hunterbolt(Titan Skrill)


Moonwing(silver phantom)


Helscorp(Triple Stryke)

Silver Lining(razorwhip)

Torch(Monstrous nightmare)

Bonegrinder(Snaffle Fang)

Helsplosion(Hideous Zippleback)

MegFart(Hideous Zippleback)


Freyrs Bane(Skrill)

Rock Wrecker(Gronckle)


Joro(Sand Wraith)

NOTE:  Their names are in their colour.


Zorro the beast

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Same thing

The same thing happened to me. Checked the quest list. Checked several quest givers. They are no longer there like i never even started the quests. Headmaster has nothing. Im on an iPad so no clearing cache features. Uninstalled and reinstalled. 


I sent you more detailed info in a PM


username: Maijic

viking name: Maijical



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We look forward to hearing from you :D

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*banner by Silence*


In-Game Pictures


Me, Stiger23, Silence, and themasterplan47

(All above Photos by Sitger23)


Gifts Made for Me

Thank you to everyone who has made me a gift. I treasure them!


Crest by Silence  |  Viking by Carmine  |  Viking by Heather Moonlight

Dragon by Rebicar  |  Finnic by theMASTERplan47


Dragon by Moondragonfox  |  Herman by theMASTERplan47

Irwynn by Stiger23


Thank you all for the amazing gifts!!!



Lovingly Adopted to the Family



Find many of my adoptables on my Viking Website!

Maijic Mayhem

The site is under construction,

but you will be able to see the dragons on my adoptables page.


Diceon gifted to me and made by StrawHatAlex!


DragonBots by Kelcyk123


Lahav - Happy go lucky, excitable dragon :) He enjoys following me around but gets distracted easily.


Furies by Defy

*Art and Species by Defy*

Name: Buttons (Be careful, he likes to steal your buttons)

Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Fury


About Woolly Furies

Nope nope nope this is not woolly howl! This is the first and unique Woolly Furies!It is a hybrid between nigt fury and woolly howl and I think the result turned out very nice. These cute creatures are completely covered with soft fluffy wool so you will be pleased to fondle your dragon. These cuties have another interesting feature. All woolly furies know how to pull teeth just like Toothless! Flame all the same and pinkish. --Defy


*Art and fan species by Defy, nightfury species by HTTYPD*

     Name: Magma                                                                                                                                                          Name: Bandit

     Gender: Male                                                                                                                                                             Gender: Male

      Species: Boulder Fury                                                                                                                                    Species: Nightfury


About Boulder Furies     

Charming creatures with indomitable energy. These dragons have a very tough skin covered with plates.

They are a little inferior in speed to other furies but the flame does not compare with others. Only Spirit Furies exceed their temperature and power. Boulder Furies dig and eat small pieces of rock like gronckles. They are very cute and love spending time with the rider. -- Defy


*Art and fanspecies by Defy*


Name: Axel

Gender: Male

Species: Spirit Fury


About Spirit Furies:

And now say Hello to the first ... Sprit Furies!!! Yeah yeah you read that right! Why Spirits? Because they are totally transparent and remind spirits. They look like ghosts , have a huge glowing eyes and a strange glow inside. But actually these are REAL dragons which you can touch and even fly with them. They like to hover above the ground like ghosts and in this  posture to follow the rider. This is one of the largest furies and have the most enormous wings. They are very proud and want to constantly be with only rider.This is a very rare and dangerous dragons. Usually attack luminous deadly flame. --Defy


*art and fanspecies by Defy*

Name: Ruffina


Calm and warm. Ruffina has a very warm nature and she always gets along with all the dragons. She doesn't like squabbles and never comes into the fight with other dragons. Ruffina is very fond of little dragons and always protects them. She's very affectionate. --Defy


My lovingly Adopted Aquaborealis

from Spy aka 1flower

*Species and lineart by 1flower*

*color by 1flower and kcrockett*


I have permission from Kcrockett to put her dragons in my signature. Here is a list of them:

Nova (Trahveller's mate), Tide Pool (Nova & Trahveller's son), Coral (Drevis & Kiwi's daughter), Drevis (Kiwi's mate), Damon (Aryia's mate), Azog (Raeyan's mate), Thresh (Raeyan & Azog's son), Drakis (Verde's mate), Koba (Shamaya's mate), Mist (Ripple's mate), Tundran (Leena's mate), Sapphire (Puck's mate), Dawn (Jekyll's mate), Willow (Regal's mate), Glacius (Máni's mate), Tito (Raynelle's mate), Neon Lake (Twilight's mate), Zeus (Artemis' mate), Iris (Larkin's mate), Silver Mist (Morris' mate), Cyra (Draven's mate).


I also have permission from Maddness to have her dragon in my signature.

Rivercloud (Fleur's mate)


Babies who have now grown up:


Additional Bases:

Full Grown Aquaborealis and their Mates:



From right to left: Trahveller (Maijic), his mate Nova (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Daughter Laylah, Son Tide Pool (Kcrockett)



Lohlaa (Maijic) and her mate Neptune (Krockett)

From right to left: Ignatius (Kcrockett) his mate Glimmer (Maijic), and their son Pyrrhos (Krockett & Maijic)


From Right to Left: Drevis (Kcrockett) and his mate Kiwi (Maijic), and their daughter Coral (Kcrockett & Maijic).

*Kiwi is the Daughter of Glimmer and Licht, Step daughter of Ignatius*

From Right to Left: Damon (Kcrockett) and his mate Aryia (Maijic). Dazran (Maijic) Son of Damon and Aryia


Raeyan (Maijic) and her mate Azog (Kcrockett)

Raeyan and Azog's twins, Rain and Storm

Raeyan and Azog's other hatchling

Thresh (belongs to Kcrockett)

From Right to Left: Verde (Maijic) and her mate Draksis (Kcrockett)


From Right to Left: Shamaya (Maijic), and her mate Koba (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Fleur, Shamaya and Koba's daughter.

Forest, Fleur's son, And Fleur's mate Rivercloud (Madness)

Ripple (Maijic) and his Mate Mist (Kcrockett)


Leena and her daugher with Cursed Eclipse, Calliope

From Right to Left: Puck and his mate Sapphire (Kcrockett) 


Jekyll ^_^ He has a split personality.

and his mate Dawn (KC)


Regal and his mate Willow (KC)




Acai, my little berry boy ^^ He likes roofs


Máni & his mate Glacius

Raynelle & her mate Tito

Twilight, her mate Neon Lake (KC) and her daughter with Denim, Artemis


Larkin and his mate Iris (KC)


Caspert (name pending)

Morris the Melanistic (Maijic) and his mate Silvermist (Kcrockett)

Pyrrhos (Kcrockett and Me) and his mate Cassiopeia, she is blind, and has two tails :D

Cassiopeia was a queen that bragged about her beauty. Though my Cassi is not vain, I thought she deserved a name that was as beautiful as her.

Cassi's daughter with Zyock, Nesoi. She is partially blind

and needs to be in water a lot or her skin will dry out. 

Pyrrhos' son, Canicus. He likes to Growl ^^ (Mother, Crescent)


Draven, my partially tamed wind elemental.

He visits, and terrorizes me. But I love him!

And his mate Cyra, owned by Kcrockett

And Daenerys, their daughter :D


Aquaborealis species belongs to 1flower. Most of the art and coloring belongs to 1flower. Some have been colored by Kcrockett. I used to know which were which, but have since forgotten.

Nova, Ignatius, Drevis, Coral and Damon all belong to Kcrockett.

They are just visting their mates on my signature.





My Smoothskins

*Art and Species by Me*


                          Name: Lemon                                                                 Name: Lime


Name: Puff



Joined: 06/12/2016
When is this update out?I

When is this update out?I REALLY want to go to dragon island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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It's out now!

The update is out now... go check it out and let us know what you think!

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We have a problem

Hey we have a problem after saving skudler i had gone to the lab and done the quest there, now there are no more quests PLEASE HELP D:!!!!!!!!!!!


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Image result for Triple stryke gif

Encounter a Fantasy here
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Some Background light on me:

Name:Velterox Viking

Class specialist: Tidal,Strike
Dragon:Grimcore (Triple Stryke)
Description: Im from the coldest parts of the archipelago, 
decided to sail to berk in hopes of learning about dragons 
more, was gobbers right hand man in the shop when hiccup 
Was cheifing, then is currently being valka's apprencance 

Adding more here soon...

My Youtube:
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OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I can't wait to buy this expansion. I absolutely love doing the expansions, they are so much fun. Thank you guys so much.  I have been anticipating this for quite some time. So excited it is finally out.


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nor jewels, nor works of art.

They cannot be held in your hands-

They're held within your heart.

For worldly things will fade away

As seasons come and go.

But the treasure of true friendship

Will never lose its glow.

(Poem from the Disney movie Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure)


(From the song Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover)


HPowers banner by Gertie Gazoo



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About Me:


The first and most important thing you should know about me is that I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I enjoy studying the Bible and learning from it. I live by Bible standards and strive to apply Bible principles in my life everyday. Of course, I'm not perfect and would never claim to be. However, when I make a mistake I do my best to learn from it and then do my best not to repeat it. I apologize when neccessary and accept correction where it's needed. I happily talk about my religion and beliefs with others but I don't force it on them. If they aren't interested or tell me they don't want to talk about it, I respect that.

For more information on Jehovah's Witnesses, for answers to your Bible-based questions, or for information on a varity of topics, some of which  include: animals, countries, how to deal with bullies, how to have a happy family life, how to make real friends, and depression, please visit



Favorite Colors: Purple and Pink


Favorite Food: Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and almost anything Chocolate (I say almost anything because there are some things chocolate I don't like. For example chocolate covered cherries)


Favorite Music: Country, Pop, and Disney Songs


Favorite Seasons: Spring and Summer


Favorite HTTYD Characters: Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Tuffnut


Favorite Things To Do: read, sing, listen to music, play computer games, video games, board games, card games, watch tv/movies, and spend time with my mom and sister


Things I Collect:  Books, Dvds, Cds, stickers, stuffed animals, Star Wars stuff, and dolls (dolls I collect include Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Moxie girls, Disney Princess and others)


Favorite Dragon Species: Furies(Night Fury, Light Fury, and NightLights)


Favorite In-Game Dragons: Woolly Howl, Windwalker,  Sand Wraith, and Deadly Nadder


Favorite Vegetables: Corn and Potatoes


Favorite Fruits: Grapes and Bananas


Please Note: I do not have Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media. If you wish to contact me, here on the forum or in game are the only ways to do so.(I've had some people ask me about this so I decided to add this to my siggy.)


Star Wars Favorites

(Yes, I must have a favorites section devoted to Star Wars XD)

Female Characters: Leia, Padme, Ahsoka, and Rey

Male Characters: Luke, Han, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda

Droids: R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, and K2-SO

Villians: Darth Vader and Kylo Ren

Clone: Captain Rex

Ships: Han x Leia, Anakin x Padme, Cassian x Jyn, Finn x Rey, Kanan x Hera






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Let us know what you think!

That's so great to hear and we are so excited to hear more about what you think of this latest addition to SoD!

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Warning! Spoilers May Be Ahead!

I just finished it and I abslolutely loved it! I liked the music when you were shooting fireballs in the volcano with the eruptodon. It felt like I was watching a movie and it was a really intense action scene. That's what the music reminded me of. I loved all the quests. The story line was so interesting. I also loved the fact that there was more interactive things like being able to solve puzzles and the scavenger hunt. I can't wait for the next expansion to see what kind of egg it was at the end. That was an amazing cliffhanger. Good job guys!

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I finished it!!!! It was

I finished it!!!!

It was awesome. I love all the cutscenes!!!


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(Art done by catiedragons!)


Spiral is a rather hyper whispering death, coming up to the surface more than often to scare my chicken. He is still young, just big enough to ride on which may explain most of the hyperactiveness. Like most young whispering deaths, his teeth are hard to control, sometimes sending him haywire when he is underground, but for the most part he can control it. These two features make him an amazing racer. Due to his his hyperactiveness he can go faster than most dragons, still struggling though to always stay in control. This is something we are working on, but it's diffucult with a whispering death. (Don't judge me) If you notice, he has a scar in the corner of his tail. This is because of a large rock falling onto him when he was younger. The only way he could get out was by burying under it, but he ended up cutting his tail with a sharp edge of the rock. He still avoids larger rocks, being agressive to them, even though it doesn't scre them away.  I still hope that he can eventually become in more control of himself, but I don't mind it much right now. I can't say the same for my neighbors....



(Art done by nightfuryatom4!)

Chicken. He is my chicken. Whenever someone sees the chicken they ask, "Will you eat him?" The answer is no. So never ask that question. You'll seem He can often be found waddling behind me in my posts, but he mostly lives in my subject, no matter how many times I tell him to leave. 




Aquaborealis: (By Spy and Kcrockett)




Darwin my Aquaborealis!



Riptide my Aquaborealis!






Riptide in a chibi base! 



(I have removed Midnight as Riptides mate and my signature out of respect for her owner)

Moonstone! Daughter of Midnight and Riptide!



Ashur! Son of Riptide and Crescent!



Lilie! Daughter of Riptide and Mossy Vapor!








Cirrus! Son of Rivercloud and Fleur!






Tirian! My Albino!





Brakebone: (By Sky and Ocean)









Pan Puffle: (By Sky and Ocean)







Spike Rollers: (blackpanther for idea/Nightmarerebuff for lineart)





The Thunderthief (Wutend Bonfire)




The Chiropan: (Nightmare Rebuff)


This Chiropan is based off a....Tiki!

Dale my Mountain Jackoat by ScarfyWings!



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Did it end with

Did it end with that strange egg from Dragon Island hatching? I didn't see what hatched out of it, and I'm wondering why kind of dragon egg it was. It would be a bummer if we never found out!

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same, i Hope they really

same, i Hope they really didnt intend that



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Glad to hear you enjoyed the expansion! We'd love to hear your favorite parts and scenes! Just don't forget to warn for spoilers! We want all vikings to enjoy this adventure!

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Getting It Today!

I'm getting gems for the expaansion. So excited for the new quests & dragons! I really need this.








Viking ID Card made by catiedragons (below), thanks! 








  My Bouncie Collection :D








ALL Bouncies were made by the FABULOUS... Defy!




Beautiful picture of my Viking by DuskDayBreak! Thanks!



Awesome pic of me and SeaWeed by GloryBringer! 


SeaWeed, base by SlowLeopard

SeaWeed, By the talented AngNadder!



SeaWeed by WitcherForever, thx!


SeaWeed, edited my me, base by MegaBoltPhoenix

(thx for letting me use it!)





Both Edits by Heather Hofferson I, thank you!



GoldShard, edited by me, base by MegaBoltPhoenix!

(Thx for letting me use it!)




Seaweed and me, done by one of the best, ToshiLoshi!

Thank you!



Incredible Art of SeaWeed, by the awesome ItisRandom!




Incredible picture of GoldShard by the endlessly amazing 

WitcherForever! Thx!



Fantastic Art of my viking by the talented




Beautiful headshot of GoldShot (I know all the golds XD)

by Natalie Stormweaver!


Awesome headshot of GoldShard by the amazing,

Dragonrider34! Thx!



Really cute Sand Wraith gif by LilacDragonTrainer!



Beautiful (and awesome XD) Night Fury Blinkie

by the wonderful Nessie! Thank you!




Mr. Mischievous/Male, the Terrible terror,

adopted from WitcherForever!



FireForge/Male, the Tusked RockSpringer,

adopted from LadyBrasa, thx!







BlueDew/Female, the Gill Grunter, 

adopted from Infinity123456, thx!

(and altered version of him)



NeonSpray/Male, my Oceanic SeaSong, adopted 

from Adopto66, thank you!


CandyCury/Male, my Night Stinger, adopted from 

Hellen the Dragonologist! Thx!




S'mores/Male, my Noelani, adopted from Hootowlliighbulb, 

thank you!


Amberlyn/Female, my Alboraptor, adpted from 

MegaBoltPhoenix! Thank you!


Luma/Female, my jelly-bean-crossed-with-a-slime-looking

-creature (xD), adopted by xXPhinaXx! Thank you!




Random GIFs and PICS








In the middle of nowhere...
























Clan Pride :)




(Above) By Izzy Sparrow

(Above) By Flower of the Sea


(Above) By Pedz


All credit for banners goes to the vikings who created it!




Just finished all of the expansions, including the Return to the Dragon Island one ( which was awesome! ). 

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      My Night Fury :)





Name: Gold Shard

Gender: Female

Type: Rare Night Fury

Personality: Defensive, caring, loyal, daring, etc.

Colorings: Mostly gold markings, body is pale white






All credit goes to their rightful owners!


YOU made it to the end! Hope you Enjoyed!

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I think id enjoy this

I think id enjoy this expansion if the quest giver actually would give me the quest...ugh



ey, for once a weird rare bug recived right after relese WAS NOT FATAL!

applaud yourselves devs!

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Awesome expansion! I loved it! Some awesome missions, and I made a new best friend, too - say hello to my Singetail, Skydive!


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Share your thoughts!

That's great to hear! We're glad you enjoyed the expansion! It seems you had a great time and your Singetail looks awesome!

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I love the expansion, but

I love the expansion, but Stoick is no longer in-game! Now that Valka has come, Stoick is gone!

I am so sad, but it was a great expansion! Thanks admins!












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I love the expansion, but

I love the expansion, but Stoick is no longer in-game! Now that Valka has come, Stoick is gone!

I am so sad, but it was a great expansion! Thanks admins!

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Excited to play when I get home. Now I understand why they gave out the free memberships xD



Do you want art like this of your viking?

You can throw a request my way on my request thread!




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I love the expansion, but

I love the expansion, but Stoick is no longer in-game! Now that Valka has come, Stoick is gone!

I am so sad, but it was a great expansion! Thanks admins!

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I love the expansion, but

I wish Stoick could stay for new vikings, and valka could only come once your viking was past a certain level

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Oh, sorry for posting same

Oh, sorry for posting same thing so many times!  xD accident

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It was an amazing expansion! I loved it! Thanks admins. :D

But I'm a little bit upset about that we didn't get a proper size stormcutter, like Cloudjumper.. :|




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Hi Iera! Thanks for sharing with us! We're glad you enjoyed the new expansion! We always enjoy hearing what you guys think about the game!

Joined: 07/07/2016
Hello! I need help.

Hi Brynjolf! I really need help with this update, i finished all the quests except one! Which doesn't exist to me. The Dragon Cry quest that Eret gives you, didn't show up! I tryed to click on Eret, but nothing happened! Please help me.

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Loved the expansion! Normally I'm not so much into them but this one was definitely fun. I love these immersive things.

Aside from the lil' bugs in the beginning which are inevitable, I played through it without encountering something game-breaking. 

I only have to say that I'm not a fan of those escort-y quests in which you have to follow a character that walks slowly. It gets boring really fast, and I just want to advance! The escort quests in which a character follows you are much better, as I can just keep running without having to stop and wait for the sluggish friend to catch up every second ;_;

Also, I LOVE the eruptodon! It's huge and has a lot of fun colouring options available. Imagine this guy as a titan, though. Whew. And the Green Death? It looks super sweet. Please give whomever worked on that one a raise because it looks fantastic.


Anyway, well done. This one definitely dwarfs the other expansions.


Also, since a time-skip happened, will we expect new models for the NPCs happening sometime? That would be sweet. (And maybe a relevant age-upgrade for the player characters as well? :3)


Small Signature Squad-- because we don't hate people and neither should you.

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Hi Varku!

Thank you so much for your feedback! We love to hear from you guys! We're glad you had fun with the adventures and that you enjoyed the new dragons. I will pass along your feedback and suggestions! Thanks!

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No problem! Thanks for passing it along!


I did forgot to mention that the game seems a bit more unstable after the update. My game usually doesn't become unresponsive and crash, but yesterday it did about 6 times. I'm not sure what actually triggers it, but 3 of the crashes happened when I was turning in quests. Maybe that narrows it down a bit.


I'm using the DL client on Win8.1 Pro. I'll see if some other program causes incompatibilities as I admit that I do have way too many programs open at one time. hehe.


Edit: Another crash! I caught the log.

I don't think anything on my PC triggers it. At least, I haven't found anything relevant yet.

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Memoryheads Will Set Me Free


I just finished the new episodes of RTTE, now I get to do this! =D


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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

And there we are-- the official announcement! Hopefully the sign that my game wont be ridden with bugs when I first log in. :3

In all seriousness though-- hoppin` right in-game to check this out!!! 



Click on Stella to go to my Flight Rising page!


~Artwork Done for Me by Others/Adoptables~

My Night Fury OC StormCloud, and my Storm Fury Foxy by ImmortalViking and Defy Hord respectively.


This banner is also made by ImmortalViking!


((If I missed someone`s artwork/missed giving credit please PM me and I can fix it! Thanks!))

((Images/GIFs and sprites (excluding custom artwork) found off Google. I take no credit for it.))

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Leme Win
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                                                  ~and Phantom R is now Jaehaeerys :v

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I just finished and it was AWESOME! Love the n3w dragons, which I named Ares (SingeTail) and EruptoRock (Eruptodon).  Cliffhanger was really cool with blue orb/egg. But is that the end? You guys really outdid your selves...

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what happened

was it supposed to be a cliffhanger,  what happened with the blue orb,  it just kinda didn't finish I. thought I supposed to go to heather with it to find out what was in the blue orb,  I'm left with more question then answers when it comes to the blue orb,  yeah I kept expecting a ending but it seemed to of just stopped, except for the repeating solve the gas quest that reappears each time I go into the game,  is there anything you can tell me? would be greatly appreciated, thank you 











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yeah, me too

yes I have the exact same repeating quest after finishing this expansion with my main viking.


As to the Mysterious Egg, now we have the fun of speculating on its contents until the next update expansion....

Could it be a big alpha like a red or greeen death?

Could it be something else...?

Could it be,

         just maybe,

                a Night Fury!


Vikings of Oceania Clan

Rolly snoozes in the dragon nip patchGO Team Valor!

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I don't know about that. Maybe it's a glitch or bug. I also think that the egg might be a Red/Green Death.

Titan Snow
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Too expensive

 I can't be a member and I haven't got so many gems, so please, tell me how can I buy it?



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                                                               Shark (Shivertooth)  and Jungle Dino (Rain Cutter).







    All dragons are beautiful and cool.



but I like an anime too called: Fairy Tail

    Igneel the king of fire dragons



Happy (cat), Lucy and Natsu


 I really love dragons * -*  XD



how many pokemon there are?!  0.0



 They are awesome!!  XD



    I really liked the books and Gooo PEETA!!!!!!!!


  Bye, have a nice day  ^__^


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This is getting old.

I'd love to buy the new expansion and see it go well.  I really would.  Unfortunately, I'm having a lot of trouble trusting a game that has burned me several times already.


I thought I was getting a fix to a ticket that's been sitting waiting for 6 months today and I end up stuck just a couple feet further down the track, and as far as I can tell I couldn't do anything differently.  

I can't tell if "Berk Defense" is an extension of my previous problem or if Berk's map being set for the 2.0 update removed the amber I need for this quest to function.  


Additionally, I had a teenage dragon level to 10, but I have not been able to find the "rank up" quest anywhere.  Did the level change and I didn't notice an announcement, or is it likely one more glitch to the pile?


I'd be happy to update my game ticket with further details, but only once I have written conformation from a forum admin that it will be forwarded to a programmer within the week for handling and not put on the backburner.  For 6 months.  AGAIN.  I'm sorry if I sound bitter here, but the first ticket fix only seemed to be handled after I called your office building and left my ticket number in a phone message.  Seriously, that's not okay.

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Based on new evidence I believe that both of the major quest issues are directly related to the expansion, as it seems multiple people are having the same issue;


Any tips on getting this fixed for us in the near future then?

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Tamra Diamond
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Leveling up dragons

Hey I have same problem as you with leveling up my dragons! I have one baby dragon in level 5 and one teen dragon in level 11 but Hiccup doesn't want to give me leveling up quest and also when I go to the hatchery it wants me to pay gems for it. I don't really know what to do, I tried everything - contact support team, reinstalling game, clearing unity cache, play on different devices...and no effects. If I have to pay gems for EVERY single leveling up from will drive me crazy for sure




Ciaossu! ^^

I don't play SoD anymore, used to also play Riders of Icarus and Soulworker but those are my inactive games for now.

Care to play with me? Find me on League of Legends on EUWest under name FireDiamond.

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I love anime, books, music, animals, games and gifs! x3







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Thanks for the update

Yeah, I started running into other complaints on the forum about dragon age-ups not working.  And I refuse to use gems to age up my dragons when I can deal with it the old fashioned way, saving my gems for something more worthwhile (or at least something that bears that illusion).  How long has the age-up not been working for people exactly?

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Tamra Diamond
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Age-up thing

Yeah, I don't wanna use gems either. The age-up is not working probably since the new update but I noticed today. All my friends have same issue so I hope they will fix it because the game can't really exist without it.

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Same issues as of July 3rd!

Just started playing the game again yesterday, since we finally got a new expansion and all, but I did notice this problem when I went to level up my teenage Screaming Death.  I do have a ticket, so I wouldn't have to pay gems to level him up, but the bolder class dragons typically aren't my favorite and I'd rather save my ticket for a dragon that I really can't wait to train up and start riding!   Hope the bug gets fixed soon, and that it is actually a bug instead of the new norm!  It would definately not be fair to new comers to make them pay gems to age up their dragons all the time!  ...It still wouldn't be fair to the older members either, but at least I've already trained and raised up most of the dragons I really wanted wheras newbies would only have their starter and any special event dragons that you train up in game or recieve as adults from the start!  On a brighter note, I did really enjoy the expension pack!  




Absolutely adore Lucy, my SingeTail, and I thought  the Eruptodon was a cool dragon...even if I didn't really want him for my own!  Again, not a fan of the bolder class, the big, bulky, designs aren't my thing and most of my time on the game, inbetween updates, is spent racing, which the bolder class dragons don't exactly excel at!  The only major downside to the update...we have to wait until the next one to find out about the blue orb!!! :*(  Hopefully it'll be an incredible dragon inside that egg!  ...It would have to be in order to "change everything"...right?  

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Valkyrian ate my subject

Love your expansion pack! It was worth the hard-workin' efforts you put into it!




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who do I talk to or where do I go to start the quest? Also, my dragon eggs for the month havent come in yet despite sending two emails one to SoD support and one to jumpstart support. I would love to start this quest with a new dragon. :(


EDIT: you talk to the headmaster. Still no dragon eggs though 

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-Softly cries- M-My baby

-Softly cries-


Aurel by MajoraDrowned


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