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Are there any open spots? Tell me if I did something wrong ;)

Name: Dark Wolf

Species: Boneknapper

Colors: Black Skin, And red eyes.

Biotech: 55% robot

Cybernetic Ability: The metallic bones are electric.

Cybernetic appearance: All the bones are made of metal. And the wings and claws are cyber too.

(I'm not so good at English. Hope ya understood everything)



Hi there! I'm


but on other media, I'm known as


Main Viking Name: HaileyTheHowler

Birthday: 10/30

Clan: Wulf Pack (Elder)

Friend Code: E41KF4

Main Dragons: Hunter & Skogvarg

Player since: 5/5/2017


Ravenclaw Hunter by SouloftheFoxy


I've been kind of inactive lately oh my

I'm running out of things to say in the sea of all these spoilers and complaints


Main in-game Dragon Squad

(Not all of my in-game dragons)

1. Hunter - Male Timberjack (Main Dragon)

2. Skogvarg - Male Night Terror (2nd Main Dragon)

3. Willow - Female Woolly Howl (3rd Main Racing Dragon, Snoggletog Dragon)

4. Firetooth - Male Monstrous Nightmare (3rd Main Battle Dragon, Starter Dragon)

5. Stardust - Male Flightmare (2nd Main Racing Dragon, Starter Dragon)

6. Comet - Female Moldruffle

7. Dewdrop - Female (Tinytooth) Mudraker

8. Northwind - Female Snow Wraith (Main Racing Dragon)

9. Saltwater - Male (Tinytooth) Sand Wraith 

10. Earthtwister - Female Whispering Death (2nd Main Battle Dragon)

11. Hviskevind - Female (Shortwing) Stormcutter

12. Sprucetwig - Female Prickleboggle (Main Battle Dragon, Seedling Prickleboggle stand-in)

13. Spellbound "Scraps"  - Male Boneknapper  (Dreadfall Dragon)






Note: I make horrible first impressions



Ravenclaw|Horned Serpent|Great Grey Owl Patronus|Ebony + Unicorn Hair Core Wand

PM whenever you want! ^^


nifflers give me life




 If one might have a question!


ART By Others






Hailey the Howler

Garth the Great

Saga the Stonehard









The Foreverwing






Other Vikings


Hunter of the Wilderness

 (Hunter's backstory)

 (Re-written by my awesome friend, Oda)


 Other OCs 

 (Coming Soon)



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Cyber Boneknapper coming up!

Don't worry, I understood you. (I don't speak good English either, especially when it comes to explaining or describing things). I'll have your boneknapper ready :D

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Thank you!

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I forgot the subject

I forgot the subject (Cybernetic, right?)

Edit: The Boneknappers "Thunder Roar" is more powerful too. That's all :P

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I really want to join The Resistance 


Name: Dusk
Species: 60% Flightmare, 40% Silver Phantom
Colors: black - blue - magenta
Biotech: 60%
Cybernetic Ability: Can create an anti-hacking shield and has lasers in his eyes
Cybernetic appearance: Flightmare head, legs & body and Silver Phantom wings and tail. Cyber eyes, left half of his head is cyber, cyber left wing, claws and tail.


Let's stop those hackers


Welcome to Aelyras's signature! ♦

*Click here to go to the longer version of my signature*


Check out my DA!




Dreadfall Harvest Haunt is coming!

* Art by me ;-) *


My in-game viking:

Name: Aelyras

Nickname: Ras (but I'm also sometimes called Aely)

Main dragon: GhostLight (Titan Flightmare, female)

Adventurer level: 35

Stars: 2 golden stars

Trophies: 1365

Clan: Storm Warriors

Trained dragons: 39

Un-hatched eggs: 2

Titans: 3

My farm: "TheChickensHome"; 5 stars (6 votes)

Playing since: anywhere in 2014

Friend code: PM me if you want to know =)



Name: all I'll say is that my name starts with an R ;-)

Age: 15

Birthday: January the 4th

Nationality: Dutch

*that means that English isn't my first language, so sorry if I often make grammar and spelling mistakes!*

Hobbies: drawing, reading, playing SoD, watching TV, listening to HTTYD soundtracks :3

Movies, series, and other stuff I really like:

-How To Train Your Dragon (duh!)

-Harry Potter (go Ravenclaw! )

-Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


-Gravity Falls



-and almost everything that is about dragons =3 (I just LOVE dragons!)



That's all for now

Have a nice day ;-)


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Hihi (cybernetic)

I'd love to join the resistance! I dislike hackers and I'd love to work towards ridding of hackers. I'd also love a dragon, that art is beautiful.


Name: Cybe (pronounced: Sibe)

Species: Singetail

Colors: Canon colors but with a black, not purple, markings.

Biotech: 17%

Cybernetic Ability: He has robotic eyes, allowing him to see in all directions (like singetails can do) except for much further distances. He can see up to 50 miles away. He has a robotic part on his tail to make it stronger, allowing it to deal more damage if he flipped fire from his tail and go further.

Cybernetic appearance: He is a canon colored singetail with robotic parts on his tail and two robotic eyes, red like lazers. Like that vv


Can you draw Cybe for me? Thank you so much if you can!!


(Drawn by redhoodjason7. Thank you!)

It’s that time of year!



Click the logo to join the Rebel Legion: A Star Wars costuming group!


(Profile picture by the lovely Arrowalker!!)


I accept all friend requests (see friend codes below) and I read all PMs. I accept all debates, as long as they are mature and in PM form. I accept all art trades, requests, and commissions (however, I do not draw anything inappropiate, and I'm terrible at humans). I accept all art you submit to me. I respect everyone, rude or not, but I will not converse with those who are closed-minded, rude, and won't listen.


I am not as active as I used to be. New to adulthood, a new relationship, and I have many other games that occupy my time. I apologize for the inconvinience.


I am also a gamer. I play multiple games...just to name a few: I play Star Wars: The Old Republic (I love jedi), Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2 (Medic main!), Fallout (New Vegas, 3, and 4), School of Dragons, Trove (Dracolyte ftw), Don't Starve (go Webber!), Creativerse, Vainglory (Taka main, if you cannot tell), Roblox (I enjoy the military groups), Gmod (I usually play Clone Wars or Halo), Skyrim (go Argonians!), Oblivion, Portal, Battlefront, Arma (Star wars group mainly), and more! If you have a favorite game, feel free to message me about it! I love conversations, and I'm kind of lonely.


I love Foxes, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Grey Wolves, Mexican Timber Wolves, cats, horses, mice, dragons, birds, and reptilian creatures.


My favorite dragons are Triple Strykes, Deadly Nadders, Monsterous Nightmares, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most. My second favorite class is the boulder class, because I love a dragon with a warm heart.


I'm hoping to be a veterinarian when I'm older. I'm currently 18, out of High School, and working to my dream career.





Proud Elder of the Wulf Pack


Proud member of the Sunwing Voyagers





ShiroKageFox with StingShadow and IceThorn

My Main


Strategic, intellegent, brave, overconfident

19 years old

Code: EDV07K




Beni with RedSand and Skyfeather


Lives for justice, a soldier at heart, brave, and kind

11 years old

(Beni and Redsand drawn by me.)


Code: E6GKU4




Balefire with Eira and Nuclear


Sweet, kindhearted, artistic, and quiet

28 years old

(Balefire and Eira, by the talented Arrowalker. Thank you so much!)

(Nuclear adopted from the unique Ecliptic. Thank you so much!)

Code: EDEXF2


Hey! Look at you! You made it to the end. Good work. You deserve a thumbs up.

Now have a fine day!

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Yeah! Shiro! Nice that you want to join the Resistance too! Cool choice, a Cyber Singetail, cant wait to see it! (I requested a Cyber Boneknapper :P)

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I saw that! Thanks, can't wait to see a knapper!

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I did some research. 60 miles is a bit too long. He can see 35 miles away.

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One Question, where do i report hackers and post banners? Do i post it here or somewhere else?

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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

No, this is only for recruiting members. The page to report hackers is here:

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Cyber Dragon Art request

​I read The Dragons That Were Still avaliable And i was wondering if i could Have a Cyber Whispering death?, Name: WitherSpine Gender: Male Biotech 47% Robot Ability: Can Shoot Metal Electric Spikes Out of His Scales. And Has Eyes That Can Glow. Cyber Apperance: Metal Spikes and a Metal Jaw Metallic Wings And White Eyes, Thanks!, I wont rush you so Take your time To draw him ^^





                                                                     Welcome to the signature thats under construction!



                                         Hello, My forum name is GreylaTheOwl, But my username is Reskeira

                                                      (PM me if you'd like to know my friend code! :P) 

                                            I've been playing for about 3 years (2015) But i've loved the HTTYD series way before

                                                                  i started playing this game! I Have 3 Russian Dwarf hamsters and i love

                                                                                          them very much! <3 

                                                            My favorite music bands are, Twenty One Pilots, Starset, Fall out boy, 

                                                                                                           Owl City! 

                                                                             (Yes i do watch Race To the edge! XD)



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its been a Month now Im still kind of waiting for WitherSpine Is He Nearly done? 

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Name: Tsunami 

Species: Thunderdrum 

Colors: light blue with yellow and pink highlights

Biotech: 75%

Cybernetic Ability: her sonic blasts are made of electricity and are much more powerful than a regular sonic blast

Cybernetic appearance: cyber left wing, cyber tip of right wing cyber eye, cyber tail, cyber front left leg, cyber cyber spikes, cyber tail fins




Name: Mychael (pronounced Michael)


Nicknames/Title: WIP


Gender: Male


Age: 19


Residence: With Earthguard 


PersonalityMichael is always thinking logically and doesn’t understand jokes. He is smart enough to understand them but always takes things literally. For example “Mercy then replied “Hey look Michael’s back!” Not understanding Michael asked “What! What’s on my back?”. Michael prefers to be alone and hates being the center of attention. He is always serious and doesn’t understand why Vikings socialize. Michael isn’t quick to trust people but once you gain his trust he will risk his life to save them. He is very intelligent and thinks outside the box. Not many people want to be his friend because he is so odd. Even though he likes to be alone that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel sad about it. In fact often he is often depressed that he doesn’t have any friends. Michael is brave though his main weakness is that he has low self esteem. All Michael really needs is a friend he can trust. Michael loves to learn new things and to explore new places. He is more interested in dragons than spending time with Vikings. Michael hates to make speeches and presentations. He loves to teach others and dreams of teaching young Vikings the history of Berk. He is a know it all and often is bullied because of that. Michael keeps a journal of all the dragons he knows about and their stats and it is his most prized possession.


HistoryFor unknown reasons Mychael was forced to be a hunter at a young age. He hated hurting dragons but was beaten very badly when he tried freeing a couple. While there each hunter was given a dragon to control and Mychael was given Scuttles. They both were scared but found comfort in each other. Unlike the other hunters, Mychael was very skinny and smart. He was bullied and punched many of times and he knew he had to escape. Then all off a sudden one day he awoke on a shore with Scuttles, surrounding them were a group of vikings and dragons. They didn’t trust him at all at first and when his book on how to kill dragons fell Eslig threatened him with her bow. After a while they trusted him a little and brought him back to their camp (Present RP)


Likesdragons, heights, cold, flying, swimming, exploring, learning, teaching, being near people he trusts 


Dislikes:  Making speeches, being the center of attention, crazy people, huge dragons, chains, blood, people or dragons hurt, dragon hunters


Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? If Yes, what color? How about Dark Cyan




Name: Albatross


Gender: Male


Species: Shockjaw


Age: Broadwing


Residence: With Mychael 


PersonalityAlbatross is aggressive to anyone he doesn’t trust. Also he loves competition and hates to lose.  Hates taking orders from other dragons or Vikings. Albatross is easily annoyed and super protective. In fact if anyone lays a finger (or Talon) on someone he loves, Albatross will attack to kill. His past was rough and hates most humans. Being easily aggravated many people call him a monster though he is only doing what he was taught. He doesn’t understand how Dragons An day Vikings live in peace


HistoryThe day Albatross hatched he was born into captivity. His parents had been killed by hunters and he was a runt and very weak since he had no one to teach him how to fight. He was immediately sent to work in the Arena and was bullied by the bigger dragons. In the arena he was forced to battle against Vikings to train them. After only a few days Albatross learned he had to fend for himself and only worry about himself. As he grew older he became stronger and soon everyone feared him (other dragons in the arena I mean) On night he finally broke free and escaped. As he flew out many dragons roared for him to free them too but he didn’t for Albatross only cared for himself. Knowing the hunters were capturing and killing many dragons a day he set out to seek his revenge by attacking all the other villages not stopping until every Dragon feared him. Though one day when attacking Berk he was injured by their weapons and for years was stranded. Then one day a group of Vikings stumbled apron him and... (will be descided in the RP)


Likes: Flying, being alone, Rue, Mychael, being in charge, fighting 


Dislikes: Young dragons, hyperness, having others help him, Drift, most dragons and Vikings, chains




(Without armor)

(With Armor)




Name: Scuttles


Gender: Male


Species: Terrible Terror 


Age: Teen


Residence: With Mychael 


Personality: Scuttles is very playful and has a ton of energy. Even with that said, Scuttles still can be calm when needed. He loves to explore new places and meet new dragons. He isn’t very found of people, except for Michael who this little dragon thinks of as his brother. Him and Michael share a close bond even though both of them lost their memories and don’t know why. Scuttles doesn’t have nightmares of his past like his “brother” but still knows his past was awful. He is easily scared but feels safe around larger dragons and Michael. Even though We is easily scared doesn’t mean he will back down on a fight, instead Scuttles loves to fight. Now what Scuttles calls Fighting is more like playing violently or in other words horse playing. He acts like an energetic wolf cub and is loyal like one too. Scuttles will protect those he cares for (even though he might not be able to help that much) even is it means risking his life.


HistoryScuttles doesn't remember his past, all he knows is one day he awoke on the shore with a human. Even though neither can remember anything they still feel a deep connection with each other.


Likes: Playing, having fun, being around Mychael, being around larger dragons


Dislikes: Storms, bossiness, obeying selfish people, being cold

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Name: Analtris

Species: Sentinel

Colors: Grey and forest green

Biotech: 40 %

Cybernetic Ability: Freezes the air in front of her into a 'firewall'

Cybernetic appearance: Head and body, wing membrane are cyber.



Yo. Hi, howdy-do, it's me.

Random things about me:



Dave, or Goldenwolfmidna (or some variation of that)



I'm tecnically genderfluid, but he/him works best, or they/them.


Random things:

I'm a panromantic ase disaster who is proud to say I am part of the(S.exuality and Gender) Aliance! That's all you need to know about me. That, and I like to doodle, have random quotes, and sarcasm.

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idk if this is the right place to join :P

I don't know if this is where I should join, but I guess I'll start here.

Name: Skyrunner

Species: Singetail

Colors:Main Black, details neon green, underbelly white

Biotech: 40%

Cybernetic Ability: The ability to surround his enemies in mechanical, inpenetrable fire, and exceptional eyesight with the ability to scan someone if they are a hacker(and if so what type).

Cybernetic appearance: Mechanical eyes with hacker scanning abilities, front legs mechanical, tips of wings and tail mechanical. (I think that's what you meant?)




move along

hey hey hey if you can figure out my other account good luck

only here for the drama

I enjoy reading it

hey look at these gradually-decreasing-in-size arrows!


so big



so smol