The reset my password thingie won't work on this website!! Help!

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I've been playing this game for multiple years, been dumb enough to spend $70.00 on it, and me being me of course, I forget my password. I go to the login page and send in a thing to reset my password and it makes me put in my username and email adress. This is the message I get. 


An error has occured while your last request was processed! Please try again later!


Does anyone know how to get around this so I can just play this dang game? Any help is appreciated, I've already talked to Brynjolf or however you spell his name. 

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This has been the case ever since I joined. Luckily, it managed to send me a random new password ONE time so I can just login with that. Have you checked your e-mail? 


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No email... I talked to

No email... I talked to support and I haven't gotten a reply yet... It will give me a one time password change for the forum, but not for the game. Is there a certain amount of wrong passwords that you can do before your account locks for like a day or something?