researching Dagur and...

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so basically I was researching Dagur for my Hidden World rewrite (mmmhmhmhm y'all know what that means) and I found some interesting stuff

so it's been a long while since I've watched any of the series (RTTE a year and ROB/DOB who knows how long) and I needed to refresh myself, but then I found his OLD design and just



and now he's just

soft old guy who loves his wife

also I looked at his preferred weapons and

I can't.

alright time to go back to my painful drawing




eat ham and lets jam

Hi, I'm Smudge, your friendly neighborhood weeb, and you're watching Disney Channel!

anyways ok so for those who wanna get to know me better, here's some stuff:

Fandoms: HTTYD, Tales of Arcadia, Sonic (mainly for the 2020 movie is gud), BNHA, and The Legend of Zelda to name a few

Likes: ham, jam, DnD, magic in general, drawing, writing, birds (poultry, mainly), and cats

Dislikes: shoes, socks, and that gross cheese that tastes like chalk

eat pant

oh look at my characters (and if anyone wants to do art trades just PM me)


My ingame avatar, with some custom armor I made (and design I will most likely change in the future)

Feral child who will let you say goodbye to your kneecaps


My ingame Sand Wraith (otherwise a Sand Wraith/Night Fury hybrid)

He's a grumpy butt who can spit molten glass and will inconvenience you any way possible

My elderly Stormcutter who just needs some sleep

She's a sweet girl and will wrap you in her wings while sleeping, and lets whelps (dragonets, hatchlings, etc...) climb all over her

My Nightlight OC, Grima

soft bby who needs a hug

Links to important stuff for me:

DotNL RP | DotNL Discussion | Hidden World Rewrite

ok now i slep

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Cassian chased away my subject again...

Unhinged mind. That's got to be the best weapon of choice I've ever seen xD.

Wonder what Ruffnut's is?





Hello! I am Carolinalina, but you can call me Car. 


I started playing this game back in August of 2014, and have since been on and off the game

over the years (I guess I'm qualified to be a "veteran," eh?). 

  I'm definitely not obsessed with Stormcutters...


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just looked on the wiki, and

just looked on the wiki, and its pretty boring if you ask me. It's a spear. A SPEAR. WHY NOT A BLUDEON MADE FROM SKULLS?!


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More to come!

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What about Fishlegs?

Let's speak about Fishlegs.

The wiki says, under "Weapon of Choice", "Dragon Knowledge".


I would have also added "Blind rage" XD.

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hehe yes

can't forget his army of Meatlugs offspring

like seriously in GoTNF she had like nine kids or something