Requests for recolourings

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Hey y’all!

So I just downloaded a free to use base by midnight2558 and I was wondering if anyone wanted a recolour.

if so then reply with the colours, name and gender.








A bit about me:



Fave dragon: Whispering death

Fave sport: sleeping

My dragz ❤️ 

in order i got em:

Electro-Male-Shockjaw-He is my first dragon and will always have a place in my holo heart

Nada-Female-Nadder-Stormfly's lil sis, looks up to her a lot

Seafire-Male-W.death-Deadly, has bad eyesight, yet is sweet and compassionate. Me as a drAgon

Frostbyte-Female-Groncicle-Shes a random quest dragon but will always be my little ice cube xD

Shredder-Male-Armorwing-Also a random quest dragon but will always be my little tin can double xD

Sharpshot-Male-Nadder-Nada’s son and a sneaky thief 

Molten Lava-Male-Eruptodeon-A code dragon, specifically  lavaeater ( code )

Tsunami-Female-Thunderdrum-The profile pic is her as a lil chibi bab

 If you see me in game I’ll probs be racing, fighting with a Skrill snob, battling or playing with my flight suit in the wilderness 



BYE HUMANZ (๑´•.̫ • `๑)
































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Btw it is a light fury base

Btw it is a light fury base so just a reminder

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Evening Star

Name: Evening Star
Gender: Female
Colours: Very light blue with light purple eyes and light pink tips on her ears, wings and tail wings


Welcome to my signature!

Hi, I'm PineappleLark, but you can call me Lark, this is a list of my SoD dragons on my main Viking slot

Night the Deadly Nadder

Boomerang the Typhoomerang

Sugar the Groncicle

Shock Wave the Thunderdrumb

Coal the Deadly Nadder

Flower the Groncicle

Rhino the Rumblehorn

Boggles the Whispering Death

Zig and Zag the Hideous Zippleback

Makita the Whispering Death

Gaggletack the Skrill

Aurora the Fireworm Queen

Pineapple Lump the Prickleboggle

Marama the Rumblehorn

Sprinter the Speed Stinger

Turtle the Grapple Grounder

Blayde the Razorwhip

Vanek the Monstrous Nightmare

Skylark the Stormcutter

Truffle the Moldruffle

Bumbly the Sweet Death

Boggie the Mudraker

Gobble and Go the Hideous Zippleback

Geranium the Typhoomerang

Puddles the Mudraker

Razzmatazz the Flightmare

Pizza the Woolly Howl

Tortoise the Rumblehorn

My main dragon OC

Buck the Barrow Pegasus by LissaFish