Repeatable Quests?

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Okay, I took a quick glance through the other suggestions and didn't see this one so if it IS a repeat of somone else I apologize in advance.


I don't know about everyone else, but I have quite a few young dragons and leveling them up through the stable quests to get them to at least flyable level takes a long time and while using them in battles is an effective way to level them, but that has its drawbacks too (like if there are eggs [or perhaps some other prizes] that you want that can only be obtained from the prize if your lucky but you're more likely to get eggs in the chest if you get into silver or gold and that's not an easy feat when using a dragon that can't fly). Now I'm not saying that leveling your dragons as a whole should be easy in and of itself, but when you have 5 or more dragons that are teen or younger, the limited ways to level them after you've already completed all available quests, including those from the expansions, it's a little frustrating (or at least I find it to be so).


What I propose, then, is to make certain quests repeatable - definitely not all of them, but having a few that you can do maybe once more would make getting dragons to level 10 at least a little easier. I have personally paid the $ to get gems and buy the broad-wing stage on a number of my dragons and I get it, things like this are probably on some level meant to encourage folks to spend money to get these babies to where you can fly them (they have to make money off a free-to-play game somehow or else it'll get shut down). But making some quests repeatable could be beneficial for new players too if they get confused and need help. If it was too long ago that a veteran player did the quest they may not know how to help and sure said new player could look up a walkthrough online, but having vets helping the newbies is a social exercise and it's nice to see. Having some of the earlier quests be repeatable to refresh our memories of how some things in the game have unfolded would be not only practical for leveling up young, recently acquired/introduced dragons, but would give vet players more stuff to do other than racing each other, doing occasional farm quests while waiting for new expansions/quests to be released, etc.


Full disclosure, I'm the sort that likes to watch almost every movie/tv series from beginning to end at least twice because there's almost always a few things you missed out on the first time through and I think some of the quests might work the same way to some extent. I'm not saying to make the quests indefinitely repeatable, maybe make it where you can only repeat them once maybe twice per viking. Or maybe come up with new quests that are meant to be repeatable that give between 100-200 EXP points to the dragon. (Yes these would eventually get just as monotonous as the other methods of leveling the dragons that we have now, but people have different attention spans so this could be helpful to some players.) These quests could have a limit to how many times per day they can be repeated too.


This is probably crazy disorganized and for that I apologize... If your confused about my suggestion at all or have a clearer way of saying the same thing feel free to suggest it ^^;. To be perfectly honest one of the reasons this suggestion came to mind for me is because I have ADHD so my attention span is that of a, if I may use Stoik's metaphor, "sparrow" so I get board with things very easily and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has that issue.


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I totally get it

I totally get what you’re saying I’ve almost finish all the quest minus the expansion packs and I’m getting a lot of dragons from battle events. They should definitely make quests that you can do a few times grow your dragon or maybe they should make more quests on the expansion packs that gives more EXP


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Here's a suggestion to help you level up baby and teen dragons faster using battles: Use an adult dragon until the ship's health is almost gone. Then land and switch to the dragon you want to level up. The dragon you have active at the end of battle is the one that gets the xp even if it's not the one you were using for most of the battle. Even if battle ends while you have your dragon list up, once you switch dragons then that one will get the xp from battle. Just remember to make sure that you give yourself enough time to switch your dragon or at least be in the process of switching it before the battle ends. I usually switch once the ship's health is between 2,000 and 2,500. My game lags a little when I go to switch dragons so that's why I usually switch with 2,000-2,500 left.


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The battle suggestion is the

The battle suggestion is the quickest but also do the mini games.  I like Alchemy Adventure at the lab because it's quick, only 3 minutes for 60-70 points.  About the same or more than you would get for a stable mission job in only 3 minutes.

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Well, that's kinda my point...

The minigames get old fast when you have 3+ young dragons that you're trying to level. My point in suggesting this is to alleviate that very thing - that after doing the minigames over and over and over again... it kinda starts to get boring, especially if you have an extremely short attention span. Granted that could be said for repeatable quests too which is why I suggested limiting the number of times that they can be repeated to help prevent them from becoming too monotonous. I know not everyone gets bored as easily as I do, but I also know I'm not the only one who plays that gets bored easy. It's not that the game itself is boring, it's just that doing the same things over and over while waiting weeks for a new quest to do gets old.


Mind you, I'm not complaining about how long it takes to release a new quest. I've tried doing some simplified coding before on a little "build your own game" software thing and it's a pain in the butt to do so I know they get those out to us as soon as they have them ready. (My favorite part of that software was creating the worlds, but I hated trying to figure out how to do the coding... that stuff is hard.)