Regarding Same Account Different Characters+Expansion Packs

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Does anyone know if expansion packs are shared among different characters on the same account, or are they just for the one character they were bought on.


Sorry if this was already asked, I didn't really see anything on this so..

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hi Epicflame227

Okay I have three accounts and I bought the Icestorm island expansion pack that means I can do it one time on each account.




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From whar I remember

From whar I remember expansion packs are not shared between different characters.




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Expansion packs are shared on ALL character accounts. Buy on one, available on all. However, just like regular quests, you cannot restart quests without creating a new Viking account.


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I'm so confused! One person

I'm so confused! One person says No, another says yes, and the third says something that makes no sense!


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I have three Viking on one account. Once I buy an expansion for one Viking, I can switch on to the others and the expansion pack is available for them ^^





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Okay, thank you. That clears

Okay, thank you. That clears it up. Can you see why I was confused?

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I do ^^ Glad it was cleared up.

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I have two characters, I have bought two-three month memberships.  My question is does both my characters get to do the same quests or is it one particular quest per characher.  If so I turly want to delete my first charater, I was just learning about the the game and have more dragons with my second one.




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Quests are the same for all acounts.

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I can't believe how confusing

I can't believe how confusing people have been. 


Your account is what you log into. Your account contains multiple vikings - these vikings are not referred to as accounts. Call them vikings or characters, but not accounts. 


When you buy an expansion pack or membership, it applies to your entire account. Any vikings you have now and get in the future will have access to those expansion packs and membersip perks. Your gems apply to your entire account too, but coins are viking-specific. 


The quests you do and the items you get are viking-specific. Completing a quest on one viking will not complete it on another but all your vikings have access to all the same pool of quests. 

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Hope this clears things up..

There is a difference between the word account and characters... You can have different characters on one account... and then you can have different accounts too... 


This question is based on one account and buying more viking characters for that single account (550 gems per viking character).


> If you buy an expansion, it is valid for the entire (single) account, so all vikings on that single account will have the expansion. Meaning, each of the characters can play the expansion.


> Quests: this is individual to each viking character! Each character starts from the beginning, flying in on toothless, and then starts from the beginning doing all quests that are available in game.. (same with expansions - each viking needs to do all the quests, so having 2 vikings mean you need to play the expansion with all the quests twice)


> Gems: this is shared accross all vikings on a single account.. It's kind of like a single gem bank for the account.. This means that if each of your vikings log in every day and get 40 gems per 5 days through daily bonuses, you get 80 extra gems to your account each 5 days, which is available to be use for any of the vikings. I.e. if a viking receives gems, then it is added to the total gem amount for the ACCOUNT... and if a viking uses gems, then it is subtracted from the total gem amount available for the account.


> Buying gems with money - gets added to the total gem amount for the account  - which is available for use by any viking character on the account. See above point.


> Gold coins: This is individual to each viking; each viking has his/her own gold coins. If they use gold, then it is only deducted from their own gold coin amount. If they gain gold, it is only added to their own gold coin amount.


Hope this helps



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Glad I found this thread, I

Glad I found this thread, I had this same question on my mind recently and this thread answered it.

That said, though, I have a related question (and I don't want to spam up the forums with another topic). I've bought the expansion packs before without a membership when all 3 were going for a reduced price. Now if I bought a membership, is there a chance the expansion packs will bug out and revert to an unbought state once the membership runs out? Kinda lucked out when I had enough gems saved up while they were cheaper so I'll be rather miffed if they revert once the membership's done.


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No. Your expansion packs are

No. Your expansion packs are permanent. Similarly, if you buy the expansion packs while you've got membership, you will still have them when your membership expires.

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Thank goodness. I was pretty

Thank goodness. I was pretty worried about stuff bugging out, so hearing this is a relief.

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Minigame Expansionpack

I have recently bought the minigame expansionpack, but it is not shared across all the vikings I have on one account. Is this supposed to happen? 

Joined: 04/14/2017
Minigame Expansionpack

I have recently bought the minigame expansionpack, but it is not shared across all the vikings I have on one account. Is this supposed to happen?