Reduced Dragon Bond XP in Alchemy Adventure

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I know there's already a thread about this but it's in General Annoucements so I wanted to post a thread about this issue in the Support section because I'm hoping this is just a glitch associated with the new update. Ever since the update yesterday, when you play Alchemy Adventure you don't get as much dragon bond xp as you used to. I played it today and I only got 10 xp when normally I would've gotten 108. I figured it up and that's a 91% decrease in dragon xp. I'm really hoping this is just a glitch because I use Alchemy Adventure to get my dragons to the next level when they're almost at the next level. I use the download version and I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled yet because others are reporting the same issue so I doubt that would help. I haven't checked the other mini games to see if they're being affected by this as well so if anyone has noticed any other mini games giving reduced xp, please post it here. I also haven't checked other platforms of the game to see if this is an issue across multiple platforms because I only play through the download version. I might pm Brynjolf about this next week to see if this was intentional or not. I'm really hoping it's just a glitch and will be fixed soon.


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I just checked Eel Roast and it does the same thing; I went up to level 2 (I didn't want to go all the way to 30) and instead of getting 48 experience, I got a measly 22--with a perfect score I might add. This is ridiculous! While battle is one of the best ways to level up your dragons, these mini games were grand substitutes for when you missed the event or you didn't get about xp for the dragon to level up. On top of that--at least for me--the high amount of xp you can get in the minigames were incentives for me to play them or at least not be too mad when a quest forces you to play them (I'm looking at you, Alchemy Adventure e-e). Now that the xp prizes were downgraded almost 100%, it makes me want to steer clear from these games even more! I hope this gets fixed soon.


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I thought Eel Roast might be affected too. I played it until level 7 about an hour or so ago(before edit) because I was trying to level up my Screaming Death and I got 46 xp. I hadn't played Eel Roast in a while but I was almost postive I used to get more when I reached level 7. The high amount of xp was an incentive for me to play them as well. I liked that I could get my dragon to the next level with a few games of Alchemy Adventure rather than wait for another battle or a several hour long stable quest. If this is intentional I think I might scream. XD Seriously though, I would be rather irritated. I hope it's fixed soon.


Edit: I just played to level 27 on Eel Roast and only got 100 xp. That's aggravating not only because I used to get 400 xp at level 27 but also because it was lagging and I had to deal with that for 27 levels and was only rewarded with 100 xp. This so better not be intentional.

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I just checked Thunder Run and Fireball Frenzy and both of those still give the same amount of xp that they did before the update. That sort of has me worried that this is intentional and they nerfed Alchemy Adventure and Eel Roast for some reason. If they did, I have no idea why they would nerf them so much. The way it is now, it makes it not really worth the effort to play those games. I mean, you only get a measly 10 xp for playing Alchemy Adventure. Thunder Run and Fireball Frenzy give more than that. I'm hoping it's just a glitch affecting Alchemy Adventure and Eel Roast but I'm worried that it's intentional. 

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I've noticed it too and I'm

I've noticed it too and I'm really upset for it.

Alchemy Adventure was a fast way to level a baby dragon to 10, but now I'll just ignore it.

I've already did all the quests, so the only way to level my dragons is with minigames. 

Battle events causes my game to lag a lot, so I don't participate in them much, and other minigames were not so time-effective like AA. I don't have hours to play the game each day, and the fact that the limit level now is 50 just make it worse (especially if you have many dragons). 


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double post ops

double post ops

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Same with me...

I've noticed that too. And I play alchemy adventure to make up for missing any battle events. It's really not worth playing it now. I hope it is a glitch and it's fixed soon.

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Update on messaging Brynjolf:

I messaged him today and he messaged me back and he said that he would reach out to the team to see if this is a glitch or something they've added with the new update and he would let me know when new information became available.

It's just the waiting game now. Hopefully we'll know something soon.

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i cant see it being a feature theyve added unless theyre gonna add better things that give a good amount of XP around the amount that these mini-games used to give, if they did mean for this to happen without planning on adding anything to replace them then this just makes all of the mini-games pointless now, i already didnt like slogging through them to get a dragon to level 5 so i could still use them in battle events near the end, but now? no way in hell





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dear dev team, you have a great game here considering the type of game it is, the size im assuming your team is, and what type of game your trying to make, but you cant keep pushing out new content when theres so many game breaking bugs that prevent players from doing things in the game, for example, how are we supposed to enjoy new content, and expansions, when theres multiple bugs across multiple expansions that cause you to not be able to progress? my prime example being the ice bridge in the quest "the golden room" from the icestorm island expansion


im the type of person who plays things in order of release, so until i can get past this quest and finish icestorm, i cant move on to the expansion that came out next, and in turn, any of the expansions after that, i cant enjoy all the content the game has to offer, and it feels like all you care about is pushing out new content instead to make money, your a company, you need to make money, i get that, but you also need to keep your playerbase happy, and right now, thats by fixing all these bugs that make us unable to progress in quests and expansions


despite what we might say out of anger or annoyance, at the end of the day all any of us complaining about this want is for the game to be the best it can be, we want whats best for it, but that isnt happening while you constantly ignore the bugs and work on making new stuff


i feel like one of the issues here is the amount of games your trying to run, most of if not all of your other games are dead, school of dragons is your best and most popular game, and your overwhelming and overworking yourselves trying to keep all these other dead games up and running, so i suggest you shut down the other games, minus maybe neopets, because ive heard people play that game for nostalgia, and focus on school of dragons


new content is important to keep players yes, but so is keeping your game bug free, and a lot of these bugs are game breaking, like i said, how can i keep playing if i cant progress because the archaeologist is too stupid to cross the ice bridge on the second to last quest of icestorm island? fix bugs like these and then you can create as much new content as you want


oh, and even if these are small bugs, maybe fix bugs that have been in the game for over a year now, like the no dragon firing animation while flying, i personally can live without it, but if this bugs been in the game for over a year im pretty sure it needs to be fixed, but not before the quest bugs



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reason 3: when a dragon becomes a titan wing they have a lot of noticable differences to them compared to the normal version of the dragon, and they get a fair bit bigger than the dragons normal counterpart, reasons 1 and 2 aside, toothless has no changes to him at all, and even then the glow and his back fins dont really count as changes, because a glow isnt a physical difference and his fins are just split, and toothless isnt any bigger than he already was
so no, toothless, despite what you might think, is NOT a titan wing
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I have same problem with

I have the same problem with Alchemy Adventure. I hope this get fixed, if a bug! If not a bug, why has there been such an extreme change to this mini-game.


I'm experiencing the same problem with Eel Roast, and I can confirm the change in game rewards. The problem started for me about 3 weeks ago. I could run 20-25 levels and receive around 400 exp points for my dragon, and if I stretched myself and went for 30, 35 or even 40 levels, I reveived from 600 to 800 total exp points for my dragon. 


I've checked out this game change; I played all the way up to 35 levels, and I got 167 exp points for my dragon; if I did only 20-25 levels, I get aroune 110-126 exp points. In all the rounds I played, I never received 200 or more exp. points.


In addition, on Eel Roast, I'm receiving less coins, and in most games, no UDT points were awarded. Of course that might be my fault, because on bad days, I really have trouble seperating red and purple eel. :) hahaha . . . 


By the way, I recently reread the rules posted on Eel Roast, before all this began to happen. The rules stated that you are only penalized, with loss of exp points, for the first level that you hit the wrong colored eel(s). You are not supposed to be penalized each time you mess up a round, hitting the wrong colored eel. If we were penalized for each incorrect level of the game, that could mean a big loss on experience points, coins, etc. for the each game we play. The rules say that is not supposed to happen. For game details, see,


After all, these games are intended to help us age and level up our dragons. 



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I didnt know that you lost xp on the first level that you hit a wrong colored eel. It's true what they say, you learn something new every day. XD


I agree, these games are there to help us level up our dragons. That's why I can't figure out, if they did purposefully cut down the xp, why they would do that.

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I can only figure two reason why they may have done this: 1.

I can only figure two reason why they may have done this:


1. to slow down the process of leveling up between Level 20-50. However, the way its has been changed effects everyone and all dragons, babies to the Titans.  An extreme change for new players, leveling up their very first dragon to level 5 and 10. Flying your dragon is what the game is all about, and some school quests require a dragon to fly. Although the problem is furstrating, to all of us, a new player could really find it difficult to stick with the game if it takes a long time to level their dragon to the age it can fly. 

I expect they may have wanted to slow down the leveling process between 20-50, due to the Stable Quest and Battle Tactics, which appear to give better and better rewards as your Dragon and you train, bond, work and level together. In other words, we have to work more for what we want to earn/gain in the Stable Quests and Battle Tactics.

But they need to figure out a way to do that, without hindering the ability to age, grow and level up babies dragons to adults. That is real important because not every player can pay to age up their dragons, and all players need dragons that fly.


2. they either drasticially lower the exp. points gained with each level played in a game, or it is possiblie they took out the rule of only a one-time penalty and loss of exp. points on each game played. I figure most mini-games produced do penaltize for each wrong hit or error, so why not Eel Roast and other SOD mini-games.  However, It could be a bug that just needs fixing; I so hope! 


I'm so the optimist!


Update: I've been hatching new baby dragons, and I must say I had it all wrong above. I've not experienced a problem with leveling up my babies, at all. And, although leveling up my Adult Dragons does take longer, I'm adjusting to the new pace set by the changes on the mini-games.


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Glad you're not having problems. Wish I could say the same. I've found it's taking longer to level up my dragons because I can't use AA to get them to the next level when they're almost at the next level. I mean I could, but it would take me 7 or 8 games to do it, maybe more, when it used to only take me 1-4. Since I have so many dragons to level up, I just don't have that kind of patience or time to put into playing that many games of AA. I have yet to hear back from Brynjolf about whether this is a glitch or not. I'm thinking about pming him on Monday if I haven't heard anything by then to see if he's heard anything.

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Here's an example of why the reduced xp is so bad:

I hatched a Dramillion yesterday and started sending him on stable quests to level him up. I got on the game today and completed a quest I had sent him on before getting off the game last night. He was almost on level 5 so I decided to try to play some AA to get him to level 5 so I could grow him to a teen. I figured baby dragons level fast so even with the reduced xp it shouldn't take long to level him up. I was very wrong. It took me 7, yes /7/, games of AA to get him to level 5. When AA gave more xp, it would've only taken me 1, maybe 2, to get him to level 5. 7 games to get a baby dragon to level 5 when he was almost at level 5 already is sort of ridiculous, especially because baby dragons level up pretty fast. Brynjolf, please, tell the devs that we'd like AA and ER to return to the way they used to be.

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Yeah, with only 10 XP, you

Yeah, with only 10 XP, you need to play 10-11 games of AA to get the same amount as one game (108 XP with score of 20K+). I can’t remember how many games to level 1-5; I think it was roughly one game x level number +/- one game? So now that would be 55+ games now.


Do you suppose they are trying to steer us to use Dragon Tactics more? Or it has something to do with Netdragon? Or just a glitch, since Brynjolf appeared to act as though he didn’t know anything?

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I've unfortunately thought of the fact that they're trying to get us to play Dragon Tactics more. The same update that brought the change to AA and ER brought a change to Dragon Tactics as well. The dragons that you use in DT now lose energy every time you play a level with them. Losing energy means needing more fish and/or eggs to feed your dragon. More fish and/or eggs means you need bait and chicken feed which means that you need coins to buy lots of bait and chicken feed. The only way to get coins is by investing time in the game to get coins. So basically my theory is that if they did it on purpose, it was to make people invest more time in the game. I hate to think that way and I feel kind of bad for thinking it but if they did do this on purpose then I'm pretty sure that would be why. I'm hoping it's just a glitch though.

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Well, I guess that might, in

Well, I guess that might, in a way, be useful? Because there is very little to spend coins on once you get to a certain point and they pretty much just sit there. However, on a side note, it seems harder to get to a dragon to feed it, at least on mobile. Used to be able to switch dragon pretty easily, but now you have to click on your Viking, click an icon, click on the dragon, all while being ‘transported’ to that kind of in between worlds place that’s just sky and sea in the back ground, which takes time to go back and forth. Also there is lag feeding the dragon - it takes several seconds for it to eat the item in which time you may have overfed and wasted food. Yeah, so many of my dragons might be starting :(   Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!!

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I hate it when I have lag feeding my dragon, especially when their energy is completely gone and it's a higher level dragon so that means more energy, it takes forever to get their energy back up when it lags.

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This won't help with baby and teen dragons. If it's indeed intended to get more people to do DT, it only works for adult dragons.

So where does that leave those who have school or work and so not a whole lot of time?


! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !

! ! ! !                   ! ! ! !



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I hadn't thought of that. If their intention is to get people to invest more time in the game then they've severly messed up because they forgot to give us ways of leveling baby and teen dragons that doesn't take so much time.

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This is why I'm hoping it's a bug. Baby dragons, through the throw ball + stuff full of eels method are easy enough to level up, but there's not a good amount of exp for teen dragons right now. I used to use AA and ER a lot for teen dragons, since I can't aim in FF. I'm like worse then a blindfolded person on that. Sure, there's quests, but you need the right sorts to get a high success.

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Bad news everyone: Brynjolf pmed me today and told me that the change was intentional. I pmed him back and asked if he could tell me why. There had better be a good explanation for this. They may as well just get rid of AA and ER because the crappy xp they give out now does not make them worthwhile to play.

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Oh no

It's a crying shame that it's itentional. You're right, they should remove those minigames since the poor exp makes them worthless. Doesn't feel right to have them around as the minigames don't give out prizes beyond (now nonexistant) exp.

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I know. It's absolutely ridiculous. I can't see any logical reason they would do this. They can't rightly claim people used those games to cheat and quickly level up their dragons because people actually put in the time to play those games but unfortunatley that's the crappy explanation I see coming. Either that or they're going to say that they increased the xp given from Dragon Tactics, which I think they might have, but it's not nearly enough to cover what AA and ER used to give.

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Press F to pay respects

Plus, as it's been mentioned before by plenty of folks, there's already an exp cap with ER (though idk about AA). Why reduce it further? There's literally no good reason I can think of.

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So I was right with the ridiculous explanation theory. Brynjolf messaged me and said that "the team wanted to encourage students to to explore more of the School grounds as there are still other exciting methods to raise dragons."(These are his exact words.) This explanation makes no sense. AA and ER were all we had to help us level up baby and teen dragons that we didn't have to wait hours for. Stable quests and battles are fine but you have to wait hours for them. With AA and ER, you could get baby and teen dragons raised quickly. I'm beyond frustrated right now. I just don't understand at all.

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Well ... at least you

Well ... at least you actually got a response, twice ... that's something. (And on a side note, has anyone noticed we got spam deleted two weekends in a row???)


But yeah, I won't be playing Alchemy Adventure anymore. There isn't a point for me. Dragon Tactics is a good mini-game and satisfied those people clamoring for "fighting" in a nice way. And I get the feeling they are proud of it, as they should be cuz I'm sure it took alot. But for me personally, and it sounds like maybe for you too, that it isn't all that interesting for us. And it takes a while to play a game, and I personally just don't have it. Mostly I just log in just enough to send dragons off on stable quests, maybe be able to catch one ship battle, and previously play a game or three of AA.


How much dragon XP do you get anyway in Tactics?

Bear Odinson
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He got a response

He got a response, but it only took two weeks... That's crazy lag.

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LoL, yeah, at least I did get a response. I was happy about that at least.

Yes, I've also noticed the spam being deleted on the weekend. It'd be nice if that kept happening.


It's not that I hate DT. I do like it, it's just that after 3 or 4 rounds of it I'm ready to move on to something else. Personally I love TRR and spend a lot of my time there. I used AA to get my dragons on the next level when they were almost at the next level. That way if I did a battle with them or sent them on a stable quest then after I got the xp, I might be able to play AA with them again to get them to the next level. Doing that helped me level up dragons pretty quickly. Since they've made the switch I can't do that and it's taking me longer to level up my dragons. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it I guess. I'm just going to have to make the best of it.


You don't get nearly enough to cover what AA and ER used to give. The first Icestorm Island level gives you 70 xp and the second gives you 80. I'm not sure about later levels because I've been replaying the first 2 levels trying to get better stuff for the harder levels. I did manage to beat one of the harder levels Tuesday but I was so excited I beat it that I forgot to look at how much xp I got. XD I've heard that even the harder levels don't give out very much though. I'm also not sure if each dragon you use gets the whole amount of xp or if it's split between the dragons like stable quests.