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Okay when this new Update came out, I Went to icestorm island and the ice was red?! ​ I realised this doesn't look appropriate as it looks like blood to me o_o But let me know what you think because its kinda disturbing, Ik it's probably some Color glitch while they made the update, but hopefully it gets fixed soon. Grey.


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Two of the trees on icestorm island are pink and hacked looking O_O kind of like when heathers lab was all neon pink too, The red ice i realised looks like some sort of murder crimescene where someone dropped bodies into the water and left red blood everywhere O___O that's how i view it 

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That is uhm...


Disturbing... o.o





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I saw it too, it looks weird,

I saw it too, it looks weird, but if you want something else to think of it as, here you go. I am just trying to post this quick, so I'm not going to go all scientific on you. However, in the antarctic there is something that happens in some glaciers when there is a lot of - plankton or bacteria? Either one of those I can't remember which one. It will make the ice appear red. That's what I think of this as. If anyone wants to help me out by researching it they can, as I'm just trying to post this quick because I'm busy.



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I Guess

I never really thought about it being plankton or something but i know it's a bug and the admins will repair it soon.

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Hmmm...a lot of the glitches

Hmmm...a lot of the glitches have been red or pink. Ex: the greenhouse, the pink rage mask, saddles, two trees on Icestorm Island, and, of course, the ice.




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To whom it may concern....

It doesn't disturb me that much, since I play games like Skyrim... but anyways...


for the main audience of SoD.. they will either see it as juice or blood. Most likely the latter. So yes. Concerning for the main age group (at least the lower part of the age group). I'm sure SoD is working on fixing the texture & color bugs. I think the team is relatively small? So it might take a while... especially since it's still kind of Snoggletog/Holiday season and New Years is coming soon. So especially some team members are probably still finishing up some holiday vacations.


Sigh... well just more bugs to endure. But it looks cool.






Thanks SoD!

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Deathsong ate the subject. Run!!

Really? Where is it at exactly?