Reboot the Bullseye lagoon

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So as I've been playing ever since the game was set online, I have played multiple rounds of the Bullseye Lagoon several years ago. Was it two or three ? I don't really remember ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I had tons of fun in there, but it shut down very quickly and never opened again. I miss this training grounds mode a lot, and I bet lots of players that joined right after it closed never got to experience how fun it was to play a mix between the flight club and fireball frenzy combined !


I am aware that the staff is busy with the game, so if you read my request thank you very much for your time !!


Call me "Nocti" for short. [Female, 19 yrs old, digital artist]

In-game name : Nicocchi

Joined SOD on jun 12, 2014

Clan : Shrine maidens and magical girls unit

Interests : Love live, Madoka Magica, Little witch academia, Sailor moon

Dragons :

Main dragons :


  • Homura (skrill, female, Titan, lvl30)
  • Maki (Stormcutter, female, adult,lvl 30)
  • Eli (flightmare, female, adult)
  • Nico (Smothering Smokebreath, female, adult) 

Secondary dragons (those with which I pratically don't fly):


  • Kyouko (first dragon, Monstrous nightmare, female, adult) 
  • Madoka (stormcutter, female, adult)
  • Sayaka (typhoomerang, female, adult)
  • Hanayo (Gronckle, female, adult)
  • Kotori (Deadly nadder, female, teen)
  • Charlotte (Whispering death, female, adult)