Really? You cant be serious...

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Hello! I joined my race today, as always, having no more quests to do x3 and when I join, a player gets a head start, and it wasnt even time to race yet!


This is an outrage. The player who went when the rest of us had to wait for players to join. He coursed around the track and kept shooting fireballs at me, moving me forward and to the side,

I could not say anything. But I know this, it was a black nadder with hot pink spines, dont know the player though.

Do help, because I wont race if there is a hacker in the race, no point in waiting all day and having someone shoot fireballs at you and your dragon.


Thanks, and do reply.

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Ah, hackers.

Its very tricky though because sometimes its a glitch or a bug. But its not a glitch or a bug anymore if you raced with him/her again and he/her did a head start again. I have experienced this one too, whose name will not be mentioned, it always get a headstart, it can even beat the fastest racer, I guess sometimes, it depends if he crashed or not, and it has a speed that like it wasnt even normal anymore. If you have experienced this again, please record a video of him/her racing with you and that'll be your proof to the admins. 


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Ugh, of course. :/Sorry about

Ugh, of course. :/

Sorry about that hacker ruining your race.







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