Really laggy since the "graphics update"

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So a while back the game's graphics/lighning was updated. Since that happened my game has been really slow, it lags a lot and has had really low FPS. My poor little 4,5 year old macbook just can't handle it (and I'm playing on the downloaded version). So I'm wondering if there's a way to change the game's graphics settings so that I'll actually be able to be in somewhat populated areas without having to face the wrath of the gods (aka lag) I miss racing but I just can't do it because the game runs so bad since that update.

So, is there anything I can do? Buying a better computer isn't exactly an option, because, well, money.





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This is very off topic but I

This is very off topic but I LOVE the horses in your signature. Absolutely beautiful. Would you happen to play Star Stable by any chance? :]

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Thank you! I'm not the owner

Thank you! I'm not the owner of those horses, but both mean very much to me and they've both taught me a lot! I'm not an active Star Stable player, but I have tried it in the past :)

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Well ...

It really depends on what is available to you. If you have another device that is newer, like maybe an iPad or iPhone or any Android or tablet device, you could download it and play it on those other devices instead. But if you don't, and since you can't buy another computer, you would just have to put up with it. You have no other choice. 


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