The REAL cost of Icestorm Island

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Icestorm Island was the first Expansion pack, and the only to have farm and fishing quests. But what if you don't want to go fish or farm? What would you have to pay? Well, luckily for you, I found out. Here, I list the items you will need to buy, the amount you need to buy, and what it would cost in total for both member and non-member. (The price is written as Non Member:Member)


Brown Trout x1 13:10

Dragon Nip x2 2:2
Arctic Char x5 75:60
Egg x6 12:12
Arctic Willow x6 54:42
YaK Milk x1 7:6
Carrots x4 24:20
The total cost for Non-Members is 187 Gems while Members save 35 Gems and only have to spend 152 Gems. This is accounting for all the fish and produce that is accepted from the store. You do have to fish at least once for one quest,  and of course you do save if you farm yourself.

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