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The Story of Oweress & Halfeye


For me it all started with a girl

who took a chance - and dared to tame



The story goes that Halfeye was right at the stage of leaving home in search of new territory to reign over. He came from Skullian Isle, a place known for it's famous skull and bones look from the air. Ruled by forests and filled with caverns, it was natural that Halfeye looked for a similar location. Berk looked like a good of a place as any, so he settled in a cove located at the northern end of the island - placed among the roots of old trees and coveting a stream and a field of dandelions. He was challenged from time to time for the spot by a couple of resident dragons, including an older Monstrous Nightmare. The fight between them was long lasting, each dragon matched in firepower and length. The Nightmare seemed to get the upper hand on more than one account, and on the last draw before Halfeye let loose claws dug into his left eye leaving him blind. In the end Halfeye kept his rights to the cove, but had to learn to cope with only seeing half the world from now on. Then came Oweress on a night when she was looking for a Flightmare. Oweress had spent the past month or so looking for dragons that matched the Night Fury, always passing up the Hobblegrunt as an option, even though the dragon matched her in every way. The girl was startled when Halfeye flew into the cove, but was intrigued by him all the same. It wasn't long before Oweress figured out what type of dragon he was, attempting to leave but being scared by a sneeze caused by a stray dandelion seed floating by. Thinking she angered him, she bolted out of there. Halfeye, being curious about the girl himself, caught her and brought her back to the cove. Oweress held her hands in defense, not wanting to be eaten, when his nose pressed to her palm as he made her calm.


The symbolic side of the story is that Oweress was always 'half blind' to the possibilities right in front of her. She always dismissed them, thinking that her mind was better than her heart. This showed in her search: the Hobblegrunt kept popping up in the book as she rushed around trying to obtain a dragon that could be her Night Fury, and yet she always skimmed over it because it wasn't the fastest or the most enduring. Then one time the Hobblegrunt forced her to look at him - and from that point on Oweress led a better life, trusting her gut first and finding paths that she soon found only the two of them knew about.




Halfeye adoptable by Dragonist Hellen

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by Stinger23

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Im Not  a art theif so I try my best to give credit. Im not perfect so please, I accept constuctive citisim, don't be rude. 



(by: ScaleFeatherz) 

 by Megabolt

By Pixel



 Profile Pic: Laykary

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Oh! I'm so sorry! I completely forgot who made these banners! I really like them and would love to keep them so please, if you see one of your banners on here please tell me so I can give you credit!


Stryka:  (By: Me)


Stryka and Azure By Werewolfgirl


My Hideous Mudcutter Slpish and Splat By: Ladybrasa




By: CocoPuppy of Stryka








(by Nessie)

All of the Following images I got from online. And I give credit to whom ever made them...  if you see an image here you own and dont want me to display please PM me so we can work something out.


More toothless cuteness...
















(3D Toothlessness)








Now for OCs



This is Cleopatra also made by Autumn5467




This is my BewilderFury named Christmas made by: SpottedBreeze

This is Ornament made by: MidnightMare




This is Neon and Alpha hugging made by: TildenWolfGirl


images made by: Toothless572

frostandme.jpgThis is Forest And Solar's babies


This is Cleopatra and Ender Dragon's



boltfearless.jpgAnd this is Bolt's and Fearless's babies (Made by: Toothless572)



This is a nightfury and skrill hybrid made by: Rei♦


This is the same skrill Nightfury hybrid, made by Tryannosaur! Her name is Ferocity 




This is Cleopatra made by ELSA II♦

This is of wild toothless made by SadoMazoCat

This AMAZING pic of Solar was made by the one and only DUCKIE


Arashi by: AngNadder



By: Tryannosaur66


SandWraiths... xD

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