Rate Each Others’ Farms and Add Friends

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Hey guys! Does anyone need help getting their treasure chest? Just in case you didn’t know, once you get three signatures on your chest, you get a few sheep, chickens, pens, crops, and decorations for your farm! So, instead of using coins to get the animals like I did, or using gems to get signatures - just post your friend code if you want to make friends and possibly even rate each others’ farms! Hope you guys make some friends, happy training! 


P.S. I’ll post my code later, because I’m not posting this on my phone so I’ll see what my friends code is when I play SoD later.

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thunderdrums are so cute. i have an eruptodon, rumblehorn, gronckle, and a thunderdrum currently. i am level 22+ and my highest lvl dragon is my rumblehorn and he is like level 24.


friend code: GK67KC

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Bing bam boom

I already got the siggys but I just want to say that the attachment is really cute


Sorry for bad English :P